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Domain-level Technical Debt

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Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE) 2019, Copenhagen: Talk by Harald Störrle (@stoerrle, Principal IT Consultant at QAware) & Marcus Ciolkowski (@M_Ciolkowski, Pricipal IT Consultant at QAware)

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Technical debt is a metaphor for trading software quality for business goals, reminding actors of the deferred cost associated with such trade-offs. The bulk of the research covers source code only, but we often abserve that a different kind of debt is more important in eceonomic terms. In order to set it apart from technical debt and since this is about domain level design decisions, we call it domain debt.

Taking advantage of the new "experience report" format, we would like to present a numer of cases from those many instances that we have observed. We hope that the shepherding process will support us in selecting the most representative exampels, and present them in a way so they will be accessible to a broad audience.

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