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Wunderman helps Nokia Make Connections Around the Globe

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Wunderman is a creative agency that truly appreciates and understands the value of relationships. They have been a leader and innovator in the agency space for the past 50 years.

The team at Wunderman knew that social media would be a fantastic resource for their client – Nokia. Find out how the insights they gathered for from listening to app developers around the world as well as to consumers has helped Nokia created a truly remarkable phone.

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Wunderman helps Nokia Make Connections Around the Globe

  1. 1. Case Study / WundermanWunderman helps Nokia make connectionsaround the globe.The Challenge were already using on other devices. So, Nokia engaged with Wunderman to listen to developersWunderman is a creative agency that truly around the world to monitor their reactions andappreciates and understands the value of identify opportunities for working with developersrelationships. They have been a leader and to encourage and promote the developmentinnovator in the agency space for the past 50 of WP7 apps. The team at Wunderman usedyears. The team at Wunderman has always Salesforce Marketing Cloud to find conversationsbeen focused on helping their clients transform across countries, and in more than seven differentdata gathered both internally and externally into languages, giving Nokia the chance to connectcustomer insights, guiding the development of with some of the world’s premier app developers.marketing communications and the determinationof what worked and why. It’s no surprise that “The use of social media and SalesforceWunderman uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud gives us the power to help ourThey were pleased to be able to offer their clients clients gather data in way that is much morereal-time, global intelligence gathered from the cost effective and timely then was previouslysocial web. possible,” explains Gregg.The team at Wunderman knew that social The Resultsmedia would be a fantastic resource for theirclient, Nokia, a world leader in mobility. Nokia Nokia launched their new Windows Phonewas interested in learning more about the app smartphones and, as of December 14, 2011,developer community’s view of Nokia’s adoption of pre-orders in the UK were the highest forthe Windows Phone OS platform as they prepared any Nokia smartphone ever. The insight theyto launch their new phones, which operate on gathered from listening to app developersWP7. “This is Nokia’s chance to challenge Apple around the world, as well as to consumers,and Android, who have taken the smartphone helped them create a truly remarkable phone.world by storm,” said Gregg Hamilton, SVP The social web has been a source of marketInsights & Optimization at Wunderman. insights, but will also be part of their go-to- market strategy, enabling them to engage andThe Approach connect with the right people, at the right time and in the right place.Nokia knew that their new smartphones wouldneed to have the apps that consumers love andwww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Salesforce Radian6