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2016-10-13 LinkedIn Optimization for Nonprofits

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2016-10-13 LinkedIn Optimization for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Thrive. Grow. Achieve. LinkedIn for Nonprofits – Optimizing LinkedIn to Attract Donors, Contributors, Board Members, Share Your Vision and Drive Visibility Kelly T. Leonard, CEO, Taylor-Leonard Corporation October 13, 2016
  2. 2. Presented by: Kelly Leonard © 2016 by Taylor-Leonard Corporation. Any use of this document including reproduction, modification, distribution, and republication without prior written consent of Taylor-Leonard Corporation is strictly prohibited. Optimizing LinkedIn for Organizational Success
  3. 3. 3 • Your Name & Title • Organization Name • LinkedIn Familiarity [scale of 1 to 10] • One goal, burning question, or challenge
  4. 4. Noise! Noise! Noise! 4
  5. 5. “Model Someone Who’s Already Successful ... Because Success Leaves Clues.” Tony Robbins, Author 5 + =
  6. 6. Kelly Leonard, CEO • Launched BoostMyLinkedIn. ~5,000 first level connections with 6-10 daily inquiries for opportunities. • Generated $500,000+ revenue within 1st 24-month period of implementing repeatable LinkedIn strategy. Trained 5,000+ individuals. Partial Client List
  7. 7. You CAN Do It, Too! 7
  8. 8. FREE Gifts for YOU! 8 Stay Tuned!
  9. 9. Today’s Objectives – You Will Learn  Discover the relevance of social media/LinkedIn for non-profit organizations  Learn how organizations are adapting to social media/digital technology  Understand the importance of being A.L.I.V.ETM  Explore the best practices for non-profit leaders and business professionals to get the most from LinkedIn  Learn strategies to effectively use LinkedIn to build relationships with potential donors, supporters, volunteers, etc. 9
  10. 10. The Good News Is … 90% of questions you have about social media are not in fact social media questions, they’re actually networking / relationship development questions! 10 Social media technology allows people to talk about brands with unprecedented speed and volume… WARNING! WARNING! Watch what you “say”!
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Top Challenges?  Poorly Defined Strategy  Lack of Time  Inability to Measure Value / ROI  Difficulty Integrating Social Media with Other Business Activities  Lack of Budget Challenges can be overcome, if social media is planned and done strategically! 13
  13. 13. Why Is Social Media Important? 14 If you're not actively using social media for your organization/business or brand then you're missing out on the potential to reach more than 73% of the adult population that has access to the internet according to a Pew Research Internet Project study
  14. 14. Why Is Social Media Important? 15 Source: Elaine Fogel, “Nonprofits Must Reach Millennials with Multichannel Marketing “If your [favorite] nonprofit organization wants to guarantee its sustainability and growth, it needs to build relationships with Millennials – those born after 1980. This generation is generous with their wallets and time.”
  15. 15. 16 Why is LinkedIn Important? Source: LinkedIn Internal  430+ MM members worldwide  Users in over 200 countries, available in 19 languages  42% of users update their profile regularly  2MM+ Groups, with 1,000 forming every day  Over 5 billion professional searches each year  9MM+ Company Pages  Millions of connections formed every business day  2.8MM+ US-based jobs currently listed on LinkedIn  77% of all open jobs are listed on LinkedIn  48% of recruiters post jobs exclusively on LinkedIn  Vision  create economic opportunity for every one of the 3.3 billion people in the global workforce
  16. 16. 17 Why is LinkedIn Important? Millions of nonprofit professionals use LinkedIn to identify potential volunteers, board members, employees, and donors https://nonprofit.linkedin.com
  17. 17. 18 Why is LinkedIn Important?
  18. 18. Get Started! 19 Effectively building a personal profile is the first step to growing a strong LinkedIn presence because people do business with people they ...
  19. 19. Is My LinkedIn Profile A.L.I.V.E.TM? 20 A– Accurate L– Locatable I– Impactful V– Value-based E– Engaging "To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract." -- Jim Rohn
  20. 20. Is Your Profile … Accurate 21  Free of grammar/spelling errors?  Correct in all details – factual? “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” - Albert Einstein
  21. 21.  Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn 22 Is Your Profile … Locatable  Do your Specialties & Endorsements contain appropriate keywords which cause you to “rank” for your expertise?  What words would potential prospects/clients, partners, donors, volunteers, etc use to search for your services/expertise? • At least 5 skills • Profile photo • At least 50 connections • Industry and postal code • A current position with description • Two more positions • Education
  22. 22. Is Your Profile … Impactful 23  Are your Headline and Summary compelling? • Analyst at Booz Allen  “PMP-certified project manager – Known for successfully leading multi-million dollar projects in developing countries” • Owner at Symonds CPA  “CPA | Management consultant delivering affordable solutions to improve financial management and reporting of nonprofit organizations” • CEO at Taylor-Leonard Corporation  “Speaker, Trainer, Consultant | Delivering customized solutions to drive operational excellence & profitability”  What message does your profile communicate?
  23. 23. 24 Is Your Profile … Value-Based  Does your Summary highlight your value proposition; succinctly written with measurable/quantifiable accomplishments?  Does your profile contain current recommendations that are directly aligned with your skills/abilities? Recommendations vs. Endorsements  Highlight your past performance
  24. 24. 25 Is Your Profile … Engaging  Define your Connection Strategy  Grow your network.  Share what you’re doing – post meaningful content as an update, provide thought leadership/hot topics  Communicate with your network – comment on posts, follow their company, etc.
  25. 25. Profile Sections • Profile Header • Background/Summary • Experience • Publications • Projects • Organization • Education • Certifications • Skills & Expertise • Recommendations • Volunteer Experience & Causes 26 Each section in your personal profile is relevant in helping you to build your network, “brand”, expertise/credibility, demonstrate balance, and to rank.
  26. 26. WARNING! Before Making Changes … 27 OR …
  27. 27. 28 Understand Your Settings & Privacy
  28. 28. Profile Header  Professional headshot  Edit background photo (banner) to draw visual interest  Compelling headline  Contact info – email & contact #  Website & Social Media Links  Personalized LinkedIn URL 29
  29. 29. 30 www.photofeeler.com About Your Headshot …
  30. 30. Summary 31  High impact, overview  2-3 paragraphs highlighting accomplishments & ways you add value  Name drop when possible  Establish a Call to Action  Specialties to drive SEO
  31. 31. 32 An Effective Summary … • Save • Make • Create Efficiencies • Solve Problems • Bring Peace of Mind
  32. 32. Experience 33  Snapshot of professional experience  Include current & past employment  Showcase relevant resume sections; focus on your value proposition & measureable accomplishments  Link to Company Page to drive brand /visibility  Mix text with bullet points, when possible  Give/Get Recommendations
  33. 33. Additional Searchable Content/Sections 28 Recall your strategy … use keyword searchable content
  34. 34. Marketing & Collaboration Wheel Posts Personal profile Advanced Searches Groups 35 Company Pages Updates
  35. 35. What’s Your Connection Strategy? Counterintuitive to our childhood experience What’s your philosophy  Connect with no one … Connect with everyone Who?  Colleagues/Industry peers  Former co-workers  Friends/Family  People you meet  Classmates/Alumni  People interested in your cause/mission (volunteers, donors, prospective Board members, etc) 36
  36. 36. Advanced Searches – For Individuals 37 Consider the value of LinkedIn Premium for more robust candidate searches Be familiar with LinkedIn’s Boolean Search Logic
  37. 37. Let’s Apply It! Who are the ideal types of people you’d like to connect with? 38
  38. 38. I Made a New Connection … Now What? • Send an email requesting a short, telephone conversation “Hi Judy! Thanks for connecting with me. I’d like to schedule a quick, 10-minute call with you; the purpose of which is to learn more about you, to share the same, and to explore ways to help one another. Please share the best time/number to reach you.” • Consider their connections & “People Also Viewed” for points of affinity • Build value for “Following” your company page 39
  39. 39. Engage Your Network! 40
  40. 40. Identify/Join Relevant Groups  Connect with thousands of industry experts and like-minded professionals to gather insight and feedback  Follow and share topical info  Credibly expand your business network and uncover opportunities to collaborate  1,000+ groups are created every day with 100,000 users joining at least one group every day  WARNING! WARNING! Make sure your posts are genuine and that you're not spamming the group with worthless noise. Group search word: “non-profit”
  41. 41. Leveraging Company Pages  Organizational Development Refine Searches By • Location • Industry • Relationship • Company Size • # of Followers • Fortune Benefits • Research perspective clients/companies • Discover public information on companies & how you’re connected • Find key executives within those companies 42
  42. 42. Let’s Apply It! Provide the name of a company / organization you’d like to do business with? Your ideal corporate / strategic partner 43
  43. 43. Create an impactful, high-level overview Grow your “Follower” base Post relevant Company Updates to remain “top of mind” & engage Followers Encourage your Team to “share”/ “like” posts to expand visibility Build Your Company Profile … 9MM+ featured 44
  44. 44. Grow your Following | The Employee Effect Include a clear call to action in all posts Ask thoughtful questions to engage your followers Add visuals/videos to make feeds stand out Align content to your members needs and/or interests. Balance organization specific posts with trending industry news/information. Create an editorial calendar but have some flexibility to accommodate time sensitive entries Measure/evaluate your results Manage updates to keep audience’s attention. Avoid excessive posting. Company Page Best Practices 45
  45. 45. When in doubt … “Follow” the Leaders 46
  46. 46. Update Best Practices – Personal & Company Page 47 Be brief Post regularly  Companies that post 20 times/month, on average, reach 60% of their followers with 1 or more updates Encourage your network’s participation  Include a clear call to action in all posts (read our latest blog, subscribe to …, register today, etc.) Balance content  You/Your Company, Industry, Miscellaneous Consider leveraging Hootsuite, Buddy Media, Sprinklr, etc Always add photos/videos to make feeds stand out Time updates  weekday morning/midday Track your results
  47. 47. Process Frequency Call to Action View Updates Daily Comment on successes of your network. Shows you have an interest in them and keeps you/your services in front of them. Check “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” Daily Send connection requests to individuals you’re not currently “linked to”. For others, engage them in dialog by asking “How may I help you?” Add Updates Weekly Expose your network to industry trends, hot topics, deadlines, etc. Always include a call to action! Review Saved Searches – Job & People Daily/Weekly This is your pipeline. As you receive results from saved searches, connect with them. Make Recommendations Monthly / Quarterly Set a goal to make recommendations. Think “givers gain”. Join Groups Monthly / Quarterly Identify the groups containing former colleagues, alumni, peers and/or target market and join them. Contribute to the group by providing meaningful content. Evaluate existing groups for current relevance. Download Connections Annually At least annually, download your connections into a .csv file for safekeeping. Save the file on your local computer or private network. Define an Operating Rhythm … 15-20 minutes/day 48
  48. 48. FREE Resources 49 • LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment • Profile Optimization Checklists www.BoostMyLinkedIn.com
  49. 49. Relationships Matter … We Can Help! 50 "To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract." -- Jim Rohn
  50. 50. 51 www.boostmylinkedin.com www.linkedin.com/in/ktleonard @TaylorLeonardCo & @kellytleonard taylorleonardcorporation