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Wp1 - LTU - Centre of Excellence for Space - Olle Persson

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Olle Persson, head of work package 1, establishing a centre of excellence around space research and industry, gives a presentation on the different research subjects with the strongest connection to the space industry.

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Wp1 - LTU - Centre of Excellence for Space - Olle Persson

  1. 1. Centre of Excellence • Networking • Finding funding • Support • Operational 2018 • All about you
  2. 2. Strong position within space • Several space actors in Space campus. • Relevant actors in the immediate area. • Two strong research groups. • Beneficial geographical location. • Well-renowned programs in space technology / science. • Engaged students and high search pressure. • Space Research School. • Great potential - One of LTU's signum!
  3. 3. Space research at LTU Space campus Space Technology Prof. Reza Emami A FU lab for small satellites and systems for rockets and balloons Own production of prototypes Test and development Ground station for satellite control and data reception Atmospheric Science Prof. Javier Martín-Torres HABIT – ExoMars 2020 Remote analysis and climate research using satellites, balloons and rovers. Earth's atmosphere & climate. The interaction of the Sun- Earth Meteorology on Mars exoplanets
  4. 4. Space-related research at LTU Material science Prof. Marta-Lena Antti Material properties and microstructures New and promising manufacturing methods Reduces manufacturing costs Less material - lower weight - cheaper Increased performance through optimum design capabilities Environmentally friendly manufacturing method Product innovation Prof. Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck Innovation in the space industry A multidisciplinary area within the product development process: manufacturers, sub-suppliers, universities and end users. New manufacturing methods Challenge "old thinking" Combine optimal design with the most suitable material
  5. 5. Space-related research at LTU Industrial electronics Prof. Jerker Delsing Networking Electronics & Integrated Systems Sensor system, Electronics design, Embedded EMC, Electronics production and EIS architecture. Navigation systems for cars, trucks and wheelchairs, advanced car testing technology, new sensor and control systems for the process industry and development of new technology for automation Automatic Control Prof. Thomas Gustafsson Automatic System to control systems to behave in the desired way, for example Autopilots for space crafts, aircraft and boats, climate control in buildings and vehicles, telecommunications for interference-free transmission and processing industries.
  6. 6. Space-related research at LTU Fluid Mechanics Prof. Staffan Lundström Flow in porous material, multi-phase flow, flow with free surface and non-stationary flow. Experimental, analytical and numerical methods. Research in the hydropower industry, mining and steel industry as well as in areas such as composite manufacturing, health, flow of fat and filter technology. Distributed computer system Prof. Christer Åhlund Data processing and computer communications Sensor technology in clothing, buildings, cars and handheld devices such as smartphones and laptops. Provides transparent computer support by technologists as well as user-conscious use of computer technology.
  7. 7. Cofinancing by Partners Operated by