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Survey Monkey Audience - Vintage Futbol

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Survey Monkey Audience - Vintage Futbol

  1. 1. Vintage Futbol Khoi Phan, Founder and Creative Directorwww.surveymonkey.com Startup Case Study Get the feedback you need before you launch. If you’re a startup with a big idea, but lean budget, how do you do the market research you need to guarantee a successful launch? How can you make sure you’re reaching your target audience before you invest dollars and time developing your product or service? Try SurveyMonkey Audience. See how a cool new startup, Vintage Futbol, used SurveyMonkey Audience to make sure they had the right product, right brand, and right pricing for their customers. All on a startup budget. DETAILS INSIDE
  2. 2. STArTup CASe STudy: VinTAGe FuTbolAbout Vintage Futbol Market research on a shoestring Washington D.C.-based Vintage Futbol budget—is it really possible? is an up-and-coming, soccer-inspired Recognizing they needed more extensive feedback than just clothing and lifestyle brand. When their families and friends could provide, the Vintage Futbol company founder and creative director team acknowledged that conducting market research had Khoi Phan first moved to New York City to become critical to the launch of their business. pursue a career in design, he spent his freetime playing for a soccer league in Chinatown. Motivated by “Getting feedback from our facebook friends wasn’t going tothe passion his teammates felt for the game, Phan envisioned give us the confidence we needed to commit all of our time,a clothing line that embodied the spirit of the game and the and to convince funders to support our efforts,” said Phan.people who love it. In a matter of months, he created thebrand, found a business partner, and acquired startup capital. Selecting a target Audience—Fueled by great design ideas and a staff of eight devotedsoccer fans, Vintage Futbol was officially launched in April 2010. just how specific can we get? Working with their SurveyMonkey Audience account manager,The question every new startup has the Vintage Futbol team selected a targeted Audience with these specific traits:—how do we get started? Americans geographically dispersed across the country“Basically, we had Before the company could Aged 18-30 begin production, some a lot of questions important questions needed A mix of males and females we needed answered to be answered. The Vintage before we tried to Futbol team knew their ideal Since SurveyMonkey Audience knew the basic demographic enter an incredibly customers were people like information of each Audience member who answered the themselves—adults between Vintage Futbol survey, the collected data was supplemented competitive market.” the ages of 18-30 who’d grown with a variety of information about the respondents’ location,up playing soccer. But they needed to find out more specific income levels, technology usage, and exact ages, among manyinformation about the purchasing habits and clothing other key details—allowing for more sophisticated analysis ofpreferences of this particular market. their purchasing decisions.Vintage Futbol had a short amount of time to get answers and Confident with SurveyMonkey Audience’s pre-establisheda limited budget to conduct their initial research. The team demographic information, the Vintage Futbol team was ablewas already familiar with SurveyMonkey, an inexpensive, to focus on specific questions about potential design ideasflexible tool and had set up to figure out which logos, colors, and styles their target “We couldn’t afford audience preferred. Additionally, they were able to geta survey that asked specificquestions about the design to pay thousands of answers to the following market research questions aboutof their product. After a few dollars to an agency this particular consumer group:rounds of edits, they were for research, so when What makes a brand special enough to pay a premiumready to start distributing we discovered Survey- for branded clothing?the survey: first, amongstthemselves, then to friends Monkey Audience, we Which of Vintage Futbol’s design concepts resonatedand family, and finally to old knew it was exactly with teenagers, young adults, males, females?schoolmates, on facebook, what we needed.” Which “premium lifestyle brands” are most identifiableTwitter and other sources. and how can Vintage Futbol learn from them? Where should Vintage Futbol price its products—does too low a price undermine the goal of being a “premium brand”? Does too high a price give a false impression of pretension? to purchase or learn more, please contact: audience@surveymonkey.com | Online Form | www.surveymonkey.com Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 2
  3. 3. STArTup CASe STudy: VinTAGe FuTbolin a matter of hours, the Vintage Futbol survey was sent out Additionally, most respondents ranked material and priceto respondents whose characteristics matched the company’s as “very important” factors while design was labeledtarget market. Rather than just sending the survey to their “extremely important”.personal contacts, SurveyMonkey Audience allowed the teamto poll a much larger group—all of whom provided honestfeedback and critical insights about the product.Survey Results—what will thedata tell us?Within seven days, Vintage Futbol’s survey had over300 responses. In addition to getting demographic detailsabout their audience, the team also learned some importantinformation about their market’s purchasing habits. Forinstance, the majority answered the most they had ever paid Given the importance of design for the respondents, the mostfor a t-shirt was between $25-$29—a factor Vintage Futbol valuable data came in the form of direct feedback on theirtook into account when establishing pricing for potential product line. The overwhelming favorite was thetheir collection. grey “City of God” t-shirt which the Vintage Futbol team has reported to be their best selling product. The SurveyMonkey Audience Advantage After analyzing the data collected through SurveyMonkey Audience, Vintage Futbol was able to make strategic conclusions across various areas of its business— how to merchandise and offer its products, where to price Survey results can be easily its offerings, which designs to go to market with first and exported into an excel file. which demographics may represent their most successful early adopters. With original research to back up their business decisions, the team launched their first line with confidence and, of course, style. to purchase or learn more, please contact: audience@surveymonkey.com | Online Form | www.surveymonkey.com Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 3
  4. 4. STArTup CASe STudy: VinTAGe FuTbolQuick Facts: Vintage FutbolThe startup: “Vintage Futbol (VF) is an up and cominglifestyle brand inspired by the game of Futbol (soccer) andits classic and timeless nature.”The problem: “We had mocked up a number of differentshirt designs and we really needed to get some feedback frompeople who didn’t know us or our product. We wanted to geta general idea of how much people were spending on t-shirts,where they’re shopping, and get their thoughts on our designs.Sometimes it’s tough to know if your friends will give you anhonest answer regarding design work because they don’twant to criticize the products. Getting hundreds of unbiasedresponses was critical to determining designs and pricing.” Starting a new business is hard work.The solution: “We got in touch with SurveyMonkey Let SurveyMonkey Audience help. We’re VINTAGE FUTBOL SUMMER 2011 LOOKBOOK VINTAGE-FUTBOL.COMAudience and with the survey tool’s easy interface we had set here to make sure you gather the dataup our survey in a few hours. We loved seeing responses flowin from hundreds anonymous respondents. The survey results and insights you need to make importantseemed to be almost instant. We started getting feedback the decisions—quickly and affordably.night after it was launched and had the majority of responseswithin 2 to 3 days.” Contact your SurveyMonkey Audience account manager to get started today atThe results: It was very important for us to see which audience@surveymonkey.comshirts people liked the best and which ones weren’t viewed asfavorably. This helped us decide how many of each shirt design Tell us a little bit about yourself by filling outto order, saving us money on unnecessary inventory. Also,we weren’t sure how many people have spent at least $25 or our online form:more on a shirt (our price range), so it was encouraging to seethat 58% of the responders had spent over $25 on a shirt Get Started nowthey liked.To get Vintage Futbol gear today, visit vintage-futbol.com “We will definitely use SurveyMonkey Audience in the future, especially to market-test new designs.” to purchase or learn more, please contact: audience@surveymonkey.com | Online Form | www.surveymonkey.com Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 4