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HR Tech 101: How To Select The Right ATS

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Implementing the wrong HR technology can hurt your brand and profits alike, not just cost you top talent. In fact, 58% of candidates who don’t hear back from an employer are less likely to buy products from that employer. That number increases to 65% if they don’t hear back after the interview.

As a leader of your talent organization, it is your responsibility to select the technology that supports your business. The right infrastructure is particularly critical to that mission.

But how do you strategically pick new HR technology? How do you know what pitfalls to avoid? Was that ever part of your onboarding or training? We bet not.

So in this webinar, we’ll teach you how to sort the mess from the best and find the right HR technology for your company.

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HR Tech 101: How To Select The Right ATS

  1. 1. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs@RecruitingBlogs Better Buying Decisions HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT ATS
  2. 2. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs HOUSEKEEPING  Grab Tab  Audio Mode  How to ask a Question This program is being recorded. You can download the recording at http://www.recruitingwebinars.com/ TIPS FOR USING YOUR CONTROL PANEL.
  3. 3. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs
  4. 4. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs  Housekeeping  Sponsor  Speakers  Why This Is Important  Better Buying 101  Case Study  Q&A ON AGENDA the
  5. 5. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs KILEY BRAZIL TODAY’S SPEAKERS Sales Engineer iCIMS.com KATRINA KIBBEN Marketing Director RecruitingDaily.com @KatrinaKibben
  6. 6. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs How much money have companies spent on HR Technology in the last year? POLL
  7. 7. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs
  8. 8. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Impact of Bad Technology  Cost  Revenue  Reputation
  9. 9. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Better Buying 101  Mapping Your Needs  Using Your Network  Asking Better Questions  Evaluations – What Really Matters  What Happens Next
  10. 10. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs MAPPING YOUR NEEDS
  11. 11. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Problem Solver
  12. 12. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs ATS Is The Answer Yes! You Need An ATS  You Manage applicants in Excel or outdated system  Difficult Candidate Experience  Recruiter inefficiency  No Proactive Recruiting  Lack of Reporting  Lack of Mobile and Social  Compliance issues! Go Somewhere Else  Hiring managers suck  Payroll complaints  Employee Management  Benefits Management  Learning Management
  13. 13. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs USING YOUR NETWORK
  14. 14. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Where To Search For Info  Reviews site  Join their user group on LinkedIn  Phone a friend  Ask your sales rep for a contact
  15. 15. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs What You Need To Know  What didn’t go well during process?  Confirm must-have features  Implementations and integrations  Were there any surprise costs?
  16. 16. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs ASKING BETTER QUESTIONS
  17. 17. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Speak Up!  What features make you special?  How will you help me smoothly transition?  How do you make money?  Show me the feature
  18. 18. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Recruitment Marketing Candidate Management Feature Buckets Integrations Onboarding
  19. 19. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs Example: Food Service Co.  6000+ Employees  Using HRIS as ATS, NO OB  Prides themselves as being a positive, high touch company  Negative Candidate experience and even worse OB experience
  20. 20. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs
  21. 21. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS. WE’VE GOT ANSWERS.
  22. 22. #TheRightATS@ICIMS @RecruitingBlogs @KatrinaKibbenKATRINA KIBBEN ICIMS @ICIMS Slides + the recording will be in your inbox in 48 hours