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Aziz and Rhodes - Qual Research - NewMR 2022.pdf

  1. ‘Person 1st Research’ delivering person- centred approaches and deeper insight Ambreen Aziz Qualitative Street Kath Rhodes Qualitative Street
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  3. 3 Person 1st Ambreen Aziz & Kath Rhodes
  4. 4 Qualitative research is uniquely able to dig deeper… Shining a light on what it’s like to be a particular type of person By understanding people’s lived experience
  5. 5 But, there are constraints on how deep we can go Obviously, time and money are limitations we have to work within
  6. 6 And, we do groups and depths in ‘units’ X number of groups; depths that last so many minutes
  7. 7 The approach is predetermined before we’ve met participants The approach doesn’t take into consideration how individuals prefer to communicate Typically, there isn’t enough time and space for people to fully express themselves We don’t yet know what we could explore with them/ about them…
  8. 8 This can lead to a bias in the types of people we talk to We tend towards people who ‘fit’ the process… Chatty, articulate, reliable, easy to understand… And that has implications for diversity and inclusion
  9. 9 But, we can now do better! Thanks to… …technology …a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion …seeing participants as ‘human beings’ rather than consumers
  10. 10 Introducing a new, improved version of qualitative research… that really does dig deeper and get further…. Person 1st
  11. 11 What is Person 1st? We co-produce with participants how we’ll do research
  12. 12 It’s a ‘you do you’ approach…
  13. 13 Person 1st how it all began…
  14. 14 Stories: • A day in Mel’s life
  15. 15 Dawn’s affiliative approach (guilty mums) dawn wrote 6 months ago I am with you all on the guilty mum front, I always feel guilty where my kids are concerned and always wish I had dealt with a situation a different way but I so not think we would be Human if we did not feel this way and it proves how much we really do care. 2Quote
  16. 16 Stories Seeing the man on the bus and comparing him to where Dennis is now “I saw him on the train. He clearly works in the City now, he made it there from being a sales consultant at O2, and ‘Dennis’ is still where he was 7 years ago, absolutely no improvement... it is so embarrassing.”
  17. 17
  18. 18 Person 1st
  19. 19
  21. 21 Deep, not broad (e.g. 10 people, 8 hours each = 80 hours) Minimum number of participants but the maximum time
  22. 22 There is a process, fieldwork typically lasting a couple of weeks… ZOOM LAUNCH Group briefing ESTABLISHING INTERVIEW We meet each person individually CO-DESIGNING TASKS What works for them? RESEARCH TEAM ANALYSIS Explore themes FINAL TASK ALLOCATION Day 1 Day 2 Days 3-7 Days 3-7 Days 8-16
  23. 23 Start with a Zoom Briefing
  24. 24 Help them understand their commitment “the project will run for two weeks, we’ll be asking you to spend 4-8 hours of your time, and you’ll get £80-£150 for your efforts”
  25. 25 Then the establishing interview on the phone/ Zoom (preferably)
  26. 26 Then ‘you do you’ Pull on the thread…follow the clues…use the approach to explore what comes up…
  27. 27 Typically we have done… Shopping tasks Diary tasks Product trial Zoom/ in-person conversation Deep dive observations
  28. 28 Researcher, analyse as you go…
  29. 29 This approach is made possible by technology INCLING
  30. 30 Free research tools makes this feasible, affordable… With thanks to Insight Platforms… On-line groups, bulletin boards, diaries Asynchronous groups SMS prompted tasks
  31. 31 And the outputs?
  32. 32 The upsides, the downsides…The what it’s for… Person 1st
  33. 33 The overriding upside… It puts the participant at the heart of the process We go deep so participants are truly seen, heard & understood
  34. 34 Great for discovering what you don’t know you don’t know It’s a kind of ‘big qual’: hours of material and insight ‘touch points’ to sift through to deliver really profound insight
  35. 35 It can take a 360 degree approach ‘show me how you shop, cook, eat’ or with money, explore saving, planning & spending
  36. 36 It can explore both the individual and group dynamics Talking to just them, or pulling in their household/ friends and family too. Talking to the cohort together… in groups/ WhatsApp chats etc.
  37. 37 The main downside is that it’s pretty intense Intensity for researchers and participants Participants can become ‘attached’ because of the amount of contact Researchers have to set and police the boundaries. The fieldwork process is constantly being negotiated
  38. 38 A certain amount of bravery is required The cost per participant can be high, e.g. £20-30k for 10 people Researchers and clients have to trust the process and believe insight will emerge
  39. 39 It’s for specific projects… not every project Ideal when you need to understand the lived experience in an expansive way. What it’s like to… Be a middle- aged man Live with a condition like insomnia Manage money Manage a blended family Snack
  40. 40 What we love about it… We truly ‘get’ them It feels authentic We know we’ve plumbed the depths We have real confidence in our feedback to clients “This work has had huge impact on our marketing and category teams they just ‘got’ the insights immediately, in a way that I have rarely seen before” (Senior Insight Manager)
  41. 41 Dedication to the Answer 07738 180529 @qualstreet
  42. 42 Q & A Ray Poynter NewMR Ambreen Aziz Qualitative Street Kath Rhodes Qualitative Street
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