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China transformer manufacturing industry production & marketing demand and investment forecast report, 2011 2015

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China transformer manufacturing industry

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China transformer manufacturing industry production & marketing demand and investment forecast report, 2011 2015

  1. 1. 2011-2015 年中国变压器制造行业产销需求与投资预测分析报告 China Transformer Manufacturing Industry Production & Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast Report, 2011-2015 前言 随着中国经济持续健康高速发展,电力需求和投 With the sustainable and fast development of China’s economy, demand and investment to electric power 入持续快速增长。2009 年,全国全社会用电量 36430 develop constantly and rapidly. The national power consumption was 3,643 billion KWH in 2009, with a year亿千瓦时,同比增长 5.96%,增速比上年提高 0.47 个 on-year growth of 5.96%, up 0.47% over the same period last year. And the year-on-year growth of national power 百分点,2010 年,全国全社会用电量更是同比增长 consumption in 2010 was 15.08%. The accumulated investment to national power engineering construction in 15.08%。2010 年,全国电力工程建设累计完成投资 2010 was 705.1 billion Yuan, among which the total investment to power supply construction was 364.1 billion 7051 亿元,其中电源、电网工程建设分别完成投资 Yuan which declined 4.26% while that to power grid construction was 341 billion Yuan which declined 12.53%. 3641 亿元、3410 亿元,分别比上年降低 4.26%和 The total investment to national power engineering construction during the “eleventh five years” was 3.2 12.53%。 “十一五”期间全国电力工程建设累计完成投资 trillion Yuan while the annual investment was 294.9 billion Yuan, and the proportion of investment in 5 years to total 3.2 万亿元,电网工程建设年均投资 2949 亿元,五年 investment was up to 46.05%. The speedy development of China’s electric power 累计完成投资所占比重上升到 46.05%。 construction promotes the growth of China’s transformer manufacturing industry 中国电力建设的迅猛发展带动了中国变压器制造 http://en.qianzhan.com/report/detail/d44feea3760040f0.ht ml§. In 2009 China produced 1.264 billion kilovolt 行业的发展。2009 年,中国生产变压器 12.64 亿千伏 amperes of transformers and with a year-on-year growth of 7.39%. According to latest data, China produced 1.223 安,同比增长 7.39%。最新数据显示,2010 年,中国 billion kilovolt amperes of transformers and with a yearon-year growth of 3.99%. The total output value of China’s 生产变压器 12.23 亿千伏安,同比增长 3.99%。2010 transformer manufacturing industry in 2010 reached 222.289 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 年,中国变压器制造行业总产值已达到 2222.89 亿元, 15.92%; the number of corporations of scale was 2,305, with a year-on-year growth of 7.9%; the total sales amount 规模以上企业达到 2305 家,分别同比增长 15.92%和 was 216.411 billion Yuan; the gross profit was 14.368 billion Yuan; capital scale was 214.207 billion Yuan; 7.9%;实现销售额 2164.11 亿元,实现利润总额 selling profit was 26.8106 billion Yuan. The competition of China’s transformer industry is fierce 143.68 亿元,资产规模为 2142.07 亿元,产品销售 that foreign-owned transnational enterprises take a large sum of market shares while the quantity of domestic 利润为 268.106 亿元。 transformer manufacturers grows rapidly. The competition of middle and low-end transformer market is extremely 中国变压器行业竞争激烈,外资跨国公司抢占了 fierce that there are about 20 corporations with the
  2. 2. capability to produce transformers of 220KV, and about 很大市场份额,国内变压器制造企业数量也在快速增 100 corporations with the capability to produce transformers of 110KV. For the transformers of 500KV or 长。中低端变压器市场竞争激烈,具备 220KV 变压器 above, the barriers of technology and productivity are quite high that the market structure trends to be stable. 生产能力的企业有 20 余家,具备 110KV 变压器产品 The booming development of China’s power grid construction provides sound market opportunities to the 生产能力的企业有 100 余家。而生产 500KV 等级以上 fast growth of transformer manufacturers. According to 变压器企业通过技术和产能构筑了很高的进入壁垒, state’s demand of fastening infrastructure construction and 市场格局趋于稳定。 stimulating domestic demand, State Grid will strength the investment. It is predicted that the investment scale from 中国电网建设的蓬勃发展为变压器制造企业迅速 2010 to 2012 will exceed 1 trillion Yuan while the 发展提供了良好的市场机遇。按照国家加快基础建设、 construction scale will be 260,000 km for wireways of 110 刺激内需的要求,国家电网加大了未来投资力度,预 (66) KV or above, and the transformer capacity will be 1.35 billion kilovolt amperes. Meanwhile, investment to 计 2010-2012 年的投资规模将超过 1 万亿元,建设规 the construction of “two horizontals and two verticals” UHV transmission line will be more than 100 billion Yuan. 模为 110(66)千伏及以上线路 26 万公里、变电容量 Calculating by the 60-70% proportion of general equipment investment to power grid investment, it will 13.5 亿千伏安,同时,投资 1000 亿元以上建设“两横 produce an equipment market of 600 billion Yuan. Due to 两纵”的特高压输电线路。按照一般情况下设备投资占 the promotion of power grid construction investment, prospects of transformer industry will last to 2012 while 电网投资的 60%-70%来计算,预计将拉动 6000 亿左 the output after 2010 maintains a growth of about 16%. It 右的设备市场。由于电网建设投资的拉动,变压器行业 is predicted that the output of China’s transformer will reach 1.924 billion KVA by 2012. 景气将持续到 2012 年,2010 年以后产量将保持 16% The fast development of China’s electric power industry provides a broad market for electric appliance industry. In 左右的增速。预计到 2012 年,中国变压器产量将达到 the meantime, it proposes a newer and higher requirement for electric appliances. Projects of “West-East electricity 19.24 亿 KVA。 transmission project, South-North mutual supply, and national network” fasten the rural and urban power grid 中国电力工业的快速发展为电器工业提供了广阔 construction, and greatly promote the development of 的市场,同时对电器设备提出了更新、 更高的要求。 “西 China’s electric transmission and transformation equipment 电东送、 南北互供、 全国联网”使城乡电网建设速度加快 industry. The publishment of “twelfth five years” plan 极大地促进了中国输变电设备行业的发展。“十二五”规 reveals that China’s power grid construction enters “UHV” 划的出台,中国电网建设步入“特高压”和“智能化”时代, and “intelligence” era. China will complete “three verticals, three horizontals and one ring network” and 11 到 2015 年中国将建成“三纵三横一环网”,并建成 11 runs of UHV direct current transportation by 2015. And by 2020 the UHV network will further enlarge. It provides 回特高压直流输电工程,到 2020 年,特高压网络将 rare opportunities and broad market space for China’s 进一步扩张,这为中国变压器制造业发展提供了难得 transformer manufacturing industry. 的机遇和广阔的市场空间。 With Forward’s the long-term tracking and collecting market data of transformer manufacturing industry, we 本报告利用前瞻资讯长期对变压器制造行业市场
  3. 3. roundly and accurately analyze the structure system for 跟踪搜集的市场数据,全面而准确地为您从行业的整 you from the view of mastering the whole industry. This 体高度来架构分析体系。报告从当前变压器制造行业的 report will base on the macro condition of current 宏观景气状况出发,以变压器制造行业的产销状况和 transformer manufacturing industry, production and 行业需求走向为依托,详尽地分析了中国变压器制造 marketing condition, industry demand trend of auto 行业当前的市场容量、 市场规模、 发展速度和竞争态势。 industry, then detailed analyzes the current market capability, market scale, development speed and 报告主要分析了中国变压器制造行业的生产与发 competitive landscape of China transformer manufacturing 展;变压器制造行业当前的市场环境与企业竞争力; industry. 变压器制造行业的市场需求特征;变压器制造行业的 This report mainly analyzes the following aspects: 进出口市场;变压器制造行业的竞争格局、竞争趋势; production and development of China transformer 变压器主要细分产品市场发展状况;变压器市场的领 manufacturing industry; current market environment and 先企业经营状况;变压器制造行业的发展趋势与前景 corporations’ competitiveness of transformer manufacturing industry; market demand features of 预测;同时,佐之以全行业近 5 年来全面详实的一手 transformer manufacturing industry; major markets of 市场数据,让您全面、准确地把握整个变压器制造行业 transformer manufacturing industry; competitive landscape 的市场走向和发展趋势,从而在竞争中赢得先机! and trend of transformer manufacturing industry; development status of major transformer manufacturing 本报告最大的特点就是前瞻性和适时性。报告通过 market segmentation; leading corporations’ operational 对大量一手市场调研数据的前瞻性分析,深入而客观 condition in transformer manufacturing market; 地剖析中国当前变压器制造行业的总体市场容量、市场 development trend and prospects forecast of transformer 规模、竞争格局和市场需求特征,并根据变压器制造行 manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, together with the 业的发展轨迹及多年的实践经验,对变压器制造行业 comprehensive and detailed market data which is 未来的发展趋势做出审慎分析与预测,是变压器制造 accumulated for 5 years, Forward helps you to grasp the 企业、 科研单位、 销售企业、 投资企业准确了解变压器制 market and development trends of transformer 造行业当前最新发展动态,把握市场机会,做出正确 manufacturing industry, so as to win advantages from 经营决策和明确企业发展方向不可多得的精品,也是 competition! 业内第一份对变压器制造行业上下游产业链以及行业 Major characteristics of this report are forward-looking and 重点企业进行全面系统分析的重量级报告。 timeliness. Base on the forward-looking analysis of massive research data, we further analyze the development 本报告在撰写过程中得到了中国电器工业协会变 scale and competitive landscape of transformer 压器分会、 国家经济信息中心、 国家统计局、 海关总署、 manufacturing industry. Along with the industry 国际信息研究所、中国商务部研究院、清华大学图书馆 development route and our practical experience, we 以及国务院发展研究中心市场经济研究所、北京菁华前 analyze and predict the future development prospect of 瞻市场研究中心等机构的大力支持,在此我们表示特 transformer manufacturing industry. This report is of a high 别感谢! value for enterprises like transformer manufacturers, R&D institutions, sales corporations and investment corporations 特别说明:本报告中的大量市场数据,特别是企 to accurately know the latest industry development trend, 业排名数据,仅供企业作经营参考用,望客户不要用 and obtain market opportunities and determine an 于企业广告排名比较。否则,由此产生的一切后果前瞻 insightful operation strategy and development direction. In 资讯将不予承担! the meantime, it is the first heavy weight report to analyze the up/down-stream industry chain and industry leading 前瞻资讯电力输配电事业部 corporations of transformer manufacturing industry in an 变压器制造行业研究小组
  4. 4. overall and systemic way. Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association transformer branch, State Economic Information Center, National Statistics Bureau of China, General Administration of Customs, International Information Institute, National Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, National Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, and Beijing Qinghua Forward Market Research Center, etc. Thank you so much! Notice: all the market data, especially the corporation list data in this report is only for business reference. Please don’t take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility for any consequences! Forward Business Intelligence Co., Ltd. Power Transmission and Distribution Business Department Research Team of Transformer Manufacturing Industry