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Findability: Going Beyond SEO

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Search engine optimisation is usually the first subject that comes to mind when thinking about ways to improve the visibility of your organisation online. But it's only a piece of the puzzle. In order to help the intended audience find, use and reuse your information, we need to look beyond SEO. Findability could help complete the puzzle. It's a much broader concept, touching on almost every aspect of the web design and development process, where specialist fields intersect and overlap. We need to try and identify these elements of findability and "plug" them into the user-centred design workflow. It's a big challenge... Can we connect the dots and bridge the gaps?"

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Findability: Going Beyond SEO

  1. Going Beyond SEO 
  2. acknowledgements  What we find changes   who we become.  Ambient Findabilty, Peter Morville  Web Standards + compelling content   = improved findability  Building Findable Websites, Aarron Walter 
  3. overview  •  defini@ons  •  some stats for context  •  SEO ≠ findability  •  elements of findability  •  tools  resources