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Highlighting the gems stretching the potential of

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Presented at the #wider local studies meeting, Australia wide videoconferencing 2 May 2019. Written by Karen Richardson, presented by Sue Miller

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Highlighting the gems stretching the potential of

  1. 1. Written by Karen Richardson Presented by Sue Miller Hornsby Shire Library
  2. 2. From just one Throwback Thursday post… • Hornsby Shire Council Facebook post received 168 likes, 58 comments and 56 shares. • Old Sydney Album Facebook page received 170 likes, 11 comments and 24 shares. • The Kuring-gai Police Area Facebook page received 85 likes, 9 comments, and 12 shares. • Total performance for this Throwback Thursday post was 761 reactions, comments & shares and 22,889 people reached. • Hornsby Shire Council Instagram post received 83 likes including a comment from sydney_observer who have nearly 900 Instagram followers.
  3. 3. A ‘Bobbin Head’ search on Hornsby Shire Recollects reveals a further 88 results (70 photographs and 18 documents)
  4. 4. Do the social media results transfer? • On any average day Hornsby Shire Recollects receive approximately 2000 page views. • On Thursdays this usually grows to around 4000 page views due to ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts. • However, after this Bobbin Head post Hornsby Shire Recollects received 23,859 page views!
  5. 5. So what do all these numbers indicate? • We are successfully promoting Hornsby Shire Recollects while projecting our local studies collection out into the wider community. • We are extending our reach to an audience who may never have otherwise discovered our resources. • We have stirred much nostalgia and happy memories about the area for many people.
  6. 6. Where to from here? • Selecting resources which resonate with people. Hal Carter Old Time Band at the Pacific Cabaret, Hornsby
  7. 7. • Experiment with resources other than photographs e.g. maps, oral histories, documents, etc. Thank you