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Michal Mucha: Build and Deploy an End-to-end Streaming NLP Insight System | PyData London 2019

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At this workshop, you will build your own messaging insights system - data ingestion from a live data source (Reddit), queueing, deploying a machine learning model, and serving messages with insights to your mobile phone!

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Michal Mucha: Build and Deploy an End-to-end Streaming NLP Insight System | PyData London 2019

  1. 1. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml7/12/2019 Build your own NLP system! Michal Mucha, PyData London 2019
  2. 2. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Welcome! Get ready to experiment Golden Rule for Today: Try First, Study Second Connect & collaborate with those around you!
  3. 3. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml About me Data Science and Data Engineering - consulting and training Academic research (mobile phone data, smart meter data) Commercial projects (decision simulation, revenue modeling, visualization, building apps, data strategy) Husband and dad ❤ boxing, cycling, hiking in the mountains ⛰ and traveling Call me #$ Michael or % Me how 🙃
  4. 4. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Welcome! Get ready to experiment Rule for today: try first, study second Connect & collaborate with those around you!
  5. 5. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml High level steps Create a Streaming Consumer Launch and Integrate a Message Queue Service Create the First Subscriber - a Data Pre-processing Service Serve a Machine Learning Model Publish or broadcast predictions to a Messaging App Organize and bundle all services into a system
  6. 6. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Requirements https://github.com/MichaMucha/pydata2019-nlp-system/ Software: Anaconda Python Git Docker Docker-compose Telegram mobile app or desktop app API keys and environment preparation Check out this talk’s git repo Create the Conda environment Reddit CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET Telegram Bot and API key Voluntary - appreciated but not required: Your own NLP model + Idea what you want to monitor in Reddit Examine the conda-env.yml file that you used to create the new environment
  7. 7. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Benefits of Conda environments Easy, self contained recipes Installs binaries without building, no need for dependencies Makes shipping and sharing easier
  8. 8. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 1 - consumer Navigate to the repository Launch `jupyter lab` Open the directory “step1”
  9. 9. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 1.1 - spawn Redis Nice and clean - one line and we’re done Not wasting time on things we don’t want to do! Getting all the benefit
  10. 10. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Important idea Separation of concerns Modularity Makes for easier… Testing Adding extensions Monitoring Teamwork
  11. 11. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 2 - Preprocessing Open the directory “step2” in lab
  12. 12. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 3 - NLP models BYOM today Assumption: your model is all trained and tested, developed and signed off by important executives Ready to use in the real world Open “step3” in lab
  13. 13. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Important resources https://fast.ai Excellent course + framework Releases the genius within you https://spacy.io Fantastic piece of engineering Very widely used, open source
  14. 14. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 4 - beyond my lab
  15. 15. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 4 - beyond my lab “Works on my machine” - o rly ImportError - “just don’t move the files” Another day another version Dependency tracking
  16. 16. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 5 - Telegram Go one extra step - Make it easy for others to use your solutions! Open “step5” in lab
  17. 17. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Step 6 - Orchestration Making friends with the Operations team Fast and easy prototyping Configure and run sophisticated setups quickly Build your own NLP system!
  18. 18. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Recap What did you like most? Write down three ideas to make it better! Think of the one thing that you will take to your work
  19. 19. @jeremimucha | https://create.ml Share your work! Use your new knowledge to jumpstart your own solution Please share what you built :) Write a blog post! Let’s stay in touch