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Future of SOA & Modern APIs

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Future of SOA & Modern APIs

  1. 1. Future of SOA & modern APIs Ram Lakshmanan ram@tier1app.com Stars Talk 19-Jun 2015, Washington DC Disclaimer: All images and video clips which appears on this deck are copyright of their respective owners and we claim no credit for them. If you own the rights to any of the images, objects and do not wish them to appear on this deck, please contact me and it will be promptly removed.
  2. 2. What is an API? “today”.length(); 5
  3. 3. Evolution of API My Application My Application Other Application Partner Application My Application Other Application Partner App My Application Other ApplicationNew Channels My Application
  4. 4. SOA/API World – Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjJv7SQ9Wvg
  5. 5. APIs everywhere It’s not just for technology leaders http://developer.compassion.com/ http://build.kiva.org/
  6. 6. SOA/API Architecture SOR-2 SOR-n SOR-5 SOR-3 SOR-4 SOR-6 SOR-1 Online Application Mobile Application Stores Application Call Center Application Partners/LOB Application (100+) SOA <SOAP/> HTTP JDBC JMS HTTPS LDAP
  7. 7. What values does SOA/API provide? Unimagined business opportunities Simplified Integration – with in enterprise & partners New channels/devices Cost Reduction Agility to business
  8. 8. SOA/API World – Tomorrow* * - I am after all Ram Lakshmanan. Forgive me as well ”640K ought to be enough for anyone. – Bill Gates, 1981”
  9. 9. Driving forces, that will shape future 1. Industry trend 2. End User 3. Business Operator 4. Partner/Developer
  10. 10. #1 – Industry Trend Explosion of devices 2018 – 12.1 billion mobile devices 2020 – 26 billion IOT devices
  11. 11. Smaller, Faster APIs Answer: Binary Protocols • Google Protocol Buffers, Binary XML, Hessian/Burlap… • What goes around comes around Smaller Payloads Faster APIs
  12. 12. SOA will do more SOR- 1 Client SOR- n SOA Pretending SOA Real SOA SOR- 1 Client SOR- n SOA
  13. 13. SODA - Micro Services * * - Too many SODA/Micro Services, can lead to maintenance/ deployment nightmare Monolithic Deployment SODA
  14. 14. SOA Governance - Prominence Solution • Enterprises will start to invest in SOA Governance. Problems • Competing Services between organizations in enterprise. • Interoperability between services • Lacks of standards
  15. 15. #2 – End User Got used to best of the best
  16. 16. SOA will start to think • Broad cast vs Narrow cast SOA Same Itinerary, different prices Customer-A  1050$ Customer-B  1000$
  17. 17. More Analytics from SOA If there is one place where all information flows - it’s SOA • End user Data • Channel/LOB Data • Partner Data • Internal SOR Data • External SOR Data
  18. 18. Traffic volume will increase • SPA (Scalability, Performance, Availability) • Can talk about it for hours. • Self-healing (Circuit Breaker Pattern)
  19. 19. #3 – Business Operator In several enterprises “Technology is a cost”
  20. 20. Elastic Cloud • Traffic – High tides, Low tides in a day. • Under utilized compute resources • Add compute power on demand. • Through APIs 
  21. 21. Relaxed Schemas Versioning - Expensive • Provider: Cost to support old versions • Consumer: Cost to migrate Relaxed Schemas • Relaxed schemas, Loose typing
  22. 22. #4 – Partner/Developer Most Demanding guy
  23. 23. Multiple Interfaces Hessian Binary
  24. 24. Tooling Documentation • Auto-Generation • Collaborative/Interactive Environment On-boarding • Credential Generation • API Authorization management • Discontinue
  25. 25. Security Standards will evolve Authorization With APIs, Data has started to flow everywhere
  26. 26. API Store Discovery Model - Broken • UDDI Broken • No significant alternative exist API Store
  27. 27. Thank you! https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramlakshman http://blog.tier1app.com ram@tier1app.com

Notas do Editor

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjJv7SQ9Wvg
  • Channels on one side, SORs that other side. Different protocols. SOA is the magic. Simple interface: SOAP
    List Acct SVC Explain
    Same service used by the Call Center, Stores, IVR….
    2007/2008 Mobile came along the way. Was able to use exact same service. Not even envisioned at the time of building. Let Wearable computing come
    Without SOA, each and everyone has to implement this logic
    New account/Product comes, everyone has to change. (Think about cost & maintainability – Some channels may go first. No consistent interface)
    ListAcctSvc is just one such service. 1000+ operations in the platform. 6 billion transactions/month. 60 different SOR. If SOA is down, entire enterprise is down. News paper event

    Mobile came along the way – no problem
    Google Glass, XYZ device – no problem
  • Cost Reduction – Prevention of duplication of services/APIs in each channel/LOBs. Reuse of so many services
    Agility to Business – Wearables comes in no problem
  • One service needs constant revisions/upgrades.
    You are exposing Binary protocol.
  • Agent business going down.
  • Major Airline Provider – Asia Pacific market – Promotions – 10x for a weekend