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Madhubani painting

Madhubani Painting is one of the oldest forms of painting of Bihar.

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Madhubani painting

  1. 1. Made by : Rashmi Kavya Guided by : Ms. Nupur Chopra SUMMER PROJECT
  2. 2.  Project is about present scenario of artist and art.  Awareness of their rights and importance.  Methods were :-  Surveys.  Secondary researches  Formal and informal interviews  Exploration of art  Documentation
  3. 3.  One of the ancient paintings of India.  Traditional art in Bihar.  Known for unique style of painting.  Themes are generally of mythology.
  4. 4.  Done in 5 styles :- geru, bharhi, kachni, Kohbar and godna  Single-eyed living figures  Large bulging eyes  jolting nose emerging out of the forehead  Use of bright colours Methods & Characteristics
  5. 5.  First reference from times of Ramayana- sita’s marriage  Discovered in 1934,after earthquake by William G. Archer.  In 1973, Railway Minister Dr. Lalit Narayan Mishra bought it into limelight.  Re- discovered by Mr. Upendra Maharathi and Mr. Bhaskar Kulkarni . Dr. L.N. Mishra
  6. 6. On mud walls On handmade bamboo sheets On earthen pots On wooden objectsOn PaperOn Designer dress
  7. 7. Gram Vikas Parishad  NGO – provides employment for artisans.  Promotes Mithila and madhubani painting.  Established in 1987  Works in 450 villages.  Registered under FCRA(Foreign Contribution Regulation act)  Has 35 full time staffs and 200 project staffs.  Recently signed for SFURTI scheme. Status of art and artist in Ranti
  8. 8. Glimpses of GVP
  9. 9.  It is a co-operative Society Ltd.  associated with :-  the Asian heritage Foundation, Japan Social development Fund – JIYO!  Government of India and Bihar sponsored Jeevika Project.  Formed in 2009  Also provides home for poor artisans.  50-70 women are members.
  10. 10. SFURTI (Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries )  Promotes cluster development.  Launched by MSME(Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises )  KVIC (Khadi and village industries Commission)is the nodal Agency .  KVIC provides funds.
  11. 11.  In 2013,it planned Rs.850 crore for 4 lakh artisans.  Recently, fund of Rs. 2 crore has been given to GVP. Objective :-  To make traditional industries more competitive  profitable and sustained employment for traditional industry artisans and rural entrepreneurs. SFURTI Cont…..
  12. 12.  Prime Minister's Rojgar Yojana (PMRY) and Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP) merged together.  central sector scheme .  administered by MSME and is implemented by KVIC.  Maximum Project cost should be Rs. 25 lakh.  Scheme available only for new units to establish
  13. 13.  Objectives:-  To provide continuous and sustainable employment  To facilitate participation of financial institutions for higher credit flow to micro sectors. PMEGP Cont…..
  14. 14.  Most of artisans learnt art as a tradition.  Monthly income was Rs.5000-8000  Not satisfied with income  Many artists changed occupation for better income.  Still many looking forward in this field.  No awareness of Schemes or policies  Hoping for a change  They want direct interaction to government  They want a regional office not any middleman. Sudha Devi Rani Jha Ratna Kumari
  15. 15.  83 years old, experienced and talented artist  Devoted whole life for art  Trained 4900 students in Brahmanand Art institute (CCRT funded)  Special Contribution in Mithila museum,Japan  Received Rashtrapati award, Shilp Guru Award, Certificate in Germany, etc.
  16. 16.  A short film “Kalakar Namaskar” made on her life by Dr. Chandramani.  Visited Japan, Germany & France to promote the art many time. Comment on the topic:-  India is known for its art and culture.  For development of nation, art & artist needs to be retained and sustained.  Change should start from home only. Meeting with Godavari Dutt Cont…..
  17. 17. Trishul at Mithila Museum Awards and certificates Achievements of Godavari Dutt
  18. 18.  Art has gained recognition, not the artist.  Art needs to be explored more.  Need of a platform for emerging artists.  Need to attract and retain artist.  Provision of sustainable employment.  Organizing awareness program about schemes and policies.
  19. 19. THANK YOU