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Digital Marketing Complete tutorial

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Digital Marketing Complete tutorial

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING PROPOSAL Bridging the gap between being online & getting online success
  2. 2. We have presented the most important discussion points in this proposal. For further queries, please let us know and we will provide the details during the call. "Thank you for believing in us and for giving us a chance to present the first level opportunity proposal for your business”
  3. 3. Training HP’s In-House Marketing Team • Our CEO, Mr. Aji Isaac, a leading Digital Marketing Consultant in India, has given training to team of digital marketing professionals in HP India, Bangalore. • Training lasts for 7 days of time, on which he covers major aspects of Digital Marketing including PPC Advertising, SEO, Social Media and much more. • Want to see the pics, click on the following link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1015283
  4. 4. 1. Summary – Synopsis of the presentation 2. Campaign Ideas 3. Top Goals 4. Recommended Marketing Channels & Details 5. How to move ahead & details 6. Trusted partners: Techshu Your Right Digital Marketing Partner
  5. 5. Having a brand in personal name, always have more advantages. What we can see is, people may look for this kind of products but if interrupted in between, they will convert. Target Audience includes : •High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) •Art Lovers •Architects •Interior Designers •Builders – can be the influencers in reaching out to target audience Technology Used : Magento Business Goals : Increasing Visibility We are focusing on getting more leads as well as increasing the awareness of the product among the target audience
  6. 6. Its important to understand the online scalability for any business. Every business gets success from 3 mediums: Mediums Description Note: Paid Mediums (Pay X and Get Y Sales) Where we spend money, get visitors and convert them to sales. It helps in introducing the business to consumers which helps in organic and brand growth. Quick to start Cost per lead is expensive Must for initial months, later paid medium is to grow organic and brand channels. Organic Mediums Where the business grows the base and it leads to people knowing the business organically like Search Engine ranking, Social Media, Email list etc. Takes time to grow. In long run cost per lead is very low. Initial months are investment. Brand Mediums People search the brand or visit the website directly, they share the business name with their friends. Business is considered among top 5 top service providers. Very difficult to reach top 5 spot, multi dimension act is needed, from product quality to service rating. Once reached, the business can charge premium.
  7. 7. Target Audience can fall under two groups namely, Group 1 & Group 2 Our Recommended Channels for Increase in Visibility are : •Paid Medium : PPC Advertising – To reach people on Group 1 & 2 •Owned Medium : Search Engine Optimization – To reach people 1 •Owned Medium : Integrated Social Media – To reach people on Group 1 •Earned Medium : Frequent Press Releases and Innovative Ad Campaigns can leverage this medium, which pays high dividend but needs huge time and investment Social Media plays important role in terms of visibility. Since everyone loves to share and comment on good images, this behavior can be leveraged to align with our business goals.
  8. 8. 1. Vandeep Kalra’s Unique Selling Point (USP) will be around Creativity who are interested in luxury. 2. Our initial marketing campaigns will be focused towards this Unique Selling Point(USP). Why people should prefer Vandeep kalra? The answers to the above question, gives the unique difference of our services to our customers. And this is where our initial marketing campaigns will be focused on.
  9. 9. 1. Why You Need to Own a Home? - A Promotion helps in getting people who have own homes as well as he needs to own a home. These people have a higher probability to get converted.
  10. 10. 2. Show how you can support Kolkata ISL Football Team - This is a Viral Campaign used only during major local events like during IPL seasons. Helps attracts large number of demographic audience to increase the visibility. Kolkata has huge football fan base and soon ISL Football will start. This campaign is focused on how they can support the team “Atlético de Kolkata” – an Indian Professional Football Team – The outcome of the campaign is great virality
  11. 11. These are just sample campaign and running these type of campaigns, opens doors to target the interested customers through another suitable marketing channels like through Email Newsletters or remarketing within the Facebook itself. See How we have increased FanBase from 0 to 5,00,000+ fans. Read More about, how we achieve Success for Linen Club here - http://www.techshu.com/marketing-case-study/smm/linen-club
  12. 12. See How we have increased FanBase from 0 to 5,00,000+ fans. Read More about, how we achieve Success for Linen Club, follow the link - http://www.techshu.com/marketing-case-study/smm/linen-club
  13. 13. Techshu’s USP: Techshu Strategy HUB We have a senior strategic team that sits together to come up with right campaigns and End 2 End Strategy. Within first 21 days, Techshu Strategy HUB will come up with some amazing Final Viral Campaigns. Mentors and heads from Technology, Design, Social Media, PPC, SEO, R&D & other departments forms the “Techshu Strategy Hub”
  14. 14. How finely we target audiences for our customers? •Men/Women above 35+ years of age •Speaks Bengali and who likes Startup funding and interested in Investing •Who are reading Luxury art related content and resides in Kolkata •Who are attending art related exhibitions and lives in India •And people who liked your Competitor’s Facebook Page 
  15. 15. Targeting HNIs possible ways : •Targeting NRI Associations and Clubs all the world around to create awareness about the business • Specifically, focusing Bengali Associations world-wide can be the ke to success (We can see around 25+ organizations world-wide) • Targeting through Interest and Behavior : People who likes Art and Painting and speaks Bengali can be targeted easily and can be interrupted with our company’s USP • Targeting people who reads top notch business related websites like businessinsider.com and lives in Kolkata
  16. 16. What We see from Traffic Engagement Analysis is the Bounce Rate is too low for your website, which is a good sign for engagement with audience. With Small Push in Digital Marketing we guide you to the next level of the business. Brief Competitor Analysis is attached in upcoming pages
  17. 17. After analysis of your business, we suggest: •Few changes needed on the websites to make it search engine friendly •Integration of Social Media Channels seamlessly like adding sharing buttons on mouse-hovering with images itself.
  18. 18. Some quick aspects needs attention: 1) Website homepage needs to be with Clear Messaging about what are the services we are offering. (We like the way it is, but adding this can enhance it too) 2) Since website is relied on Images, adding proper alt tag can make huge difference 3) Authorship Implementation can increase your personal visibility. & more.
  19. 19. • Videos can perform better on Social Media • Story Telling can help better in Social Media as well as Brand Building through PR • Engaging Social Apps can increase the virality by over 400% easily rather than posting Pictures only.
  20. 20. Validate your Business Idea Create an Experimental Plan of Action Be your Digital Marketing Companion 1. 2. 3.
  21. 21. We understand the business first, analyze it and then we suggest the Right Digital Mix as it is the key to Success.
  22. 22. Our Goals:
  23. 23. 1 Dec Phase III Phase II Phase I Phase by Phase plan:Our Steps To Reach SUCCESS
  24. 24. What we will do:
  25. 25. Our activities to reach "SUCCESS" : LEVELS Right Digital Mix is the key to Success TG – Target Audience
  26. 26. The real value is when visitors convert to sales. There are 4 steps to it: • Make RIGHT people (TG) aware of your offerings • Help them consider you. (Usability) • Help them make a decision in favor of you. (CRO, Conversion rate optimization) • Engage for loyalty, referrals and organic growth.
  27. 27. Market Analysis
  28. 28. There are 2 types of markets available: For this project, both markets are high, search market is always more expensive compare to “TG on web”. This products can be pushed for impulse buying, so we will target both to reduce cost.
  29. 29. A high search market is available which is moderately competitive as well. So, we lots of opportunities We work in a different way when it comes to ranking. We select keyword groups and keep progressing. We are one of the pioneers in keyword analysis http://www.keywordresearchteam.com/. We will be doing a detailed keyword analysis in discussion with client's team. http://www.techshu.com/services/seo/seo-audit/how-google-ranks-websites
  30. 30. Competitor Analysis
  31. 31. For initial proposal, we took Keyword Level Competitors for “mosaic art” 1.Sicis.com 2.Artaic.com 3.Newravenna.com 4.Buyartmosaic.com Since, we didn’t receive the competitor list. We have assumed the list as per the industry practice
  32. 32. 1. Competitors are using Search Channel more, esp. Organic Medium 2. Competitors have used Banner Advertising too but not to a great extent 3. We are seeing huge opportunities in terms of Social Media 4. Adding Mobile App can increase the engagement – This can be a long term goal to achieve. 5. Rather than showing as Artist in Facebook page, showing as a company may help to fetch big clientele
  33. 33. Recommended Channels & How will it help to build trust within your targeted consumers: STRATEGIES AND APPROACH
  34. 34. No of pages and high quality backlinks are great influencers for search engine rankings. All of the competitors are creating good #no of content. Different marketing channels such as email, display ads, paid search ads, social, and direct visits to your website influence the customer at different points in the path to purchase. For this project it is important to engage the TG from all the directions by using all the mentioned channels. It is important to go for the right Digital Mix as without it any business can lag behind from SUCCESS.
  35. 35. No of pages and high quality backlinks are great influencers for search engine rankings. All of the competitors are creating good #no of content. Check out whether each channel plays more of an “assist” or “last interaction” role in the image shown below particularly for your kind of business.
  36. 36. No of pages and high quality backlinks are great influencers for search engine rankings. All of the competitors are creating good #no of content. Different marketing channels: Right Digital Marketing Mix selection is the key to success.
  37. 37. Approach for channel selection
  38. 38. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ACTIVITIES Get the basics of SEO done and invest on right keyword groups, do a competitor analysis to see how difficult it will be to penetrate the market. Build a strategy for short term and long term. Main SEO activities are: • Keyword analysis and selecting right to get the target audience right in the landing page • Make website SEO friendly (We do a 24 parameter check and implementation) • Adding content to win the target keyword group • Adding links using competitors common links and innovations • Adding right signals like improving bounce rate, pages per view, social engagement etc.
  39. 39. SEO: Caution We see a great deal of work needed in terms of search engine optimization.
  40. 40. SEO: Caution We see a great deal of work needed in terms of search engine optimization. A lot of improvement is possible from SEO perspective
  41. 41. • Step 1: SET-UP Task and Implementation. • Step 2: SEO Audit. • Step 3: Keyword Analysis & keyword to page assignment. • Stage 4: On-Page Activities, website content. • Stage 5: OFF-Page Recommendation. WHAT WE DO Progressive Approach for SEO
  42. 42. • Google & Bing Webmaster Account creation & basic setup- Helps in tracking how it is going with Bing. • A detailed draft outlining the technical issues that may be addressed so as to make the website infrastructure perfect. • Implementation of all technical suggestions made in the set up task document. Deliverables Progressive Approach for SEO
  43. 43. • 72 Parameter Check document - A detailed analysis of the 72 parameters would be done to make the Website technically sound from the SEO perspective. • 72 Parameter Implementation - All technical implementations from the 72 parameter check recommendation document as required. Deliverables Progressive Approach for SEO
  44. 44. • Keyword Discovery- We would be doing a detailed Keyword dimension & attribute analysis to find out the basic focused clusters of keywords • Keyword Analysis - Analyzing & making the Focused list of keywords. Look at search volumes, competition & current rankings in the SERPs. • Focus on keywords which client will suggest. • Assigning target URLs with respect to cluster of key-phrases Deliverables Progressive Approach for SEO
  45. 45. • Detailed on-page recommendation will be made for the Home Page. • Structural on-page recommendations for the-'category' pages and sub-category pages Deliverables Progressive Approach for SEO
  46. 46. • Listing on different blogs where people are looking for latest such updates & trends along with listing on top Business listing sites. • Forum participation. • Press release • Article submissions • Authorized and genuine backlinks with good PR • Minimum within the site Deliverables Progressive Approach for SEO
  47. 47. Major activities under SEO, we do very structured work: Progressive Approach for SEO
  48. 48. ACTIVITIES Paid Ads: There are 3 types of paid ads possible, we do all 3 to see the best returns. Products/services which are more impulse buying, profile and contextual targeting works great. Target Group Search Intent Profile Targeting Contextual Targeting Also we will look at innovative ads to enter market at lower cost like mobile ads for apps etc. AGGRESSIVE PPC (Google Ads)
  49. 49. ACTIVITIES • Paid Ads on search engine for different search queries (along with landing pages for better conversions). This is to target the people who are searching for similar programs. • Contextual ads - Paid Ads on different websites. When people are reading some relevant websites, we can target them. • Paid Ads on social media and other profile targeting websites. Where we target people based on their profile. AGGRESSIVE PPC (Google Ads)
  50. 50. ACTIVITIES We also do a re-targeting ad (people who visited our website once will see our ads again and again on different websites) This helps in creating loyal and more excited customers, helps immensely in branding. People don’t buy in one engagement, people needed to see us over 5 times to even consider us. AGGRESSIVE PPC (Google Ads)
  51. 51. • Keyword research/mining • Historical campaign analysis • Campaign/account restructure (if necessary) • New campaign/ad group structure design Iterative ad testing and campaign optimization • Ongoing campaign analysis to determine what’s working/what to cut, demographic profiles and day parting/geo parting • Creative (image+copy) • Retargeting (banner + FBX) • Competitor research • Ongoing A/B testing of ads/creative • Landing page consultation What We do Aggressive Approach for PPC (Google ads)
  52. 52. • Bi-weekly high level overview of important stats • Monthly report detailing campaign highlights and next steps • Ongoing campaign optimization • Daily tracking • Ongoing bid optimization • Routinely evaluate new markets/ mediums for expression Deliverables Aggressive Approach for PPC (Google ads)
  53. 53. Major activities under PPC: Aggressive Approach for PPC (Google ads)
  54. 54. INTEGRATED SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITIES Get social media integrated and a plan for social media. • We understand competitors (like what is working for them, how they are doing, learn quickly from their fans). • Get the visitors from social media to check out the offerings, News, testimonials, reviews and more.. • Use creative and action oriented landing pages in social media (especially in FB) to get more likes, comments and referrals. If done right, it can give huge returns
  55. 55. Social media status updates is one of the major social media activities, we have a structured approach to it. Our social media team, senior mentor and project owner (the person responsible for the project success at Techshu) sit together to decide for: • Layers - We call it layer peeling, where we understand the layers (broader topics) which are attractive for our TG (Target Group). • We then select 3 to 6 topics for a month • We then distribute post types and days • We decide on number of posts per day (Every Project needs a different frequency) • We then put an editorial calendar with post for clients review • We schedule the post for every week (We keep 80% fixed and 20% variable to accommodate some sudden but needed posts like company news, event updates etc.) • We make sure it is integrated well without business goals. • Also we advertise for researched content. How we plan the posts/updates
  56. 56. • Audience Growth Management • Social Analytics and Reporting • Influencer Outreach and Engagement • Social Monitoring • Progress and Opportunity Analysis • Expansion of Social Presence • Social Conversion Analysis • Social Conversion Strategy What We do Integrated Approach for Social Media
  57. 57. Deliverables • Initial Social Media Audit • Audience Research • Social Testing • Competitor Analysis • Opportunity Analysis • Strategy Outline • Project Roadmap • Tactics and KPI Timeline • Account Optimization • Engagement and Reach Optimization • Social Ad Management a. Demographic and Interest Targeting b. Promoting Original Content c. Increase Audience Size Integrated Approach for Social Media
  58. 58. Major activities under SMO: Integrated Approach for Social Media
  59. 59. Why Local marketing is very important? Google Places Optimization • Targeting people who reside in Kolkata, will be easy if we implement this technique. Statistics on why Local SEO is important for your business : 1. 97% of the Internet users use online media to find local products or services. 2. 85% of Smartphone users search for local information and 81% take action as a result (calling the business or ordering) making it extremely important to not only optimize your website according to the geographical locations that you serve, but also having up-to-date information on your website.
  60. 60. ACTIVITIES Get GPO integrated and a plan for GPO. • To rank in different towns we need to create different pages with different adddress for each towns. • Page verification with client participation. • Citation and setup of Google Listing and Website page, Url. • Business Listing & citation consistency report. • Brand name protection or classified ads ( Classified ads for website holder & If the client has no web site then do the both). • Local Blog links creation and posting. • Google plus posts share. • Schema creation. If done right, it can give huge returns Google Places Optimization
  61. 61. Google Places Optimization
  63. 63. EMAIL MARKETING Activities • Getting people to sign up for email newsletter and reaching out with guides and offers. • Promoting guides for downloads and capturing emails. • Partnering with related communities for email introductions. (This can be key to App marketing) Emails are still powerful way to reach the target audience quickly. We also get to know how many people are browsing from mobile and introduce app related emails more.
  64. 64. EXPECTED DELIVERABLES - EMAIL MARKETING •Delivery rate: Around 80% (Reaches 75% in the inbox) [Since it is bulk and already a lot of emails are sent, this can be better confirmed after sending the first lot] •Open rate: Around 3% to 5% •Click Rate: Around 2% clicks •Conversion on website: We shall enable tracking to see how the website is Converting. •Our mail Goal: To improve Click rate and open rate by optimizing the email (At a later stage we can also help in improving the conversation rate by improving the landing pages and the message in the landing pages)
  66. 66. FACEBOOK & EMAIL MARKETING • Keeping the customers engaging in social media plays a vital role in Brand Building & Brand Recall • With Facebook Ad Platforms, namely Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Exchange, we can target specific people easily. • With customized Facebook Applications, we can keep our users more engaging within our page, which enhances our common goal, Brand Awareness
  68. 68. Remarketing is a way to stay engaged with your target audience who visited the website / mobile application / Video Channel once, by presenting relevant Ads and offers across the web, making sure the brand remains to the top of their mind when they are ready to buy any product or services. If we have a broad remarketing strategy, like the following it will enhance the brand awareness as well as lead conversions. REMARKETING
  69. 69. REMARKETING Remarketing is a way to stay engaged with your target audience who visited the website, by presenting relevant Ads and offers across the web, making sure the brand remains to the top of their mind when they are ready to buy any product or services. For Vandeep kalra if we have a broad remarketing strategy, like the following it will enhance the brand awareness as well as lead conversions.
  70. 70.  Now Remarketing gets a new definition with Facebook Exchange  Partnering with a Demand Side Platform like Adroll, we can target people easily like people, who have visited your website, can see your ads within Facebook.com, the next instant.  This keeps the close tail of wherever our customers are going. REMARKETING
  71. 71. REMARKETING Why Remarketing + How it will help for VANDEEP KALRA: Remarketing is a way to stay engaged with your target audience who visited the website once by presenting more relevant Ads and offers across the web, making sure the brand remains to the top of their mind when they are ready to buy any product or services.
  72. 72. Marketing channels that we will be working on in initial phase: Channels Details Adroll (Primary) Adroll platform is pretty advanced and is mainly known for retargeting, also known as remarketing. For display retargeting adroll works the best. Google Adwords (Secondary) AdWords remarketing is not as advanced as Adroll but it gives you option to remarket your brand in search market as well which is not possible in Adroll.
  73. 73. Retargeting by Adroll: Activity & Timeline Activities for Retargeting • Account creation • Basic set up • Tracking • Ad drafting and design • Campaign, ad creation • Day to day management • Optimization Timeline • Account creation – 1 day • Basic Set up – 1 week • Tracking – 1 week • Ad drafting and design – 1 week • Campaign & ad creation – 1 week • Day to day management (creating new ads, managing leads) – Recurring work • Optimization – Shall start after one month and it is also a recurring work
  74. 74. Activities We will be using a mix of forum introductions, Blog Marketing, guide marketing, and content marketing. The key is integrated and right mix of marketing channels. We will integrate email, market place listing, community engagement, and guides to improve returns per visitor. OTHER CHANNELS
  75. 75. Activities We will analyse the area where we can win over the competitors. Often they miss mobile or social innovations. We will guide you to achieve it. Major contributor to FB growth is its innovative mobile ads. Very effective. INNOVATIVE
  76. 76. We can stretch to provide end to end support: • Creative Design Services (Limited help for print) • Web development • Mobile development • Data Entry work • And other support through our local partners at cost effective way. Our Goal is to ensure our partnership is a strong WIN-WIN. END TO END SUPPORT
  77. 77. We are 100% ROI focused partners, we focus on results and for accountability we have follow activities along with number reviews: • Monthly/Weekly detailed reporting and calls. • Interaction via email to have business information and marketing related assistance. ACCOUNTABILITY
  78. 78. We have suggested you 3 budgets, but you can suggest your own budget too. To ensure success, we need certain minimum hours every month. It is recommended to go for a Balanced Package in the initial months, as we need to do all the set-up tasks and bringing the project on track. Basic Package: Monthly Fees: 35000 INR + service tax Separate Ads Budget: 10000 INR Hours of Work: We will invest 45 – 50 hours to push the mentioned channels towards achieving the business goals. Balanced Package: Monthly Fees: 65000 INR + service tax Separate Ads Budget: 25000 INR Hours of Work: We will invest 90 – 100 hours to push the mentioned channels towards achieving the business goals. Aggressive Package: Monthly Fees: 95000 INR + service tax Separate Ads Budget: 45000 INR Hours of Work: We will invest 135 - 145 hours to push the mentioned channels towards achieving the business goals. WIN – WIN COSTING
  79. 79. ACCOUNTABILITY This is just an example on how we calculate ROI Total monthly cost (Ads + Consultancy) $5000 Visitors by Paid Medium 2000 approx Visitors through Organic Medium (Generally we calculate 6 times of it as the dividends lasts for 6 months) 1000 approx Conversion % 1% for organic, 2% for paid (so total conversion 50) Profit per user in one year (say a user will buy 2 times a year then the value of the user multiplied by 2) $80 Profit earned / month: $5000 – ($80*50) = $1000 This is just an example, we try to breakeven asap, in 3 to 5 months, established business can start profit faster compare to new businesses. Our goal will be use the right sustainable channels to push sales at right cost per lead.
  80. 80. NEXT STEP
  81. 81. Digital Marketing is one of the BEST investments with very high returns but it comes with a risk. RISK – RETURN EQUATION
  82. 82. As a company we focus on adding real value. A company gets 3 returns from our work: 1. Immediate sales (Paid ads, Email, SMO, cashing on existing strength, market place listing etc) 2. Long lasting sales at lower cost (Organic growth with SEO, Social Media, Community etc) 3. Branding (Direct visitors, natural referrals, premium worthy perception etc) Value Short term Paid Ads Others: Emails, SMO etc Long term Organic Growth Branding CHANNEL SELECTION
  83. 83. We add value in terms of: • Making website SEO friendly (Search Engine ranking friendly) • Get different paid sales channels started like PPC on search, display, FB, Bing etc. • Integrating all channels together market place listing, social media, email marketing, affiliates etc. • Creating value add which will bring back the visitor like creating informative guides, communities for discussions, mobile apps etc. In short a complete digital marketing mix to help your business grow. BREAK - EVEN ASAP
  84. 84. About our marketing style We get the messaging right (why people should consider you), we make the actions easy (usability), we use the right channels (to reach to the right Target Group) and come up with the right mix to reduce the cost per action. We integrate web, social and mobile. “Principles of marketing never change, we focus on Principles of digital marketing.”
  85. 85. About us “Pioneers in Right Digital Marketing Mix and one of the most knowledgeable digital marketing companies in the world. We believe if you are not doing a 360 degree digital marketing analysis and choosing the right mix, you are not utilizing the best of digital marketing.” http://www.techshu.com/usp “Right marketing partner is a solution in itself” TECHSHU – YOUR RIGHT DIGITAL MARKETING PARTNER
  86. 86. 1. We understand your business goals & current challenges. 2. We analyse the markets (search & TG on web), competitors 3. We put the digital mix (90% problem and solution is here, selecting the right mix, right channels) 4. We then put right messaging framework, goals/targets, budget for each channel 5. We put in a team to execute and follow. We support you in your business goals, the real business goals using right digital mix! How we create digital success
  87. 87. We are Google and Bing Certified, Google partners, direct relationship with Facebook, working on a new partnership with Google+. Digital Marketing Associations
  88. 88. CEO’s Promise “Before starting Techshu, I created many amazing web stories, headed few companies, created multi millions of sales through digital marketing for our own products. Digital marketing client service sector is way behind in all dimensions. We are here to change that, not an easy task, we are doing our best to improve it at all levels. I work on getting the right team, process and selecting right mix for our clients. Our process are unique, best in class and focused towards ROI. I promise ROI, real returns that helps your business grow. “Shu means reciprocity. Do to others as you want to do it for yourself. We are here to change the digital marketing industry for good. Making it scalable, make it more predictable, make it more accountable and make it more affordable” http://www.techshu.com/about/what-does-techshu-mean Aji Issac, co-founder & CEO One of the pioneers in Digital marketing Senior member of WMW, Moz since 2003 http://www.linkedin.com/in/ajinimc
  89. 89. We contributed to 1000+ clients, from one-man start-ups to the top brands. Some of them are as follows http://www.techshu.com/testimonials
  90. 90. “We believe in creating great ROI with digital mix.” For a Pre-School Product targeting parents and teachers. FB ads created great return here.” Client’s testimonial (One of the largest publishing houses, from the Times group): "Quite a few things to be excited about: Our website had 11,105 visitors in August - up from the previous average of 3,000 a month! 60% visitors are now coming through the search engines - compared to only 17% in the past! Over 600 leads were collected in August. All the conversion rates are as good as, or even better than, referrals! During May to Aug, a total of 4427 units have been sold from the online leads! That's at least USD133k in retail value!”
  91. 91. Over 700% traffic improvement Through innovative structural SEO in less than 6 months. Organic Growth is much desired for sustainable growth (lower the cost per lead). “We believe in creating great ROI with digital mix.” For a travel agent business. SEO (Search Engine Ranking) created great return here.”
  92. 92. Some other examples: 1.Linen Club – Social Media buzz, Google Maps (huge). 2.Koimoi – From 40k to 120k in 2 months, now over millions. 3.ABP (Ebela) – Fan base increase to 70k in March, engagement to 15%. (We achieved & now we are getting other brands in). 4.Venketesh – We doing something very special for them to win the market. 5.Dynamic Levels – Display ads on moneycontrol through Google display. & many such examples where right mix is the key.
  93. 93. Other way of putting it will be: 1.Sales through Paid Media (Ads) – Easy & Quick 2.Growth through Owned Media (Organic Growth) 3.Dominance through Earned Media (Branding)
  94. 94. Organic growth & branding pay high dividends. The features should enable organic growth & branding. Features like: 1.Search Engine growth features like content, redirection 2.Social Share & Social Connect features 3.More call to the actions like guides etc. 4.Community integration 5.Referral options etc.
  95. 95. Client Success Team: An Agency can guide you to digital success with right mix, lets discuss more. Sanjeeb Kr. Panda Sr. Client Success Manager Ph.: +91 9831691800 Email: sanjeeb@techshu.com Skype: sanjeeb_kumar_panda