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Cross dept collaboration a

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Cross dept collaboration a

  1. 1. Intergovernmental, CrossIntergovernmental, Cross Departmental and InterdepartmentalDepartmental and Interdepartmental Initiatives and ProgramsInitiatives and Programs RMC & Associates Robert (Mike) Campbell Copyright Robert M.. Campbell
  2. 2. Intergovernmental, Cross DepartmentIntergovernmental, Cross Department and Interdepartmental Initiativesand Interdepartmental Initiatives  Wastewater Consolidation  University  Northside  Castle Street  Small & Minority Business Program  Downtown Solid Waste
  3. 3. BenefitsBenefits  Improved customer focus and orientation  Better and more efficient interdepartmental communication  Better understanding of department functions and resources  Community Awareness of City programs and staff capabilities  Time and energy savings in developing an interactive process with citizens and staffFOR MORE INFO... List location or contact for specification (or other related documents) here Copyright RMC & Associates
  4. 4. The process encourages problemThe process encourages problem solving and resultssolving and results  Key action items are mutually agreed upon by the committee  Action items are categorized for responsibility, action and timeframe  Reporting process to citizen organization as action items are accomplished  Chart (next slide is Castle St. example) is developed to assist in reporting and status of action item.
  5. 5. Requested ImprovementsRequested Improvements Responsible Party Action Status Castle Street Antique District Community Awareness NCSBA w City assistance- promotion NCSBA – City and GTV Lead Person(s): Dewey Harris a)Ongoing in early fall or winter b) Research Antique Week or PP Month for City Resolution Sidewalks & Public Trash Container Pub.Services has inspected sidewalks More frequent trash pick-up Lead Person: Richard King/City a) Sidewalk inspection CC b) Ongoing w/trash pick-up more frequent PP Signage Pub.Services will assess signage on NCDOT roads Lead Person: Nina Johnston 5th St. is not DOT – 12x8 sign White or Brown can be Installed in median PP Wave Transit Marketing Com. and Route Com. For Trolley Lead Person: Albert Ebby Route Committee and Marketing Com. will consider PP Alternatives in the future Landscaping Pub. Services and City Lead Person(s): Richard King/City And Nina Johnston/City Set up Subcommittee for Landscape PP Planters, 3rd , 5th , 16th and 17th PP Christmas Lights Community Services Lead Person: Gary Shell/City Funding for decorations and Lights will be determined PP Flags/Banners on CP&L Light Poles Progress Energy permission on light poles – Lead Person: Gary Shell/City Ongoing PP Arch/Gateway Pub. Services Require further research and Consideration PP Lighting City and NCBA Meets current level of service C
  6. 6. Team/ResourcesTeam/Resources State assumptions about resources allocated to this project – People – Equipment – Locations – Support & outside services – Manufacturing – Sales
  7. 7. ProceduresProcedures Highlight any procedural differences from regular projects of this type Discuss requirements, benefits, and issues of using new procedures FOR MORE INFO... List location or contact for procedures document (or other related documents) here
  8. 8. ScheduleSchedule Review high-level schedule milestones here FOR MORE INFO... List location or contact for detailed schedule (or other related documents) here Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Sep Oct Nov Dec Phase 1Phase 1 Phase 2Phase 2 Phase 3Phase 3