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1 Rao Fu_intern work sample

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1 Rao Fu_intern work sample

  1. 1. Site Plan for reference Cristwood Park Senior Apartments Landscape Renewal Project 350 N 190th St Shoreline, WA 98133 Summer internship work sample When I started my internship at Russell Design Source, I mainly working on this project on its first phase. Starting with site visiting, photo documentary,site analysis and planting strategy. General Site Plan CAD document is from the client. I started to layout the planting design, plats color pallet , and planting proposal. Cristwood Park Senior Living Landscape project Prescriptive plant maintenance document Russell Design Source Sep 2, 2014 A B Cristwood Park Landscape design opportunities Tell us what do you think to make your home better. Activity Center Legend Pedestrian path Building Planting area Entrance C A B Activity Center Legend Primary area Secondary area Screening area Entrance C Senior Housing community meeting posters
  2. 2. A B Activity Center Legend Primary zone Secondary zone Screening zone C A B Activity Center Legend Primary zone Secondary zone Screening zone C Entrance to building pinched and unapproachable Replace overgrown and visually dense/unsafe plantings. Bump out sidewalk width here if possible Fountain space is inviting Planting should be less dense. More natural Possible sculpture or memorial garden Established Tulip Tree to be preserved Fill in with low understory plantings and preserve views Lawn and river rock areas could be re-worked Open space- opportunity for more gather- ing space Revise plants along buildings- provide proper scale Provide a softer understory and preserve mature trees Preserve desirable tree grove Remove lawn, add low understory plantings, preserve views Provide interesting lasting impression upon leaving site Remove sheared and aging plants Tree could be replaced with a narrow tall grove Provide a softer, low understory First impression and primary focal point upon arrival Preserve Birch grove Remove lawn, add exciting understory plantings Approach to main entry: Keep things interesting here Replace sheared uninteresting plants Provide proper scale, year round interest Main entry: Frame and add to the enticing updated entry Replace plants: provide proper scale, year round interest Create the welcoming wow effect as you approach the entry Continuation of “framed” main entry- provide continuity on either side Rethink low trees- possibly replace with narrow, airy, vertical trees Replace sheared dense plantings with soft, low inviting plantings Exterior entry to Courtyard: provide continuity and welcoming feel Existing plants could be preserved or repeated in other areas Screening where needed and safe, welcoming feel near the entry stairs Trees may be preserved in this area- consider replacing Remove dense invasive ground cover Add consistent understory plantings Monument: Key spot to give impression of elevated quality Updated plants throughout, mature trees may be worth preserving Maintain natural plant habits, provide proper scale in front/behind monument Front Entrance Fountain Dining Cafe Library Pool Rose Garden Cristwood Park Planting Zones 1 1 11 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 3 1 2 222 2 2 1 1 2 1 Key focal point location (iclude specialty lighting)