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A report on the use of Blockchain in the organisation

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We asked the IT community some interesting questions on Blockchain. A survey report answered by top industry leaders which involved the following questions:-
What blockchain offers to businesses? Do you trust Blockchain?
How often you think to implement blockchain for your business transactions?

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A report on the use of Blockchain in the organisation

  1. 1. A Report on the use of Blockchain in the organization January 2018
  2. 2. PULSE 1 - CHOOSE ONE Do you think that Blockchain should be regulated?
  3. 3. PULSE 2 - CHOOSE ONE Do you think that Blockchain technology will dramatically disrupt the industry or line of business that your company or organization operates in?
  4. 4. PULSE 3 - CHOOSE ONE Has your organization allocated a budget for its Blockchain efforts?
  5. 5. PULSE 4 - CHOOSE ONE What is/will be your organization's annual budget for Blockchain (in US Dollars)?
  6. 6. PULSE 5 - CHOOSE ONE Which team is taking/will take the lead on your organization's Blockchain initiative(s)?
  7. 7. PULSE 6 - CHOOSE ONE Do you hold more types of cryptocurrencies in 2017 than you did in the previous years?
  8. 8. PULSE 7 - CHOOSE ONE How familiar are you with Blockchain technology? Please rate on the scale of 1-5. (1 = not familiar, 5 = extremely familiar)
  9. 9. PULSE 8 - CHOOSE ONE How much do you trust the use of Blockchain for business related transactions?
  10. 10. PULSE 9 - CHOOSE ONE Which of the following factors play a critical role in further development of Blockchain within the industry? A. Achieving a standard way of implementing the technology B. A standard way of transferring ledger data C. Bringing together players and agreeing on the communication and data standards D. Other