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Ir for it&ites

Industrial relation for IT & ITES industry

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Ir for it&ites

  1. 1. IR Model For IT & ITES Presented By Sneha Chavan Priyanka Sawant
  2. 2. What is Industrial Relation?
  3. 3. Meaning… The relationships that exist within the industry between the employer and his workmen. The term industrial relations explains the relationship between employees and management which stem directly or indirectly from union-employer relationship.
  4. 4.  IR is essentially collectivist and pluralist in outlook Dimension of IR  Relationship  Processes  Management of Conflict
  5. 5. Which IR Models are followed in INDIA?
  6. 6. Collective Bargaining
  7. 7. Collective Bargaining The collective bargaining process comprises of five core steps  Prepare  Discuss  Propose  Bargain  Settlement
  8. 8. IT & ITES
  9. 9. Determinants of IR in IT & ITES Tertiary sector Flat Organization Structure No labour or Workman Designation termed to be executive Direct communication of Management to Employee
  10. 10. Determinants of IR in IT & ITES In IT & ITES Individualism is seen predominantly IT has taken semi skilled & Skilled Employees Pay structure has shifted from Time based to performance based
  11. 11. Determinants of IR in IT & ITES Impact of Globalization Huge Employment include- Mainly Young Generation Lack of Interest of Young employee & Female employee in Trade Unions
  12. 12. Dunlops Model For IT & ITES
  13. 13.  Dunlops Model consists of three agents  management organizations  workers  government agencies industrial relations is a social sub system subject to environmental constraints Factors affecting Employment Relation The Dunlop’s model gives great significance to external or environmental forces
  14. 14.  Interaction is done between Labour, Management, Government Rules that are derived from these interactions that govern the employment relationship. In effect - Industrial relations is the system which produces the rules of the workplace

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Industrial relation for IT & ITES industry


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