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Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers are an Institution. I have looked at their work in thus slideshare.

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Warner Brothers

  1. 1. • Warner Bros are an institution that make and produces film, television and music entertainment. The company was founded in America in 1923. Since the company started, they have made and distributed many films. The highest grossed film was Dark Knight in 2008 which received $534,967,647 from box office. • Warner Bros also own, Warner Bro Studios, Rock steady Games, DC comics and a few more.
  2. 2. • Warner bros are also a distribution company which have a role of determine the release date of the specific piece of media. They also present the film to the exhibitor. • Warner Bros also interact with their fans. Therefore they invited fans to follow a case of clues around the internet. To extend their interaction they made an event where they company displayed the Batman symbol on the side of a skyscraper.
  3. 3. • An institution is an ‘organisation or company, public or privately owned that produces and/or distributes media products.’ • The institution Warner Bros also distribute and produce big budget films. One example is the Harry Potter Films.