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Protecting Your Brand Message in Media Controlled by the Audience

Helpful information from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Sr Brand Journalist Leslie Poston on how to protect your brand in social media and still reap the benefits of engagement and metrics.

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Protecting Your Brand Message in Media Controlled by the Audience

  1. 1. Protecting Your Brand Message inMedia Controlled by the AudienceLeslie PostonSenior Brand Journalist, salesforce radian6 @leslie In/leslieposton
  2. 2. Introduction It’s often said that what’s said online stays online – forever. Social media gives the power of global publishing to all, but with that also comes the power to disrupt and hijack a brand’s message. This session will look at proactive ways you can develop and execute your message strategy so that it is less likely to be taken over by the audience in a negative way. Additionally we will look at the best ways to respond to a hostile message takeover without exacerbating the situation.
  3. 3. Clear Social Guidelines Help A RegulatedBrand Avoid Pitfalls• Involve Legal• Involve Human Resources• Pay attention to regulatory laws outside of marketing• Operate with full disclosure• Train all staff appropriately• Have regular fire drills for crisis management plans• Have refresher training for day to day engagement• Focus on content and community to prevent crisis
  4. 4. Use Your Metrics to Catch The Crisis Early
  5. 5. Use Your Metrics to Catch The Crisis Early
  6. 6. Most crises are external in originAre you prepared for an internal crisis also?
  7. 7. Did you know… things you can’t put inyour social media policy• Restrictions on employee personal social sites or profiles• Restrictions on employee use of social media during company time• Employees “friending” each other• Employees speaking negatively about the company• Fair use of trademarks• Employees speaking to the press, especially about labor disputes• More from the NLRB on pitfalls to avoid in social media policy to avoid a crisis
  8. 8. Radian6 Offers a Social Media CrisisManagement Blueprint
  9. 9. Use Your Crisis Response Team to Triage aCrisis from the Moment it Begins
  10. 10. Tools For Crisis Management• All-Star Crisis Management Ebook with Downloadable Flow Chart and Crisis Team Template• Surprise Fire Drills• Regular Engagement• Social Media Guidelines for Employee Conduct for the Brand• Social Media Policy• Social Media Strategy (cross departmental)• Intra-company Social Enterprise Practices (no silos)• Top-down Buy-in
  11. 11. Let’s walk through a sample crisis• First response sets the tone• Deploy team org chart procedure to respond from the right person on the right platform quickly and in the right tone• Triage crisis level (dark website/CEO response or guided level engagement approach)• Measure metrics of crisis as it unfolds, track sentiment around responses and brand• Deploy triage tactics, new engagement and relevant content at regular intervals to begin to corral, calm and control the situation quickly• Begin to guide the crisis offline• Follow up!
  12. 12. What kind of audience is on social media?• 40% of Americans go online to forums and discussion groups for health advice from their peers• 60% of those who research new doctors online are women• Customers like this cancer patient from Nebraska Medical Center go online to tell their health care stories on the hospital’s YouTube site• UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital used social media to amplify fundraising for Challenge for Children to reach $1 million (original goal $100K)• 71% of applicants to new medical positions discover and respond to jobs online• Doctors do 40% of their research for patient care online
  13. 13. Healthcare Crisis Management ExamplesScott and White Health Care Motrin MomsResponded to shooting at nearby Fort Hood Motrin Moms was one of the earlyvia social media citizen outreach. examples of a health product crisis that bloomed on social media, and still used asBy keeping citizens informed and directing an example because of the lack ofthem to the right resources, they grew their engagement from Motrin.online audience with a 78% Twitter followerincrease and a jump in rank to the 79th most While taking the ad down was a goodviewed non-profit channel for the week – response, targeted engagement may havewithout marketing. diffused the problem before it spread.
  14. 14. Protecting Your Brand Message inMedia Controlled by the AudienceLeslie PostonSenior Brand Journalist, salesforce radian6 @leslie In/leslieposton