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Turn Marketing Into Sales Engine



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KAIROS Strategic Consulting helps B2B technology companies turn marketing into sales engine by providing defining and executing customized digital marketing strategy.

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Turn Marketing Into Sales Engine

  1. 1. Your Extended Marketing & Strategy Team www.kairospulse.com
  2. 2. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 2 Not getting return on marketing spend Marketing doesn’t understand customer needs Marketing collateral is not engaging & relevant Poor quality of marketing leads Competitor is outsmarting the campaigns The Challenge “Sales & Marketing Are Not Aligned” Such a Cliché… But Unfortunately True Sales cannot articulate the value proposition Sales is not targeting right markets Sales team is not very skilled Sales is not socially engaged Sales doesn’t use marketing collateral
  4. 4. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 4 Our Mission is to Empower Your Sales & Channels to WIN Identify Right Market Opportunity Equip them with market knowledge and competitor insights to accelerate their growth Tell a Compelling Story Empower them to attract, engage and delight customers with compelling content Turn Marketing Into Sales Engine Enable them to generate high quality leads and close opportunities with automated inbound marketing
  5. 5. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 5 Market Strategy & Insights Content Development & Design Inbound Marketing Automation Blogs Whitepaper Infographics Motion Graphic Videos Sales Presentations Sales Playbooks Competitive Battle cards Solution Briefs Datasheets Case Studies Branding & Designing Market analysis Competitive analysis Market requirements Go to market strategy Customized research Surveys Buyer personas Attract & nurture sales leads Manage marketing automation Web & social media campaign Email campaigns Newsletters Webinars Landing pages Website development SEO optimization We Help You Sell Solutions to Customer’s Problems Our Core Service Offerings
  6. 6. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 6 Because We Are Very Easy to Work With… Market Knowledge Technology Depth Creative Storytelling …And We Provide a UNIQUE Combination of Skills Responsive & Agile So WHY US?
  7. 7. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 7 Cynthia Artin, President @Artinarts Jason Claybrook, Head of Marketing and Business Development @Samsung Wireless “We have been working with KAIROS Strategic Consulting for nearly a decade, and consider them our “go-to” talent pool for comprehensive research and analysis for our clients. The quality level is extraordinary, and their unique ability to pore through massive amounts of diverse data and information, and return an executive level summary – with recommendations – is completely unique and extremely valuable.” “KAIROS team was instrumental in helping Samsung Wireless develop its enterprise Wi-Fi go-to-market strategy. They helped us create a totally new marketing program from scratch with a new website, thought leadership collateral, email campaigns, and channel enablement collateral. The KAIROS team is extremely professional, reliable and very self-reliant in their approach. They have tremendous market knowledge and are quick on their feet, which helped us accelerate our growth in a very short period of time.” Alexy Raevsky, CEO @Zecurion “When Zecurion was asked to complete a detailed survey for one of the world’s top market research and analysis firms, we were introduced to KAIROS. Within days, the team had prepared a game plan, interviewed us, and helped us complete the survey. Given their insights and creativity, they also helped us position our new mobile solution in a compelling way, as they validated no such other solution existed in the market. Throughout, Ratika showed leadership and responsiveness, and made it clear she truly cared about ensuring the highest quality support for our team.” Don’t Take Our Word For It
  8. 8. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 8 David Walsh, Partner @ One Equity Partners Sam Waickberg, CMO @ GENBAND “The KAIROS team’s approach to building strategies based not only on the market context – but market continuum – helps companies make solid decisions for the immediate and longer term.” “KAIROS team were instrumental in helping GENBAND develop its global enterprise strategy, providing clear information and analysis on the unified communications and call center markets. Given the rapid pace of change in these two categories, and all of the innovation GENBAND has been investing in, particularly in the mobility space, having the synthesis of data and analysis from multiple sources put together in one place, including visualizations of the information, makes our work easier.” Charlotte Safos, CFO @Anthrotronix “The KAIROS team was able to quickly get up to speed and join our team in envisioning the path for commercialization of several of our innovations. Ratika is a true leader – hard-working, dedicated, responsive, and as enthusiastic about our business opportunities as we are. KAIROS saved us time, helped us understand where to prioritize and optimize our resources, and made strategic planning fun!” Just a Few More…
  9. 9. 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 9 Marketing enthusiasts and engineers who are passionate about technology. We bring together world class subject matter experts, product managers, marketers, designers, content developers, and engineers to provide sales enablement and marketing solutions that are unique - creatively, strategically, and technologically. Our Focus Technologies Enterprise Mobility & Wi-Fi Enterprise VoIP/ UC Enterprise IT Applications & Security Cloud Solutions – PaaS, SaaS, IaaS Internet of Things (IoT) Big Data Analytics Fixed & Mobile Telecommunication New collaborative consumption economic models Solving Sales & Marketing Challenges of B2B Technology Companies Our Focus Markets Retail Public Venues Hospitality Finance Telecom Education Healthcare Senior Living So Who Are We Anyways
  10. 10. ratika.garg@kairospulse.com +1-240-449-6818 2/16/2017 KAIROS STRATEGIC CONSULTING 10 KAIROS Means “Opportunity” Sales and Marketing is All About Capturing the Moment of Opportunity