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Lp17 143 a

small talk, vertrouwen winnen, mensen op hun gemak stellen, informatie verkrijgen

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Lp17 143 a

  1. 1. Mingling with the locals LP 17, 143A
  2. 2. Planning • How was your bpv and holiday? • Today: Looking at sitrep, practicing conversating • Next week: Practicing presence patrol • BPV • Exams AVO, week 19. Planning will follow
  3. 3. Example SitRep We have four short examples of SitReps • Look at the hand-out and correct the mistakes you see, appr 5 minutes • Then, discuss with buddy • SitRep 1 • SitRep 2 • SitRep 3 • SitRep 4
  4. 4. So, what are common mistakes? • Name at least three things to really pay attention to.
  5. 5. Conversating • What is small talk? • How do we initiate a conversation with a stranger? • How can you break the ice? • What kind of questions can you ask? • What else do you pay attention to? (surroundings and body language)
  6. 6. So, what was useful in this lesson?