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How To Train Your Hiring Manager

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In this exclusive event brought to you by our friends at Jobvite, Carmen Hudson, principal consultant at Recruiting Toolbox and founder of Talent42, will show you how to manage your managers AND get them to actually do that whole “hiring” part with proven strategies and time-honored tips.

In this complimentary webinar, you’ll learn:

How Great Hiring Managers Interview and what you need to do to make sure that yours are ready to make the right hire by asking the right questions.

Driving Faster Decision Making to help reduce the recruiting lifecycle, get offers out faster and partner with your hiring team to cut days to fill and cost per hire.

Setting Expectations from intake meeting to developing a requisition-based SLA, we’ll look at some of the things you can start doing today to make hiring manager best practices a part of your process.

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How To Train Your Hiring Manager

  1. 1. RecruitingBlogs.com Webinar | March 24, 2015 How to Train your Hiring Manager Carmen Hudson Principal Consultant, Recruiting Toolbox
  2. 2. Ex-Amazon, Yahoo, Starbucks and Tweetajob Introductions @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs
  3. 3. What do we do? We help companies recruit better Consulting • Strategy • Programs • Process • Systems • Branding • Coaching Custom Training • Recruiters • Hiring Managers/ Interviewers • Recruiting Managers Toolkits • Recruiters • Hiring Managers We are not a search firm, we don’t sell any products, and we don’t take commissions from vendors.
  4. 4. We partner with heads of HR/recruiting Who do we help?
  5. 5. Your Managers Might Be RWC* Bad Habits Cost You Good Candidates Unresponsive No-Shows Unprepared Time-wasters No Feedback Indecisive Poor Candidate Experience @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs
  6. 6. Become a Coach @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Talking Points: leadership, impact and stewardship Great leaders are great at hiring. Hiring decisions are the highest impact, highest cost decisions you will make. The people you hire will ensure your success or your demise Managers who hire well and who are good recruiters get promoted. It’s more than a series of tasks. You are integral to building our employer brand. Candidates will talk about you, your process and your team once they leave the building. You should identify and cultivate great recruiters on your team. Help me help you. I have a ton of information and resources at my disposal. Just ask!
  7. 7. Develop a Point of View @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Philosophical Question If I were you… Who owns recruiting? The manager. Otherwise I make important decisions How will the final decision be made when there is disagreement? Depends on your culture or the manager’s style, but the manager should commit up front What happens when things stall? I move on to more urgent needs after 3 tries…I have a ticking clock Do we hire the boss’ nephew over a more qualified candidate? Nope. Do we assess candidates one at a time, or wait to complete the slate. One at a time, assess against the job, not against other people. What else….
  8. 8. Expect Accountability @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Set expectations Create a buddy system Keep score! Pre schedule interviews Identify great interviewers Pre-interview meetings Candidate debriefs Report results Performance Review
  9. 9. Symptom: “I know it when I see it” @peopleshark#TeamAdam Doesn’t want to invest the time Needs help articulating needs Afraid to make a bad hire Politics
  10. 10. Cure: Get them Talking @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Identify assessment criteria (Re)write job description Interview questions (and answers) Calibration meetings Candidate debriefs Shadow interviewers
  11. 11. Bonus: Articulate This! @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Successful Mangers = Engaged Owner and Partner Unsuccessful Managers = Passive Bystander and Critic Realistic, articulates needs, makes good tradeoffs Unrealistic, “I’ll know it when I see it” Responsive, Fast, Pushes Unresponsive, slow, waits Prepared and decisive Unprepared and indecisive Relationship- and results-oriented Transactional, time-suck HR + Human Roadblock Actively sources and markets positions “Not my job” High hiring bar, assesses talent, thinks long-term Weak interviewer, hires for short-term, doesn’t lead Personally sells and closes Not engaged in closing Treats recruiter as partner, with respect Lacks respect for recruiter, skirts process
  12. 12. Symptom: “I need to see 137 more resumes” @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Needs help articulating needs Analysis Paralysis Inexperienced manager Afraid of making a bad decision
  13. 13. Solution: Getting to “No” @peopleshark#AwHellNo Good managers are decisive 1 candidate, 1 decision Hiring top talent means you have to say no You have to move fast in this market
  14. 14. Symptom: “You look pretty old” @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Doesn’t know the law Never been trained Thinks she knows the law Disagrees with the law Overly afraid
  15. 15. The Cure: Legal Bingo @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Can you pronounce your last name for me? Where did you grow up? What’s your favorite book? Why did you choose Notre Dame? Are you able to work late or travel for more than 3 days? Why were you off of work for 3 months? Do you belong to any associations? Did you receive an honorable discharge?
  16. 16. Symptom: Poor Candidate Experience @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Ask managers... How would you like your best friend to be treated? What do candidates say about our process? The Interviewers? The job? The company?
  17. 17. Solution: The Golden Rule @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Win with speed Check out Glass Door Survey candidates Follow up Strategy White glove candidates Talk to new hires
  18. 18. Has this ever happened to you? @peopleshark#BeastMode
  19. 19. Symptom: Lose the Game at the 1 Yard Line @peopleshark#BeastMode Can they “sell” the job realistically Right attitude and enthusiasm No closing strategy Don’t understand motivators Leave it in the hands of recruiters
  20. 20. Solution: Tap into Emotions @peopleshark#MaslowRules Self Actualization Esteem Love/Belonging Safety Physiological
  21. 21. Solution: Call the Play @peopleshark#RecruitingBlogs Assign roles Be thoughtful about interviewers Tag-team the offer Collect motivators Ask, what makes you stay? Sweeten the pot
  22. 22. Thank You! @peopleshark#DidNotSuck Please stay in touch! Email carmen@recruitingtoolbox.com Website www.recruitingtoolbox.com Twitter @Peopleshark @recruittoolbox @Talent42 LinkedIn in/carmenhudson Connect Live Tech Sourcing Lab April 29-30 in Reston, VA Minnesota Recruiting Conference May 13 Talent42 Conference June 9-10 in Seattle