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Qurat Ul Ain

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Qurat Ul Ain

  1. 1. My name is Qurat Ul Ain and am student in Graphics Design (AMSP) course. I like Colors too much as they show the colors of life and I love to play with colors because it provides me the opportunity to play and create new things with colors in Graphics  About Me:
  2. 2. About Company ZO Mobile Pakistan and China the 2nd largest cell phone celling brand company. Instead of manufacturing its cell phone zo Mobile imports it all cell phone from the company in china but sell them under the brand name ZO mobile
  3. 3. Logo Mark I was started my logo for that shapes, design, colors, fount etc.
  4. 4. Final Logo Its my final logo. Use Red and Gray color because Gray colors show the Energy on this logo and Red mean Passion. Logo like a glob mean CONNECT THE WORLD and Z design like a speed fount.
  5. 5. LetterheadSize8.5x11
  6. 6. Business CardSize3.5x2
  7. 7. EnvelopeSize9x4
  8. 8. Employ Card Size2x3
  9. 9. Table Calendar Size8x6
  10. 10. Press AdSize4.colx20cm
  11. 11. Magazine Ad  Size 7.75 x 11
  12. 12. PosterSize18x23
  13. 13. PackagesSizeuptoyou
  14. 14. Bunting SizeA4
  15. 15. Billboard / Banner Size10x20
  16. 16. CD Cover Size 12 x 12
  17. 17. Presentation Folder Size 12 x 9
  18. 18. Shirt, Trouser, Cap Size up to you
  19. 19. Van, Truck, Ship
  20. 20. Mug
  21. 21. Thanks your Time and being here  Good Bye