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PuppetConf track overview: Windows

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From Windows servers to Microsoft Azure, DSC and Chocolatey— you'll learn about it at PuppetConf 2016 in San Diego. Learn more and register at https://puppet.com/puppetconf/.

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PuppetConf track overview: Windows

  1. 1. t Track Overview: Windows 19 - 21 October San Diego
  2. 2. Puppet on Windows Looking to move away from manual processes and custom scripts and adopt automation and DevOps practices for your Windows environments? This session will give you practical first steps to automating the configuration of your Windows infrastructure. These examples will give you the building blocks to manage more complex applications with Puppet. In this session, you’ll learn how to: 2 Thursday, October 20 | 11:30 am Nicolas Corrarello Senior Technical Solutions Engineer, Puppet Windows ● Configure base OS settings, including Windows features, users and groups, registry settings ● Configure core Windows services, such as NTP, Firewall, etc. ● Deploy an IIS server using the roles and profiles pattern
  3. 3. A Tale of Two Hierarchies: Group Policy & Puppet Group Policy is a highly contested area in the world of configuration management on Windows. Most enterprises have years of time invested in typically non-version controlled and non-commented group policies that have been applied organically to a sprawling list of organizational units as the needs of the company have changed. Infrastucture as code gives you the awesome power of modeling the state of all your systems regardless of where they live, but if group policy is hiding changes behind the scenes resolving those conflicts can be a hair-pulling experience. 3 Thursday, October 20 | 1:30 pm Matt Stone Systems Engineer, Getty Images Windows
  4. 4. Puppet & Azure Puppet is a great first step to making your environment more secure. Evolving your system setup into infrastructure as code allows a clear audit trail and more inspection of your current state, allowing you to shine a light on any problem areas in your estate. But how do we make sure our Puppet setup doesn't make things less secure whilst making it easier to automate? We're going to talk about: 4 Thursday, October 20 | 2:30 pm Senior Product Manager, Puppet Kenaz Kwa Windows
  5. 5. Building Nano Server Images With Puppet and DSC Microsoft™Nano Server is a purpose-built operating system designed to run born-in-the-cloud applications and containers. To be lightweight, it sheds much of the Windows architecture, suggesting new approaches to building and managing these machines. With Puppet and DSC, we can make building Nano Server images automated and repeatable and able to live alongside your other infrastructure as code. This talk will walk through using Puppet to generate and customize a Nano Server image. Given enough presentation time, I'll also deploy it using Puppet. 5 Thursday, October 20 | 3:45 pm Michael Smith Principal Software Engineer, Puppet Windows
  6. 6. How Not to Freak Out When You Start Writing Puppet Modules for Windows Writing your first Puppet module is pretty daunting. There are so many things to set up: tools, repositories, tests! In this presentation we’ll walk through setting up a local Windows development environment, and then write a Puppet module. We’ll also look at debugging, testing and publishing the module to the Puppet Forge. 6 Friday, October 21 | 2:30 pm Glenn Sarti Senior Software Engineer, Puppet Windows
  7. 7. Easily Manage Software on Windows With Chocolatey Automating software management is simple on almost every platform except Windows. Windows has many different routes to procure software with over 20 installer types and archive formats! This really makes managing software on Windows trend towards chaos. Enter Chocolatey, the package manager for Windows. Chocolatey is a single, unified interface designed to easily work with all aspects of managing Windows software using a packaging framework that understands both versioning and dependency requirements. Chocolatey packages encapsulate everything required to manage a particular piece of software into one deployment artifact by wrapping installers, executables, zips, and scripts into a compiled package file. Come learn how to let Chocolatey wrangle the chaos of Windows software management and leave you with a smile on your face! 7 Friday, October 21 | 3:45 pm Rob Reynolds Senior Software Engineer, Puppet Windows
  8. 8. Deploying Multi-Tier Windows Applications With Application Orchestrator Manually setting up a multi-tier Windows application can be a headache. It can be prone to user mistakes or rely on outdated PowerShell scripts. Puppet Application Orchestration provides you a repeatable, reliable way to deploy your multi-tier applications. In this session, we'll cover how to: * Set up a multi-tier application, consisting of IIS, SQL Server Always On and Active Directory. * Deploy the application using Puppet Application Orchestration. 8 Friday, October 21 | 2:30 pm Ethan Brown Principal Software Engineer, Puppet Windows
  9. 9. Want to explore more PuppetConf sessions? View our full agenda and other tracks at puppet.com/puppetconf
  10. 10. t Windows: Speakers 19 - 21 October San Diego
  11. 11. Nicolas Corrarello Senior Technical Solutions Engineer, Puppet Nicolas Corrarello's background includes 6+ years of Unix and Windows Server system administration roles, managing AIX/Solaris/Linux and different versions of Windows Server (2000 AS and above) systems in different companies. Nicolas also worked two years as a support engineer, and instructor/examiner for Red Hat delivering RHCE / RHCA courses. Open source enthusiast, has more IT in his house than appliances. While he spent years doing things manually, he's now a firm believer that the system administration practice needs to evolve and raise to the challenges of current times.
  12. 12. Matt Stone Getty Images, Getty Images Matthew has over twenty years of experience working in technology, from support to system administration, tech writer to team lead. His current focus is on designing provisioning systems and automating more Windows servers than he'd like to count.
  13. 13. Kenaz Kwa Senior Product Manager, Puppet Kenaz Kwa is a Senior Product Manager at Puppet Labs responsible for Microsoft Windows and Azure and the Puppet Forge. Previously, Kenaz was a Product Manager on the Azure team at Microsoft, working on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.
  14. 14. Michael Smith Principal Software Engineer, Puppet Michael Smith has been writing software in scientific and automation software for 11 years, on a broad range of platforms and languages. He’s currently a developer at Puppet.
  15. 15. Glenn Sarti Senior Software Engineer, HashiCorp Glenn Sarti, originally from Perth (Western Australia), has recently moved with his family to Portland to work at Puppet. He has spent well over a decade as a Windows Client and Infrastructure engineer, with a heavy focus of automation and infrastructure software development. Glenn was also a co-organizer for the DevOps meetup in Perth and has spoken at his local Dot Net, Java and DevOps and meetups.
  16. 16. Rob Reynolds Senior Software Engineer, Puppet Rob is a Senior Software Engineer on the Windows Team at Puppet, where we make Windows moar awesome! He has a passion for automation and making hard concepts simple. Rob is also the creator and primary maintainer of Chocolatey, a package manager for Windows. His past as an artist has shaped the way he thinks about and develops code. Rob lives in Kansas where he spends time with his wife and two children, cheers on the Royals, and avoids tornadoes.
  17. 17. Ethan Brown Principal Software Engineer, Puppet Ethan is the technical lead for the Puppet Windows team, devoted to improving the Puppet Windows experience. Prior to joining the Puppet team, he spent 15+ years building and architecting applications using a wide range of Microsoft technology from the desktop to the web and everything in between.
  18. 18. t Get on the path to a better future Join us 19-21 October in San Diego Register now Summer Savings: Save $240 until 15 September puppetconf.com