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Brand Olympic Analysis Report

The flame may be out at Olympic stadium, but the memories and lessons will live on. Beyond the sporting extravaganza and excellence, we saw the birth of a new populist movement: The ‘Social Games’. Our Radian6 analysts have put together a comprehensive report researching how brands greeted this dynamic change in social media and sports. We looked into online conversation around selected brands between July 1st and August 15th.

This report proves that social media truly enriched the London 2012 Olympics and the presence of the involved brands on both the physical and the digital scene may well be the portal to a whole new community of fans.

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Brand Olympic Analysis Report

  1. 1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Author Marian Cramers / Social Media Analyst, Salesforce Marketing Cloudwww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012Copyright © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 Salesforce Radian6 [1]
  2. 2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Introduction Ever since Danny Boyle called ‘Action’ on the greatest show on Earth, the Olympics have stirred all kinds of emotion, and have made proud hosts out of the once sceptical Britons. And, as many billboards rightly point out, none of this success would have been possible without the solid support of the Olympic Sponsors. The great diversity of companies associated with the Olympics represent the 21st century’s globalisation in their own way, and aimed to inspire a generation with marketing messages full of vigour and dynamism. Some of these were directly involved in the organisation of the event, such as Adecco, BT and GlaxoSmithKline, and informed the public of their role in the process of making this happen. Others seized the opportunity to involve local British communities through the Torch Relay, including Coca-Cola. Many also sponsored specific British athletes and enlisted them as brand ambassadors for the occasion, Adidas and BP were amongst those, and P&G even specifically focussed on the Olympian’s mothers and their part in making it all happen. Individuals and entire communities were engaged by the low-threshold campaigns by British Airways, Cadbury and Coca-Cola, whereas others, like Adidas, aimed to seek out those high-potential youngsters that could live up to a future Olympic dream. Lastly, for some enterprises, public relations in this period were mainly intended to explain the complexities of their job, and to manage any difficulties that may arise. This was the case for G4S who received some negative press and were at the forefront of the challenges associated with hosting the show in one of the world’s busiest cities. Regardless of their approach to the event, the one thing all of the brands above had in common was a heavy use of social media as an integrated part of their campaigns. The diverse interactive media was flawless in its capacity to connect the audience in the stadium with the viewers at home, with the athletes and their commentators, and ultimately with the brands that were profoundly part of the story. During the London 2012 Games, the world was united, democratic and passionately involved in social media to an extent that would be nearly impossible to achieve without it. And as social media has hereby come another giant leap closer to being an accurate reflection of the public’s hearts and minds, it is imperative for consumer brands to change from billboard to broadband to get their message across.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [2]
  3. 3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Intention & Methodology of this report This report intends to review the social media conversation generated by selected Olympic sponsors and their Games-oriented marketing campaigns. In doing so, the marketing strategies will be compared irrespective of the brand involved, their social media reach and volumes analysed in view of possible recommendations, which could contribute to ongoing strategic discussions within these organisations. This report was compiled using Radian6 Insights Dashboard and Excel Add-in. In order to achieve a representative share of the conversations regarding the various industries, the date range is set from July 1st, 2012 to August 15th, 2012. The Radian6 data is collected worldwide, from 150 million sources and in all 17 languages supported by our system. Where appropriate, the analysis focused on UK-only conversations. All conversations are Olympics-related posts, avoiding the other brand mentions not connected to London 2012. As this report aspires to be concise and operative, meeting practical demands, each brand will be reviewed with the most relevant analysis for its particular context. Top-level analysis A review of all the selected brands for the period between July 1st and August 15th 2012 brings back a total of 420,815 Olympics-related social media conversations. The trendlines for these eventful summer days indicate significant differences between various brands. In fact, the two main peaks standing out clearly outdo the other topics of conversation in a considerable way. These concern G4S and British Airways. 25,000 20,000 POSTS 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 04 Jul 07 Jul 10 Jul 13 Jul 16 Jul 19 Jul 22 Jul 25 Jul 28 Jul 31 Aug 03 Aug 06 Aug 09 Aug 12 Aug 15 P&G Lloyds TSB GlaxoSmithKline G4S Coca-Cola Cadbury BP British Airways BT Adecco Adidaswww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [3]
  4. 4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report The extended peak for G4S refers to the news breaking that they would not be able to provide sufficient staff to ensure security at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The UK government thereon decided to deploy military personnel to fill the void. But not without the public responding with anger and unease about the situation. At its highest point, this item occurred 19,439 times in social media conversations. The sharp rise in conversation about British Airways occurred largely due to a single tweet by One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, thanking BA for looking after him. At its peak, Radian6 registered 17,496 posts for this day, but the retweets continued for several days afterwards. In total, this one message was retweeted 28,099 times. Considering Louis Tomlinson has over 5.5 million followers, this clearly indicates that cooperating with such individuals is probably worthwhile. One Direction and British Airways had worked together earlier in July 2012 for the ‘Flying Start’ charity campaign. The brand with the most consistently high conversation volumes during the analysed period was Coca-Cola. However, a considerable number of those related to question whether Coca-Cola, often paired with McDonalds, was a suitable sponsor for a sports event. A first remarkable conclusion from this analysis is that the most spectacular social media trends are often not related to the costly campaigns set up by brands, but by uncontrolled occurrences that somehow capture an audience beyond a single network, niche or country. This does not mean these conversations are utterly uncontrollable, however it does require that companies have sufficient resources and instruments in place to monitor and interact on social media, and thereby negotiate the reputation of their brand online.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [4]
  5. 5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Brand analysis 1. Adidas Adidas was one of the most visible sponsors of the London Olympics, and achieved a total of 184,402 social media posts about its products and campaigns during the reviewed period. 35,000 30,000 25,000 POSTS 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 05 Jul 09 Jul 13 Jul 17 Jul 21 Jul 25 Jul 29 Aug 02 Aug 06 Aug 10 Aug 14 Adzones Metro Deal Don’t Stop Me Now Take The Stage General This report reviewed the general Adidas Olympics conversations, as well as the #TakeTheStage campaign (112,127 social media mentions), The ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ video (12,584 posts), the Metro advertising deal (3,025 conversations) and the Adizones (209 mentions). As the trendline above clearly demonstrates, the Adidas conversations experienced a careful build-up as the Olympics ran #ourgreatestteam #closingceremony its course, bursting through the roof during the Closing Ceremony. queen @teamgb @adidasuk In particular the ‘Take The Stage’ effort caught on, mainly through #teamgb great #takethestage signed games the hashtags and retweets of Adidas UK’s own messages. The final wow seb spike singing bit win #stagetaken ‘closing statement’ was a tweet expressing jubilation and thanking amazing british heart thank olympics Britain for the past 17 days. The word cloud below visualises the cascade of social media posts that followed, leading to 31,774 teamgb came proud britain mentions of #TakeTheStage or #StageTaken in a single day. stole incredible ennis right time #proud saw world running #london2012 Jessica Ennis is mentioned frequently here, as she is probably the @nataliesawyer emotional most popular of the Adidas sponsored athletes. She is also featured #proudtobebritish in the video ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ that was shot at the end of the London Olympics, shared together with #StageTaken and received very positively.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [5]
  6. 6. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report 2. Adecco The official recruiter for London 2012, Adecco, inspired a total of 1,929 Olympics-related social media conversations during the reviewed period. 200 150 POSTS 100 50 0 Jul 01 Jul 10 Jul 19 Jul 28 Aug 06 Aug 15 Jobs for the Games General In these conversations, two main peaks can be noticed. The first, on July 6th as The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Adecco announced the extension of the IOC Athlete Career Programme agreement. The second peak on July 10th was far higher, reaching 188 conversations. There was a considerable amount of irrelevant mentions here, but also a tweet of gratitude from a photographer regarding an Adecco employee that allowed him to take pictures of the Torch Relay from her Basingstoke office. This post was retweeted several times as well. Adecco’s ‘Jobs for the Games’ campaign scored far less than the general conversations. Most likely, this is due to the recruitment phase of the Olympics dating before July 1st, when this monitoring period began. In recognition of this, it is difficult to form a judgement of Adecco’s social media performance during the Games. However, considering the recruitment firm had a small army of associated employees on the ground during the event, it might have been nice to involve them in social media engagement and show the human side of Adecco’s event recruitment offers.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [6]
  7. 7. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report 3. British Airways British Airways is one of the many well-known British institutions that played a key role in the Olympics. From a marketing perspective, it mainly drew attention with the surprising campaign ‘Home Advantage’, urging Britons not to fly, but to stay home and be a part of ‘their’ Games. The Olympics-related British Airways conversations amounted to 120,540 in total. 15,000 10,000 POSTS 5,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 10 Jul 19 Jul 28 Aug 06 Aug 15 #Homeadvantage General The peak in general British Airways conversations was caused by Louis Tomlinson’s tweet thanking BA, as described earlier. However, in the breakdown between the general BA posts, and those specifically referring to the #homeadvantage campaign, a second, very similar trend emerges. This is due to Tomlinson’s fellow band member Niall Horan, who used the #homeadvantage hashtag to congratulate athlete John Joe Nevin with his performance. 17,117 retweets later, its impact on the British Airways data is significant. In fact, in total share of voice, the #homeadvantage posts overtake the general British Airways conversations.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [7]
  8. 8. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Whether or not British Airways had intended for its hashtag to be used independently from its brand name, it is an interesting observation that these kind of events lead to an organic adaptation of various phrases and key expressions. Given the short timespan in which an enormous amount of marketing messages are taken in by the public, it is crucial to investigate how these are processed and in what context they are reused and internalised. For this specific kind of marketing on social media, it is crucial to tap into existing emotions and use these in ways that express public sentiment more effectively than people could phrase it themselves. If that goal is achieved successfully, there is a good chance the audience will pick it up and run with it. 4. BT The contribution from BT as one of the telecommunications companies made the widespread television audience and avid use of social media at these Games possible. In their campaign ‘Bringing Us All Together’, they point to this role as an essential facilitator for the nation’s participation in the London Olympics. BT has a total of 10,934 social media conversations on record during the reviewed period. 1,000 800 POSTS 600 400 200 0 Jul 01 Jul 10 Jul 19 Jul 28 Aug 06 Aug 15 General Bringing us all together The ‘Bringing Us All Together’ TV campaign did not appear much on social media, having gathered a total of 221 posts. However, BT also set up a BT London Live stage at Hyde Park, Victoria Park and Trafalgar Square from where many people followed the ceremonies and competitions. This ensured that the BT social media conversations closely followed the Olympic events, with a particularly highwww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [8]
  9. 9. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report spike at the time of the Opening Ceremony. August 4th was a second best for BT London Live with a performance from the McFly Boys and numerous other events that managed to excite Londoners on another Olympic Saturday. The first obvious conclusion from this data is that it’s far easier to ignite conversation on social media with live events than it is with recurring, pre-recorded TV spots. The case of BT is also interesting because – much like British Airways – it is counteracting its own business by inviting people to abandon their TVs and broadband at home and enjoy a day in the park. However, it is widely recognised that the Olympics are an exceptional case as it won’t upset customary market demands in the long run, but being a part of it in a positive way, will pay off in brand reputation. 5. BP BP is one of the more divisive Olympics partners, and mainly focussed on the sustainability of the Games’ energy resources. In total, it acquired 21,050 social media posts, nearly all in the general Olympics mentions rather than specific campaigns. 1,500 1,000 POSTS 500 0 Jul 01 Jul 10 Jul 19 Jul 22 Jul 29 Aug 05 Aug 12 Genera l Cultural Olympiad Target Neutralwww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [9]
  10. 10. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report When reviewing the general Olympics conversations United States 12,991: 63.8% for BP, it is evident that most of these originate from the United States and relate to the BP Team USA campaign, involving well-known American athletes Other (90 more) such as Lolo Jones and Jonathan Horton. This 1,917: 9.4% campaign has a specific patriotic touch, but also United centred on people making an effort to travel to London Kingdom in the ‘target neutral’ way. However, the American 1,963:9.6% conversations also came back with many references to the controversial Gulf of Mexico oil spill that took Canada Germany place in 2010. 2,827: 13.9% 160: 0.8% Netherlands Japan 139: 0.7% The Radian6 Regional Analysis clearly demonstrates 229: 1.1% Indonesia that – unlike the other UK based brands reviewed in 127: 0.6% this report – BP targeted and reached the American and Canadian shores in social media terms. 6. Cadbury Cadbury is a household name across the United Kingdom and inspired 22,558 social media post during the extended Olympics period. 3,000 2,500 2,000 POSTS 1,500 1,000 500 0 Jul 01 Jul 05 Jul 09 Jul 13 Jul 17 Jul 21 Jul 25 Jul 29 Aug 02 Aug 06 Aug 10 Aug 14 #tendaystogo #letthegamesbegin Generalwww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 10 ]
  11. 11. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Cadbury ran several smaller social media campaigns during the London 2012 Games such as ‘Spots vs Stripes’, ‘Unwrap Gold’ and ‘Cadbury Postcards’, most of which were fairly humble in their share of voice returns. One initiative which clearly bore success however, was the #LetTheGamesBegin competition, as it launched the trendline far beyond any other of Cadbury’s peaks. At its highest point, 2,436 posts were registered for this competition, several of which also mentioned the #10daystogo hashtag. Right before and during the opening ceremony, the golden wraps of Cadbury made its way into the online conversations and caused a minor peak there. During the Closing Ceremony, the many Cadbury gold medals filled with chocolate did not go unnoticed. Also the question from Cadbury on what people’s favourite Olympics moment was caused quite some discussion. Cadbury here is living proof that social media campaigns by no means need to be expensive or complex, but simply ought to tap into the emotions of the event and establish the brand as a trusted and familiar part of these moments. In such a cases, it always pays off to have substantial experience monitoring, researching and interacting with the audience of the brand. 7. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola’s relationship with the Olympic Games goes back to 1928, hence it is no surprise that their campaigns are streamlined, and their numbers solid. The two pillars of this edition’s campaign were ‘Move to the Beat’ and ‘Future Flames’. In total, the Olympics- related conversations of Coca-Cola between July 1st and August 15th amounted to 105,447 social media conversations.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 11 ]
  12. 12. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report 6,000 5,000 4,000 POSTS 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 07 Jul 13 Jul 19 Jul 25 Jul 31 Aug 06 Aug 12 Move to the Beat Future Flames General As the trendlines above clearly display, the general Coca-Cola conversations still dominate the individual campaigns. These posts vary from praises for free cokes being distributed in the park, to complaints over the omnipresent billboards and high prices, to people celebrating their nation’s victories with a coke in hand. The conversations related to the marketing campaigns are far more specific. The ‘Future Flames’ was related to the Olympic Torch Relay, it featured a range of events from Hyde Park concerts to community celebrations and it predictably dropped flat at the time of the Opening Ceremony when the Torch arrived in London. The ‘Move to the Beat’ campaign included several elements, broken down in the trendline below. 400 350 POSTS 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Jul 01 Jul 04 Jul 07 Jul 10 Jul 13 Jul 16 Jul 19 Jul 22 Jul 25 Jul 28 Jul 31 Aug03 Aug 06 Aug 09 Aug 12 Aug 15 Move to the Beat Hashtags Move to the Beat Beatbox Move to the Beat Songwriters Move to the Beat Generalwww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 12 ]
  13. 13. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report The different aspects of the ‘Move to the Beat’ campaign clearly move in an autonomous, yet coordinated way, each in line with the general course of the Olympics. Once again, hashtags decidedly cause sharp peaks that are as considerable in height as the other trendlines. Whereas real-life events and campaigns are important, these small social media initiatives go a long way in keeping the excitement alive and the brand name upfront. One other valued product of Coca-Cola is Innocent Smoothies, and they held the acclaimed title of ‘Official Olympic’-Smoothie. In line with this, the much smaller Innocent enterprise stuck with its characteristic likeable social media posts, and was rewarded with 4,124 conversations about its brands in the Olympic context. 400 350 300 POSTS 250 200 150 100 50 0 Jul 01 Jul 10 Jul 19 Jul 28 Aug 06 Aug 15 Innocent G4S G4S is the world’s largest security firm and was contracted to secure the London 2012 Olympic Games. However on July 11th, the news broke that G4S would be unable to provide the 10,000 guards it needed to recruit, leaving the Games in a fragile state, just a few weeks before the Opening Ceremony. The government acted swiftly and deployed Army reinforcements to compensate for the missing human resources. The immediate issue was resolved, but G4S took a significant blow to its reputation, and the incident resonated fiercely on social media.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 13 ]
  14. 14. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report G4S accumulated 126,057 social media conversations across the reviewed period, of which the large majority took place in the consecutive days after the news broke. The issue quickly died out on social media when the Olympics began, but re-emerged with 2,424 posts merely a day after it ended. 20,000 15,000 POSTS 10,000 5,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 10 Jul 19 Jul 28 Aug 06 Aug 15 General The G4S news storm occurred at a time when the success of the London Olympics was still all but certain and the population’s unease at the magnitude of the event still very much alive. This explains to a large extent why the public response, off and on social media, was so outraged. On the digital networks, it led to the largest peak in data of all the brands reviewed here. The Radian6 Automated Sentiment Analysis can also judge the emotions involved, and in this case, the tone of the conversations were decidedly negative. Radian6 uses the Social Net Promoter Score (SNPS) as a benchmark for social media sentiment, effectively indicating what the net number of promoters is, that actively defended the brand online. In the case of G4S, the SNPS score stands at -72%, indicating there are far more individuals talking negatively about the firm, than there are supporters. In instances such as these, it is vital that transparent and reliable information finds its way to the public, in order to limit the reputational damage and be clear about the causes and consequences of the incident. If a company can become the main source of information about the context of its own misfortune, interact with the public in a low-threshold and human way, very often the disturbance can be minimised for all stakeholders involved. Social media offers an excellent opportunity to provide these public relation services in an adequate, effective and credible way.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 14 ]
  15. 15. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has tied its presence at the Olympics with that of the ongoing anti-doping efforts. The pharmaceutical company itself was mentioned 4,359 times on social media in connection with the Games between July 1st and August 15th. However, there were a total of 14,505 posts relating to anti-doping initiatives. When reviewing these two trends, it is clear that in many cases, the mentions of GSK follow a similar pattern as the anti-doping news items. 1,000 800 600 400 200 0 Jul 01 Jul 04 Jul 07 Jul 10 Jul 13 Jul 16 Jul 19 Jul 22 Jul 25 Jul 28 Jul 31 Aug 03 Aug 06 Aug 09 Aug 12 Aug 15 Anti-Doping General As has been the case with other structural providers of the Olympic Games, GSK did initiate a few smaller campaigns explaining and promoting its role in the wider organisation, such as ‘Keeping the Olympics Pure’ and ‘The Journey of a Sample’. None of these even remotely resembled the share of voice GlaxoSmithKline obtained in the more practical conversations. One more interesting observation is the difference in media type used to discuss the GlaxoSmithKline and the Anti-Doping issues.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 15 ]
  16. 16. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report GSK Twitter Mainstream News Aggregator Blogs Facebook Comments Forum Replies Videos Forums Images Other (1 more) 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 Anti-Doping Mainstream News Twitter Aggregator Blogs Facebook Forum Replies Comments Forums Videos Buy/Sell Other (1 more) 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Anti-doping is above all a matter of mainstream media, who deals with the legal and pharmaceutical technicalities with a certain level of experience. The GSK conversation on the other hand, featured most prominently on Twitter and related to public relations matters of the company itself, such as its participation in the Olympics Global Hunger Summit. Knowing the nature of the conversation surrounding brands, and the platforms on which they take place, is imperative in order to be able to shape the PR message in an effective way.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 16 ]
  17. 17. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble has been praised frequently for its campaigns this Olympic season, as ‘Raising an Olympian’ and ‘Thank you Mom’ reflected a sentiment that was recognisable by people across the globe. The return on its investment, at least on social media, was 80,902 mentions, with clear connections to their various campaigns. 5,000 POSTS 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 07 Jul 13 Jul 19 Jul 25 Jul 31 Aug 06 Aug 12 Raising an Olympian General Thank you Mom Twitter Best Job campaign Thank You Mom hashtag PG Olympics P&G Sponsors Athletes Especially the launch of #RaisingAnOlympian stands at a towering height in this analysis, reaching 4,798 conversations on July 12th and flaring up several more times after that. Also the ‘Thank You Mom’ Twitter campaigns left their mark, reaching 11,615 posts in total during the reviewed period. Procter & Gamble is the producer of a vast range of General household products. It appears to aim this campaign, as well as many of its products, towards women. The Radian6 Insights Analysis allows for research to determine whether this has succeeded on social media. Female 4,729: 61.8% Male As displayed below, the general P&G conversations 2,919: 38.2% appear to have 61.8% in female participation, a clear majority.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 17 ]
  18. 18. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report However, when looking at the two main social media #RaisingAnOlympian campaigns, the image becomes even more one-sided. What this makes clear is that it is not just a stimulus- response sequence on behalf of the P&G audience, commenting on campaigns that were targeted at them. Female Instead it reveals a much more nuanced dynamic, of 2,567: 67.4% Male women referring this content to other women and sharing 1,243: 32.6% it with an added sense of trust and credibility. Where a TV audience could merely observe the parade of campaigns passing by and approve or disapprove, a social media network will shape its own identity and priorities by means of sharing and discussing the content released. As the Thank You Mom campaigns progressed, their viewers became more self- selected and would by definition feel an affiliation to the campaign. By investing significantly in the social media side of their Olympics content, P&G has potentially secured a lasting connection to its audience, and successfully Female connected its brand with the strength of feeling elicited by 4,733: 74.8% Male the Olympics. 1,594: 25.2%www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 18 ]
  19. 19. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Campaign analysis A social media campaign may often feel like a leap in the dark, not knowing what the outcome will be. However, when comparing similar brand initiatives in a given context such as the Olympic Games, it is plain to see that the patterns are nearly identical. Below is a comparison of the #TakeTheStage (Adidas) and #HomeAdvantage (British Airways) trendlines. Despite their respective industries, campaign message and target audiences being very different, the related event and the medium used were the same. In effect, the social media strategies ran side by side, and so did the results. The difference between the height of the Closing Ceremony peak is mainly explained by the fact that Adidas slightly adjusted its hashtag to #StageTaken, giving the audience a means to express their euphoria over the triumph of London’s Olympic adventure. 35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000 POSTS 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Jul 01 Jul 06 Jul 11 Jul 16 Jul 21 Jul 26 Jul 31 Aug 05 Aug 10 Aug 15 #TakeTheStage #HomeAdvantagewww.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 19 ]
  20. 20. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Social media may appear chaotic and unpredictable at times, but when a corporate strategy is based on solid experience, agile monitoring tools and comprehensive data analytics, anticipating its failure or success is perhaps even more calculable than that of traditional marketing activities. In doing so, the choice of social media platform is crucial, especially when targeting a specific demographic group. When comparing the ‘Take The Stage’ (Adidas) and ‘Raising an Olympian’ (P&G) campaigns, it is clear that their marketers each intended to reach a profoundly different demographic. ‘Take The Stage’ went after a young, trendy and urban audience that identify with a bustling world populated with music, fashion and sporting heroes. ‘Raising an Olympian’ was in inward-looking campaign, focussing on the daily routines of home and family life and the importance of family support to achieve anything in life. When examining the media types and ages in which these campaign mentions occurred the difference is striking. Take the Stage – Age Analysis 25-34 21-24 35-44 18-20 45-54 55-64 65+ 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 Raising an Olympian – Age Analysis 25-34 35-44 45-54 21-24 55-64 18-20 65+ 0 50 100 150 200www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 20 ]
  21. 21. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Take the stage – Media Type Analysis Twitter Facebook Blogs Aggregator Comments Mainstream News Videos Forum Replies Images Forums Other (1 more) 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 Raising an Olympian – Media Type Analysis Twitter Facebook Comments Aggregator Blogs Videos Forum Replies Mainstream News Forums 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 After it was already established that the ‘Raising an Olympian’ online audience is strikingly female, it also appears to be significantly older than the ‘Take the Stage’ crowd. When assessing the media types used, twitter is at the forefront of both campaigns, partly due to the heavy use of hashtags and campaign Twitter handles by the brands. The ‘Raising an Olympian’ fans, however, also used Facebook to a large extent, and also populated and shared various blogs on the matter. Adidas on the other hand, had an almost exclusively Twitter-based turnout. Demographics are not just an important aspect of events campaigns, but also for the brand as a whole on the longer term. Examining the characteristics of the social media users that choose to somehow identify with your brands could serve as invaluable consumer insight and fuel future marketing activities.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 21 ]
  22. 22. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report The graphs below display the age and gender of social media users talking about Cadbury, Coca-Cola and Innocent Smoothies in the Olympic context. Cadbury – Age Analysis 25-34 35-44 21-24 45-54 18-20 55-64 65+ 0 50 100 150 200 250 Coca-Cola – Age Analysis 25-34 35-44 21-24 45-54 18-20 55-64 65+ 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 Innocent Smoothies – Age Analysis 25-34 21-24 18-20 35-44 55-64 45-54 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 22 ]
  23. 23. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Cadbury – Gender Analysis Female Male 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Coca-Cola – Gender Analysis Male Female 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 Innocent Smoothies – Gender Analysis Female Male 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 These are not only merely the demographics for these specific brands and campaigns, but also tell a great deal about the general age and gender distribution on social media. Until recently, the social media landscape had a very distinct profile and did not represent any kind of average individual. It is now rapidly becoming a common good, with a mainstream audience and activity level. Nevertheless, it remains important to be aware of the differences in communities found on various platforms, and to closely follow the evolution taking place. For future reference, a Comscore study indicates that users 55 and older represent the fastest growing segment in social networking usage.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 23 ]
  24. 24. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Radian6 also allows for hashtags, sources and retweeted user names to be singled out and examined; ensuring the topics and communities involved can be assessed with a single glance. BP – Hashtags used #olympics #london2012 #bp #olympic #merica #olympics2012 #dow #teamusa #atos #greenwashed #usa #mcdonalds #bpwhataripoff #oilspill 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 The ability to draw this type of analysis for any given subject or point in time can greatly assist campaigns and brands in shaping and adjusting their messages, and keeping track of how they come across on social media. Very often social media research will not only address the actual individuals involved in online conversations, but also their followers/network and thus the ‘potential reach’ of a shared post. Radian6 has many ways to look into this data and gain insight in how far a message may have travelled. One of these is drawing the top Twitter influencers for any subject investigated, including the relevant data on followers and on-topic posts.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 24 ]
  25. 25. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report For example, when browsing through this data for G4S and GlaxoSmithKline, an interesting difference emerges. GlaxoSmithKline – Top twitter influencers G4S – Top twitter influencers The top influencers for both brands include their own accounts and/or mainstream media outlets. However, they also consistently include certain dedicated blogs and private individuals that have taken an interest in the issue at hand. They clearly have a significant impact on the tone of the conversations and on their reach. G4S in this case has a far higher reach than GSK, not just because of the attention of mainstream media, but also because of the high number of on-topic posts by certain other accounts, every time increasing the chance that their followers will pick up on the story.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 25 ]
  26. 26. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report It is vital for a brand and a campaign to know who the influential sources are, and over time, to develop a relationship with them and their followers. Just as you would ensure that mainstream media sources – such as the BBC in this case – will have included your statement in their articles – you must approach these sources and offer to give them your side of the story. In this way, the conversations about certain brands can be negotiated, and your reputation as a transparent and confident organisation established. Lastly, the elephant in the room is often sentiment, and the place it has in determining the success of a company’s efforts. Radian6 offers automated sentiment as well as different Insights packages such as Lymbix and Clarabridge as well as the ability to manually change and determine sentiment according to personal priorities. Yet it is important to remember that, just like any other analysis, sentiment is a complex factor and needs to be assessed with care. Below is the sentiment analysed for British Airways and BT British Airways – Automated Sentiment BT – Automated Sentiment Positive Positive 3,091: 93.7% 836: 79.6% Negative 190: 18.1% Negative Somewhat Positive Somewhat Negative 205: 6.2% 5: 0.5% 11: 1.0% Somewhat Negative Mixed 2: 0.1% 8: 0.8% At a first glance, it appears British Airways is doing far better than BT, and this is an excellent score indeed. However, it is important to remember the nature of the campaign and the company’s presence here. The British Airways Olympic dimension was solely based on media and sponsorship activities, and often quite heart-warming and patriotic in nature. BT was an active partner on the scene, in a particularly technical and demanding way, as well as the organiser of various events on the ground. Taking into consideration how much wireless Internet and telecommunication will be scrutinized by the average social media enthusiast, and how busy and highly anticipated the stage events were, a positivity of nearly 80% is actually a very strong performance for BT.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 26 ]
  27. 27. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Olympic Analysis Report Conclusion Looking back on the first ‘Social Olympics’, social media and online campaigns have become self- evident for consumer brands. What will follow is the recognition that any engagement on social networks must be grounded in thorough analysis and insights on the nature of the respective online communities. Radian6, as well as other monitoring tools, offer a wealth of data and intuitive processing tools, which make this a very straightforward and valuable practice. Secondly, social media strategies must become long-term plans, calculating the desired and expected results, and building a reputation and a relationship with online influencers and audiences. Lastly, the online presence of a brand must be in sync with its offline existence. In time, this will mean the end product and the organization as a whole will be affected by the organic nature of the networks existing on social media. Ultimately, social media is first and foremost about identity, about which people chose to publicly associate with themselves, about what brands and organisations they claim as ‘lovemarks’ for all their friends to see, about how they mark the milestones in their life and record their own personal journey. For brands to become part of such an individual statement, they must approach these platforms with a great deal of respect, integrity, and a willingness to invest as much time and credibility in the relationship as other social media users do. These digital platforms offer an unseen opportunity to have genuine two-way conversations with customers, and to tap into the zeitgeist faster and more accurately than ever before. Over time, it may change your brand; it could make you a socially connected enterprise. For now, social media has proven to be a precious enrichment to the London 2012 Olympic Games: and the presence of these brands on both the physical and the digital scene may well be the door to a whole new community of fans. Inspire a generation, and let this generation be an inspiration to you.www.radian6.com +44 (0)203 468 3939 © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 27 ]
  28. 28. United Kingdom Office Salesforce Radian6 506 Centennial Ave Centennial Park Elstree, WD6 3FG United Kingdom +44 (0)203 468 3939 www.radian6.comCopyright © 2012 Salesforce Radian6