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UX, UI, and Front-End...what's the difference?

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A short presentation for the Charlotte chapter of Girl Develop It, intended to serve as an introduction to the field of web development for folks who aren't particularly interested in writing code.

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UX, UI, and Front-End...what's the difference?

  1. 1. On the various interface-related roles one can have UX, UI, & Front-End…
 what’s the difference? Ramya Mahalingam Senior UX Architect at Cardinal Solutions rmahalingam@cardinalsolutions.com @rams_mahalingam
  2. 2. The Industry
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  4. 4. Designer Developer
  5. 5. Designer Developer
  6. 6. Designer Developer
  7. 7. UI Designer UX Architect
  8. 8. It’s kind of like building a house
  9. 9. How many people are going to live here? What rooms do they need? UX Architect
  10. 10. Bathroom Kitchen What do they do in each one? How will they move through them? UX Architect
  11. 11. What goes in each one? UX Architect Sink Sink Tub Bathroom Kitchen UI Design
  12. 12. What are the attributes of those things? How do we make them reflect the people who will live here? UI Design Sink Faucets Drain
  13. 13. Start with the blueprint
  14. 14. UI Designer UX Architect
  15. 15. UX Architect • Conducts usability studies, user research, stakeholder interviews, surveys • Performs heuristic analyses • Build personas, empathy maps, storyboards, journey maps • Create logical architectures, navigation schemas, and taxonomies • Content mapping & organization • Voice of the Customer UI Designer • Design user interfaces • Develop brand strategies, style guides, color theory and palettes • Develop wireframes and prototypes • Define typography • Design iconography • Conform to accessibility requirements