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Flew quiz mains 2019 (Food, Literature, Etymology, Wildlife)

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Flew quiz Mains 2019 (Food, Literature, Etymology, Wildlife), Quitzkrieg, the annual quizzing festival 2019 under Pulse 2019, AIIMS New Delhi

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Flew quiz mains 2019 (Food, Literature, Etymology, Wildlife)

  1. 1. Quitzkrieg ‘19
  2. 2.  30 questions  1 written round of 6 questions  2 dry rounds of 9 questions each  1 differential round of 6 questions
  3. 3.  These were entries for Edible Book Festivals conducted in various universities in USA.  Give pun/ ID book they’re based on (part points)
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  6. 6. The X is a small species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere, known colloquially as the pigeon hawk in North America. X ultimately derives from Old Norse term smyril, which means falcon.The name X is more well known to us as the name of a legendary character. His name however, is derived from the name of the welsh bard Myrddin Wyllt, which was then latinised.The author supposedly chose the form ________ rather than the regular Merdinus to avoid a resemblance to the anglo norman word merde, which meant feces. An alternative form of the name of the bird,Y, is mainly used to describe a depiction of a similar sized bird in heraldry. However, the word is more popular to us (albeit an unrelated etymology) in another symbolic context, iconically symbolic of a particular country. X andY?
  7. 7.  This the story behind the alternate name for a dish.  during the ParisWorld's fair in 1867, the chef of the Grand Hôtel decided to create a "scientific dessert" by using BenjaminThompson's discovery of the low thermal conductivity of egg whites.Thompson lived in Bavaria at the time, and as the chef thought Bavaria was in this Scandinavian country , he decided to name the dish as _________ _______.  FITB and give the more American name of this dish , which sounds like putting a very cold place in an oven.
  8. 8.  The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space. It is the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, "hanging in the void", shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere.  In 2018 the SpaceBuzz initiave was started, revealed on december 20 by astronaut André Kuipers. Spacebuzz aims to give childeren an overview effect like experience using virtual reality. The idea is to give childeren the same insight astronauts have when seeing planet Earth from space.  What object from the literary universe, located on a far away planet, originally invented in order to annoy the inventor’s wife, and having only one known unscathed “survivor”, has strong parallels to what is described above?
  9. 9.  ….since every piece of matter in the Universe is in someway affected by every other piece of matter in the Universe, it is in theory possible to extrapolate the whole of creation—every Galaxy, every sun, every planet, their orbits, their composition, and their economic and social history from, say, one small piece of fairy cake…..
  10. 10.  After the Second SchleswigWar ended in PrussianVictory, Prussian authorities moved into Danish territory and instituted a slew of new laws throughout the 1860s.  One of the new laws especially upset the Danish farmers who retaliated through a crafty program of crossbreeding, creating this new breed of known Protestschwein, or protest pig.  What law was this?
  11. 11.  In 1704, Drury Lane theatre in London was hosting a production of Appius andVirginia, by playwright John Dennis. In the play Dennis needed to create the sound of X and so came up with the idea to roll a cannonball along the wooden gangplanks surrounding the upper part of the theatre. Dennis’ play was soon canceled and Drury Lane replaced it with a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It was during one performance that Dennis, seated in the audience, recognized a familiar sound. As X rolled around the theatre, Dennis realized immediately that it was his cannonball trick. Enraged, he stood up and shouted: “Damn them!They will not let my play run, but they will _ my X!” Henceforth it became synonymous with plagiarizing someone’s work or ideas.
  12. 12.  Y was initially advertised as a drink for the whole family and chose to go with tag-lines like “Happy days are here again”.To help the brand transition into something more “masculine”, Ramesh Chauhan partnered with Ashok Kurien of Ambience Advertising.The “Grow up toY” ad campaign was the first to draw on its strong taste and positioned Y as an “adult” drink that young consumers no doubt found appealing. Encouraged by the positive response, Kurien then decided to focus on their struggle and success and associate it with “___ the X”  The blanks are both verbs. FITB and ID X andY
  13. 13.  Steal my thunder  Taste theThunder  Thums up
  14. 14.  X is the word used to describe a novel of high literary merit, that is used often figuratively for certain works to mark them as literary benchmarks emblematic of what defines Y literature in a given era and often is considered analogous to a National Epic for Y. First coined in 1868 by John William De Forest, it initially consisted of a rigid list of candidates (for X) curated by literary scholars and credentialed critics, but in modern usage is more open.  Interestingly, X is also the title, almost verbatim, of a novel by Z (A highly awarded author from Y) which satirizes the concept of X by a comic narrative of a fictional baseball team and a communist conspiracy. This Z was recently in news in the past year, and is also famous for the mutual admiration between Z and the famous singer Bruce Springsteen.
  15. 15.  Proto-Indo-European *ghrei- meaning 'to rub' descended into Greek to become khriein "to anoint, besmear", from which was derived the term X forThe Anointed One. A bit sacrilegiously, the original PIE term descended into Proto-Germanic *grim- " to smear", which resulted in a dirtier ‘_____’. Which 2 terms?
  16. 16.  Christ (X), grime
  17. 17. The name is said to have originated from "________, sive Morbus Gallicus", an epic published byVeronese doctor Girolamo Francastoro in 1530.The titular character,a shepherd being the first sufferer of the disease, as punishment by the gods for starting a cult.Where he got the name from is uncertain. It is commonly accepted that it was inspired by the story of Niobe's(daughter ofTantalus) son _______, as written by Ovid. Although it could also have been derived from latin for "Pig lover". A different explanation provided by Leo Spitzer in an article theorizes that the name must actually have been derived from a pre existing medical term, although the word as such isnt available in Greek records. Spitzer suggested that it might have been the modification of the term Erysipelas, a term for certain skin conditions, that has also been adopted into Latin and many other Romance languages.
  18. 18.  A _____ is any of 26 species of wading bird of the family Scolopacidae. Its dull brownish coloration gives it camouflage, which may enable it to remain hidden from hunters in marshland. More significantly, due to its erratic flight pattern, hunters have great difficulty shooting it on the wing, which meant only extremely skilled hunters could do so.Thus the verb "to _____" originated in British India among soldiers in the 1770s in reference to this. Hence arose the term ______, meaning a hunter highly skilled in marksmanship and camouflaging, which later evolved to its present sense, which is used in a slightly different context (sharpshooter or someone who shoots from a concealed location).  What term?
  19. 19.  Chilis contain capsaicinoids, molecules that bind to receptors and trick us into thinking we’re experiencing actual pain.They likely evolved as a defense mechanism against hungry animals. In the context of mammals only humans have been known to actively consume spicy chili peppers rich in pungent capsaicinoids (for the thrill of it, despite the negative effects).Researchers at the Kunming institute of zoology discovered that a certain mammal X could munch on peppers without abandon due to a mutation in theTRPV1 channel that reduced their sensitivity to capsaicinoids.  They dubbed itY, a pun on a famous literary work. ID X andY
  20. 20.  A rather interesting linguistic phenomenon present for decades across the globe is the use of the terms X andY.While other languages refer to it as X or something similar, in English it is referred to asY.  A research investigating the behavior of the terms, using Google Translate as a tool, indicates that the word X is used in 42 languages, whileY or a variant is used in 10. Almost all Indian languages use X too.  The origins of those terms stem from the early 1600, when the European explorers of the Americas brought X/Y to Europe, using the wordY due to its resemblance to conifers. X on the other hand arises from theTupi word meaning “excellent _____ “  The fact that the word banana came over fromWest Africa (from the Wolof language) in the later 1600s probably helpedY win over X in England, for sake of clarity. Other languages didn't have another word to use, so they just stuck with X.
  21. 21.  Hawaiian Bobtail Squids exist in a symbiotic relationship with a bacteriumAliivibrio fischeri. In return for nutrition the bacteria, residing in the squid’s light organ, produce bioluminescence.The light organ has the capability to modulate the brightness of the emitted light.This confers a specific survival advantage on the squids, something seen in many franchises such as the MCU and StarTrek.  What is the advantage?
  22. 22.  They modulate the light released according to the surrounding light making them look transparent (Like the cloaking of the Helicarrier in Avengers)
  23. 23.  “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy” is a work of speculative fiction by Hawthorne Abendsen which details the events after the Allies winWW2. The United States establishes a relationship with China in a way that leads to the vanquishing of Communist Mao Zedong, and also leads to the outlawing of racism within the states by the '50s. But, Britain doesn't do the same. Instead, it becomes racially-driven, which drives a wedge in between US and UK relationships, leading to a ColdWar.This book serves as an important source of inspiration for many characters in X.What is special about this book?/ID X.
  24. 24.  Man in the High Castle  Alternate history novel in an alternate history novel.
  25. 25.  The activity of falconry has given rise to quite a few words and phrases in the English language. For example, a raptor that has eaten its fill, or is ‘fed up’ won’t want to hunt anymore.The phrase has moved from a bird who doesn’t want to hunt anymore to a person who doesn’t want to do something anymore.  Some other examples are given in the questions that follow.
  26. 26.  A raptor’s eyesight is around 10 times as good as a human’s. So a hawk will spot things that the handler won’t and get excited about targets that the handler can’t see.To force the bird to concentrate on the target that the handler wants, he _________ the bird using a piece of leather to cover its head, and especially its eyes. Gradually the expression came to mean blindfolding a person, and then to its current meaning.
  27. 27. A falcon has a leash (called a “jess”) to stop it from flying away.When the bird is on the falconer’s arm, he’ll put part of the jess _____ ___ _____(X) or have it _______ ______ ___ ______ ______(Y) to keep control of the bird. Fitb ( I need 2 different phrases, both essentially have the same meaning though)
  28. 28.  ID the title of the comic and its lady author (also the heroine)
  29. 29.  Explaining the actual reason for switching the naming, a spokesperson says, desserts aren’t very inclusive. _______ is a global brand, used by more people in India and Brazil than in the US, so going with an English word for the dessert leaves some regions out.  Y isn’t always a dessert, “Z” can be hard to pronounce in some regions. Samat says. "Numbers, at least, are universal."  IDY and Z
  30. 30.  Y- Pie  Z- Lollipop
  31. 31.  By about 10,000 years ago,Woolly mammoths were mostly extinct, likely due to a combination of human activity and climate change.  Amusingly , regulations put before the CITES, the international treaty that protects endangered plants and animals, recently proposed that the long-extinct mammoth be listed as an endangered species.  “The CITES gambit is brilliant, although probably doomed to failure,” said Ross MacPhee, a curator of mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History in NewYork, before the vote, which took place on August 26, 2019. It was withdrawn from consideration, after it looked like the proposal would fail.  One aim was to combat the destruction of smaller , yet important fossils due to watercannoning of permafrost doneto retrieve MammothTusks.  What was the second rationale behind this baffling proposal?
  32. 32.  Since Mammoth Ivory trading is legal , poachers often pass off elephant tusks as MammothTusks. Reclassifying Mammoths as endangered species would close this loophole.
  33. 33.  Croton capitatus is an annual plant with erect, branched stems, densely covered with light brown, wooly hairs that give it a whitish appearance. It is distributed across the southern United States, and elsewhere. A common name of the plant was speculated to lend its name to a certain place.  In fact the person who is responsible for the conception of the place believes that the name subconsciously stuck in her mind for many years after seeing the plant in the Kew Gardens in 1992.Which place?