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Value Stacking

  1. Value Stacking
  2. Imagine, Two humans coming to your page, one is A, and one is B. A is not at all interested in your product because he is not your targeted customer.
  3. But B is your targeted customer. He is interested in your product. So in order to get him to purchase from you, you have to overwhelm him with the kind of value you are giving to him. How do you do that?
  4. On your sales page, write down every damn feature, every damn benefit of your product
  5. Because you don't know which specific feature or benefit has influenced your targeted audience to buy.
  6. When potential customers come to the pricing table they should know what they are getting
  7. Exchange of price = huge value: If they are paying 10, then you give 100.
  8. Whatever additional things you can add, add them.
  9. Mention all the extra benefits, and extra features. Make it an irresistible offer. An offer that your customer cannot refuse.
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