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Arslan Cv OIL&GAS

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Arslan Cv OIL&GAS

  1. 1. Resume Arslan Ahmad Production Operator PERSONAL DETAILS Nationality : Pakistani Date of Birth : 15th March, 1991 Experience : 6.8 Years (Production Operator-Oil/Gas) Marital Status : Single Present Location : Po Box Mahni Sial Tehsil kabirwala Dist: Khanewal Present Employer : United Energy Pakistan Limited (formerly BP Pakistan) Contact Details : +92332-6322765 E mail ID : Arslanrao1991@gmail.com Religion : Islam CNIC No : 36102-3905882-7 Passport No : FD5978821 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 A highly skilled Production Operator with 6.8 years of Domestic (Pakistani) experience in performing Exploration and Production Process Operation with a vast range of Oil and Gas Plant equipment operation and Commissioning Skills. Career Objective 1 Secure a challenging career to enhance operational skills in the field of process operation, where in my team player attributes, experience, and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining personal career goals and those of the employer. 2 To advance technically in the field of Exploration and Production and contribute to industry by participation as an Operation Technician, Production Operator and/or Process Operator. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS 3 Years Diploma of associate engineering in Chemical Technology from Govt. College of Technology Multan in 2009 Metric with science from B.I.S.E Multan in 2006 Short Course (MS Office, Excel, Internet) Professional Computer centre IHRDC Professional Course INDUSTRY RELATED COURSES & TRAINING Two Years Apprenticeship as a Chemical Plant Operator from Engro Fertilizer Pakistan Ltd Daharki 1 In House Training courses (Production Operator I)
  2. 2. 1 BPs 8 Golden Safety Rules and Task Risk Assessment 2 First Aid Training 3 H2S Training; which includes proper use of PPEs, H2S detectors, SCBA 4 Emergency response procedures. 5 Hazard Identification & Task Risk Assessment (HITRA) 6 Fire Safety Course 7 Permit to Work (PTW) Procedure Course 8 Control of Work (Cow) Procedure Course 9 Corrosion control & Cathodic Protection Course 10 PSM & PSRM Training 11 Hazard Recognition Course 12 Jet Pump Operation Course 13 Fire Fighting and Confined space Rescue course PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE POSITION TITLE : Production Operator (Plant / Well head Operator) COMPANY : United Energy Pakistan Limited. Major Roles & Responsibilities.  Gas sweetening plant by using MDEA.  Daily Gas production 300 MMSCFD.  Gas Compressors (Reciprocating).  Gas dehydration plant by using TEG. Wellhead Operations- commissioning, shutdown, etc.  Well Testing at facility + with well testing crew.  Shutdown and Commissioning of Oil and Gas fields.  3 Phase Separators & Slug Catchers.  Condensate /crude storage and dispatching.  Crude oil and Condensate production is 4000 Barrel/Day.  Power Generation by Gas Generators.  Artificial lifting (Jet pump operation).  Remote facility operations.  Flow line pigging operations.  To carry minor maintenance jobs.  Supervision of well works operations activities e.g. well acidizing, perforation, swabbing, jet pump retrieval etc.  Observes safety rules and regulations and practice good housekeeping in all facility activities.  Separation system (II Phase / III Phase).  Auto dump de-gassing and power water injection / disposal system.  Chemical injection system.  Water injection and disposal system.  Instrument air system operation
  3. 3. Major Roles & Responsibilities.  Performs Production operator function on all production facilities, production wells and process facilities such as separation, dehydration, gas sweetening, gas compression, stabilization, gas export, condensate storage and loading, produced water Injection/disposal, relief and blow- down system, and all fire protection and safety systems while successfully completing required training and adhering to safety rules and regulations at all times.  Participates in commissioning and shutdown of facility and installation of new mechanical plant/equipment.  Prepares hot, cold and other work permits along with associated certificates as required. Obtains necessary approval prior to commencing maintenance and repair activities.  Carries out the daily recording and handover.  Maintains a variety of records, files and statements related to maintenance, wells and equip.  Participates in the training and development of less experienced personnel by imparting knowledge and providing on-the- job training, as assigned.  Understands the Company health, safety and environmental policy and how it relates to his job. Perform work in a safe and efficient manner, and is familiar with relevant safe working procedures and practices. Perform specific safety management system program activities assigned to me by supervisor.  Job includes physical work, outside field work and office work.  Capable of good communication skills and maintenance of good working relations with all concerned.  To carry out routine and non-routine operational activities, Co-ordinates and liaises with maintenance teams and assist well works intervention crew.  Maximo (computerized maintenance management system POSITION TITLE : Plant Operator COMPANY : Engro Fertilizer Company ltd. Major Roles & Responsibilities includes:  CO2 ABSORBER  AMDEA solution is used to absorb CO2 at 31 kg/cm2.  Absorber consisting of 4 beds of (IMTP) packing material.  CO2 STRIPPER  Re-boiler is used to provide sufficient heat to CO2 rich solution to strip out the CO2. Operating pressure 0.76 kg/cm2 and operating temperature 100oC.  HP & LP FLASH DRUM  Stripped out the CO2 using physical mean.  HP flash vessel operated at 6 kg/cm & LP flash vessel operated at 0.6 kg/cm2.  Demineralization Unit  Cation Exchange  Anion Exchanger  Forced Draft Aerator
  4. 4.  Demin water storage & distribution system  Regeneration through PLC & Manually  Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System  Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System is equipped with PLC including is Advantech Incorporated.  Pretreatment system Include, Depth Filtration Subsystem, Bag filter, Cartridge filter system  Caustic Injection and Clean-In-Place system for RO maintenance  Boiler Feed Water  Very High Pressure (148Kg/cm2 ) Boiler Feed Water Pumps.  One turbine (Back pressure) driven and two motor driven pumps.  Dearation system. NITROGEN PLANT  Nitrogen is generated through CRYOGENIC PROCESS for synthesis, refrigeration compressor seals, purging of vessels. Plant capacity 1100Nmc/hr. gaseous nitrogen.  Nitrogen generation through combustion method I am better equipped to communicate effectively with seniors, co-workers and helpers as well. I have a strong desire to work for well-known organization. I am young, energetic, well disciplined, sharp minded, confident and above all committed to work.