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Goal Setting & Performance Measurement Training

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Goal Setting & Performance Measurement Training

  1. 1. Goal Setting & Performance Measurement Workshop Office of Budget Evaluation & Development
  2. 2. Overview Introducing the process Understanding citywide goals Setting department goals Establishing division objectives Measuring performance
  3. 3. Why do this? Communicate alignment of staff actions & plans with expressed interests of elected leaders Provide focus to achieve results
  4. 4. Introducing the process Citywide Goals (Council & Staff) Department Goals Division Objectives Performance Measures
  5. 5. Citywide Goals Set by Mayor & Council Tracked by City Manager Reflect strategic priorities of our elected officials
  6. 6. Department Goals Set by Departments Tied to Citywide Goals Provide foundation for Division Objectives
  7. 7. Division Objectives Set by Divisions Approved by Department Head Tied to Department and/or Citywide Goals Provide basis for performance measures
  8. 8. Performance Measures Quantified metric Emphasis areas Outcome Efficiency Tied to division objective Reported annually
  9. 9. What are the Citywide Goals? Established by Council in 2011 City Manager reports regularly in regards to status, ongoing activities, accomplishments Reflect expressed strategic interests of elected officials
  10. 10. Preamble The Rocky Mount Mayor and City Council are committed to: •Providing good government •Improving the quality of life in our community •Ensuring a safe community •Providing opportunities and business development •Promoting Social Justice •Being good stewards of the environment •Promoting Community Economic Development
  11. 11. Citywide Goals Continue to expand the use of all communication outlets including the World Wide Web and social media: •To improve the frequency, and accuracy of City communications with the Rocky Mount community and the Twin County Region. •By launching and maintaining a positive image campaign.
  12. 12. Citywide Goals Update the City’s Personnel Policy to: •Ensure fairness and to value diversity in hiring and promotion. •Encourage succession planning. •Promote human capital development. •Provide for career ladders in every department; and •Promote employee understanding of expectations and appropriate grievance and appeal channels.
  13. 13. Citywide Goals Reinvent and transform the city government’s organizational culture: •To encourage and reward creative problem-solving, innovation, and risktaking; and •To improve the economy, efficiency, effectiveness and the equity of city services. This includes customer service policies, employee training, and evaluating impact on citizen satisfaction with city services.
  14. 14. Citywide Goals Build relationships between the City Council and faith-based organizations, churches, and clergy to address human development. Develop strategies to engage and recruit young adults. Build stakeholder support for regional collaboration and launch a strategic planning process for Rocky Mount and the Twin County region.
  15. 15. Citywide Goals Create greater internet access opportunities, particularly in key areas such as downtown. Create a greater critical mass in the Central City by: •Creating more housing opportunities in the downtown area; and •Creating housing opportunities that appeal to young adults.
  16. 16. City Staff Values (Goals) Excellent public service Excellent customer service Innovation
  17. 17. Citywide Goals & Values
  18. 18. Goal Setting What is your purpose? What do you expect to achieve? What motivates improvement? What are you trying to accomplish? How can you advance Citywide goals? How do you meet/exceed expectations and standards?
  19. 19. SMART Goal Setting Specific Measurable Relevant Attainable Time-Specific
  20. 20. Department Goals Project significant accomplishments Include some degree of difficulty Reflect internal mission/vision Incorporate, align with Citywide goals (Council & Staff) Provide foundation for division-level objectives
  21. 21. Division Objectives Statements of expectations, desired achievement Align with department goals Specific, enable effective, quantitative measurement Agree with overall, Citywide philosophy (goals & values)
  22. 22. Let’s Practice!
  23. 23. Performance Measures Enable tracking of goal/objective achievement (alignment) Facilitate accountability Communicate operations to elected officials Set stage for enabling ongoing evaluation & improvement
  24. 24. Performance Measures Developed & tracked at delegated level (supervisory, operations) Potential to positively-influence decision-making from the “bottomup”
  25. 25. PM Components Identify the measure • Quantifiable • Describes specific service dimension • Staff able to acquire, review and analyze data (metric) on a regular (annual, quarterly, monthly) basis
  26. 26. PM Components Categories of measures (preferred) • Efficiencies: relationship between inputs & outputs –Cost ($) per preventative maintenance –# days to process building plans –Weekly meters read per reader
  27. 27. PM Components Categories of measures (preferred) • Outcomes: provide feedback on service quality –% of inspections completed within 3 business days of request –% of Fire Department calls responded to within 3 minutes
  28. 28. PM Components Categories of measures (less preferable) • Inputs: amount of resources used • Outputs: workload, amount of service provided
  29. 29. PM Resources Other jurisdictions Professional standards UNC Benchmarking Project ICMA Performance Measurement Municipal Benchmarks (Ammons) Budget Office Library (soon online)
  30. 30. Let’s Practice!
  31. 31. Remember Citywide Goals!
  32. 32. Practice 1. Identify Citywide goal Excellent customer service 2. Draft Department goal (Planning) Establish and maintain a culture of service that exceeds citizen expectations
  33. 33. Practice 3. Draft Division objective (Inspections) Staff will complete inspections within 3 days of customer request 4. Assign Performance measure % inspections completed within 3 days of customer request
  34. 34. Next Steps Look at prior budget goals, objectives & measures Review Citywide Goals Discuss department & division strategy Discover performance measures
  35. 35. Questions? kenneth.hunter@ rockymountnc.gov Extension 1335