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  2. GOOGLE RESEARCH INSIGHT ▸84% of patients use both online and offline sources for hospital research. ▸Search drives nearly 3x as many visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search visitors. ▸Patients primarily search on symptoms and condition terms towards the moment of conversion. ▸44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device scheduled an appointment. ▸53% of patients who did not watch a hospital video were unaware they existed.
  3. HOW CAN I USE THIS OPPORTUNITY? ▸If you are looking for where to start, then you can focus on these follow options Responsive Website Search Engine Optimisation Content Marketing Building Community
  4. WHY RESPONSIVE WEBSITE? Mobile users on the rise Social media increases visitors Improved SEO ranking Adapting to multiple devices & sizes Adaptive site - less cost more ROI Better user experience More conversions Less bounce rate More Prospective customers Effective marketing method Efficient More visibility Less maintenance and hassle free
  5. SIGNIFICANCE IN HEALTHCARE ▸Health-care marketers like Mayo Clinic are building responsive sites that emphasize the mobile experience as consumers look for quick and easy access to wellness advice. Its pregnancy app, for example, is designed to be a companion for mothers from childbirth through their babies' first few months. And the clinic's patient app allows people to book appointments and access their health information. ▸ Telemedicine, in which patients receive treatment via video calls, also has a growing presence in the industry (see story below). Smartphones with advanced video capabilities, like high-definition cameras, make it increasingly possible for patients to connect with quality doctors outside of their region and receive diagnoses. Telemedicine also cuts costs for hospitals and patients, which is why more health-care companies are offering this type of support.
  6. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION ▸ According to the research report from Google on how people research hospitals, some 77% of potential patients turn to a search engine and 76% look at an organization’s website — the most engagement, by far, with any marketing channels. misation of your hospital website and investing on paid ads becom
  7. BENEFITS OF SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Increased Traffic ROI Cost effectiveness Increased site usability Brand Awareness
  8. CONTENT MARKETING ▸ Hospitals have people eager for very specific content (information about medical conditions) and in-house experts who can provide it (doctors, nurses, administrators, etc.). So Content marketing becomes important. The format of this content isn’t the most important thing. It can be presented in a blog post, article, video, or even infographic. What’s essential is that it is informational and useful.
  9. BENEFITS OF CONTENT MARKETING ▸Higher visibility in search engine ▸More referral and social media traffic ▸Improved Brand reputation ▸Tighter patient/reader relationship ▸Increased conversation potential ▸Higher perceived expertise and authority ▸Decreased marketing cost
  10. A BRAND IS NO LONGER WHAT WE TELL THE CUSTOMER IT IS, IT IS WHAT CUSTOMERS TELL EACH OTHER IT IS Scott Cook More than in any other field, the power of the testimonial is key in health care, as patients and families researching diagnoses often turn to patients with similar experiences. Social media gives hospitals and clinics the chance to share patient stories and connect consumers. BUILDING COMMUNITY
  11. BENEFITS OF BUILDING A COMMUNITY Build Brand loyalty Selling without “Sell” Fresh ContentPatient retention and engagement Simple and cost effective
  12. THANK YOU A.Rachel Joy BIM, Trichy