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AirWatch Solution Overview

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AirWatch Solution Overview

  1. 1. AirWatch Overview A Comprehensive Overview of the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management Solution Notices of Proprietary and Confidential Information All written, oral, and other information provided by AirWatch by VMware (i) is solely for the use of the recipient in evaluating AirWatch by VMware’s software and services and no other use is allowed and (ii) is to be kept confidential by the recipient. All such written, oral, and other information is provided by AirWatch by VMware on an “as is” basis and AirWatch by VMware makes no warranties, whether express or implied, regarding its accuracy or completeness or the underlying software and services. All warranties, whether express or implied, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. AirWatch® by VMware®, AirWatch®, Wandering WiFi®, We Simplify Enterprise Mobility™, Enterprise Mobility Simplified™, Mobility Simplified™, AirWatch® Content Locker™ for Android, and AirWatch® Secure Content Locker™ for Apple iOS are trademarks of VMware, Inc in the United States and other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.
  2. 2. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 2 Table of Contents Empowering the Mobile Enterprise ............................................................ 3 Built for Business ..................................................... 4 How We’re Different ............................................... 4 Leading the Industry ............................................... 5 Simplifying Enterprise Mobility ................................... 5 Invest in Employee Productivity .............................................................. 6 Create a Unified Experience .................................... 7 Adopt a Mobile Strategy ......................................... 8 Control Sensitive Data ............................................. 9 Assess Trends in Mobility ...................................... 10 Re-imagine Architecture ....................................... 11 We’re Here for You .................................................... 12 Join the AirWatch Community .............................................................. 12 Training .................................. 13 Support.................................. 13 Professional Services ............................................. 14 Appendix – Product Catalog ...................................... 15 Mobile Device Management ................................. 15 Workspace Management ...................................... 19 Mobile Application Management ......................................................... 20 Mobile Content Management .............................................................. 21 Mobile Browsing Management ............................................................. 22
  3. 3. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 3 Empowering the Mobile Enterprise AirWatch was founded in 2003 with the belief that mobile technology would completely revolutionize the way companies do business. Our mission is to develop solutions that empower companies to focus on innovative uses of mobile technology rather than worrying about the complexities of managing mobility. In February 2014, we were acquired by VMware, Inc. – the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. This acquisition brings with it significant technology assets in the areas of end-user computing, virtualization of operating systems and applications, and identity management. VMware also brings scale with over 500,000 customers and 75,000 partners around the world. As one company, we will deliver unprecedented value across desktop, file sync and share and mobile environments; this combination positions us as the most comprehensive choice for mobility and content management solutions. AirWatch by VMware employs 2,000 people with more than 600 in development across 11 global offices. We have twice the employee base of any other EMM company, and our solution is used to manage millions of devices. As a result of our size and customer base, we can provide the broadest functionality and the most robust security at the lowest price. We are recognized as a global leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM): We solve the challenge of deploying smartphones, tablets, computers and employee-owned devices for more than 14,000 customers. Our management solutions enable organizations to securely manage large-scale deployments of mobile devices, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Mac OS X, Symbian, and Windows devices, from a single, web-based console. With the AirWatch platform, you can quickly enroll devices in your enterprise environment, configure and update device settings, enforce security and compliance policies over the air as well as remotely lock and wipe managed devices to protect access to corporate resources. In addition to providing end-to-end mobile security that extends to users, devices and networks, we provide comprehensive solutions for mobile application management, mobile content management, mobile email management, mobile browsing management, telecom cost management, laptop management and BYOD to help bring the latest mobile innovations and tools to your organization. Built on enterprise-grade architecture designed for scalability, security, and deep integration with your existing IT infrastructure, the AirWatch platform is easy to manage and provides flexible delivery options in the cloud or on-premise to meet your unique business needs. A Proven Leader AirWatch by VMware is the global leader in enterprise-grade mobility solutions across every device, every operating system and every mobile deployment.  Strong track record – Successful deployments exceeding 55,000 devices and cloud environments nearing 200,000+ devices  Highly scalable architecture – On-premise or cloud deployments able to support high availability and redundancy  Industry standard development platforms – .NET, MS SQL, and HTML 5  Feature-rich solution – Enterprise application catalog, robust compliance module, secure content delivery, email management, etc.  Integration to enterprise infrastructure – Directory services, certificates and PKI, email systems, corporate networks, content repositories, APIs, SIEM, etc.  Free Trial and POC – Easy transition from 30-day trial and proof of concept (POC) to production environment  Professional services and implementation – Packages available to fit any deployment needs  Transparent pricing – Flexible licensing and deployment options
  4. 4. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 4 Built for Business Over 14,000 companies trust AirWatch by VMware to secure and manage their mobile assets. Our solutions meet the needs of large multi-national organizations, small localized businesses, and customers from nearly every industry, including government, healthcare, education and more. Large global enterprises and security-conscious organizations require the complex integration, scale, and flexibility that the AirWatch platform offers. Small- and medium-sized businesses benefit from our quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and affordable solutions. How We’re Different Mobility Simplified Mobile technology is complex, but managing it does not have to be. We have developed mobile device management software that enables you to manage any device, anywhere in the world, throughout the full lifecycle. We’ve also applied the same concept to managing the apps and content on your mobile devices, providing a complete mobility management solution in a single console. Innovative Technology Our belief is that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That is why we develop software that is powerful, yet easy to use. The AirWatch platform was developed from the ground up to be multi-tenant and highly scalable, to integrate with existing enterprise systems, and to offer the flexibility of deployment in the cloud or on-premise. Our powerful and intuitive platform continues to differentiate our solution in the marketplace. Industry Leadership Our company’s deeply-rooted entrepreneurial attitude and forward-thinking spirit starts with our executive team, a group with a strong foundation in building and scaling mobility solutions. This mentality extends to our employees who push the limits of technology every day. This company culture makes AirWatch by VMware a destination for leaders – a place where technology experts, innovators, risk takers, and problem solvers can thrive. Company Differentiators Product Differentiators  14,000+ customers in 150 countries  Common development platform  2,000 employees across 11 offices  Broadest mobility solution set  600+ research and development resources  Multitenant, high scalable architecture  Recognized as the industry leader  Advanced integration with mobile ecosystem  Expertise in building enterprise solutions  Flexible deployments in the cloud or on- premise
  5. 5. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 5 Leading the Industry Industry analyst firm Gartner positioned AirWatch by VMware as a leader in the 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management. The distinction marks the fourth consecutive year Gartner has positioned AirWatch in the “Leaders” quadrant. Of 14 vendors included in the report, AirWatch received the highest position for its ability to execute for the second consecutive year. Gartner Leader in 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management for the fourth consecutive year Highest Score in “ability to execute” axis Forrester Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave: File Sync and Share Platforms Report, Q3 2013 Radicati Group Named as the TOP PLAYER in the Enterprise Mobility Market Quadrant, along with VMware as #1 in Desktop and Mobile, 2014 Info-Tech Named Champion in the Info-Tech MDM Vendor Landscape, 2013 Global Mobile Awards Best Enterprise Mobile Service at the Global Mobile Service Awards, 2014 Government Security Awards Platinum Award Winner for Cloud Computing and Storage for AirWatch Secure Content Locker, Government Security Awards, 2014 Analyst research and reports can be downloaded from our website: www.air-watch.com/resources/analyst-reports. “We believe our recognition as a leader in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant validates our commitment to enable organizations with a fully integrated and comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform that transforms their business. Our vision for AirWatch by VMware is to deliver a whole new set of innovations that truly enable employees to work at the speed of life, with a seamless transition from desktop, to mobile, peripherals and the next generation of connected devices within the enterprise.” John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, AirWatch
  6. 6. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 6 Simplifying Enterprise Mobility Invest in Employee Productivity Mobile technologies are changing the way companies do business. The push towards mobility is especially prominent among companies that are using mobile technologies to reshape business processes, increase mobile worker productivity, and deliver value to their customers. AirWatch by VMware provides a complete enterprise mobility platform that seamlessly connects mobile devices to corporate resources, enabling your employees access what they need on-the-go. What AirWatch by VMware Can Do For You Our industry-leading platform enables your employees to access the resources they need anytime, anywhere.  Enable secure access to corporate resources such as email and corporate networks  Deploy corporate apps to streamline business processes, such as sales activity, expense management, human resources, scheduling and more.  Support enterprise-grade document distribution to help ensure employees have the most up-to- date sales material, training resources, textbooks, etc. Increasing investments in mobility are forcing IT leaders in global companies to address several challenges, from supporting a large number of smartphones and tablets across multiple mobile platforms, to developing business applications, and a more complex set of security concerns. AirWatch by VMware is designed to easily integrate and complement your existing enterprise systems. Our flexible architecture helps reduce overall IT investments and achieve higher ROI by implementing scalable technologies, such as virtualization, which grow to meet the demands of your business. Leverage Existing IT Infrastructure Investments Our advanced integration enables you to preserve your investment in existing enterprise resources, centralize mobility management and streamline user enablement.  Integrate with directory services for end user authentication and group structure  Use your existing certificate and PKI investments to provide secure authentication to corporate resources  Leverage existing email infrastructures such as Exchange, Office 365 and more  Integrate with corporate networks to enable secure access to Wi-Fi and VPN  Use existing monitoring systems to track device and console events or monitor your on-premise EMM infrastructure
  7. 7. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 7 Create a Unified Experience In the past, end user experience across multiple components, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, has been difficult and disruptive. As mobile technology evolves, consumers demand a consistent end-user experience – across all devices. AirWatch by VMware provides leading enterprise-grade mobility solutions across every device, every operating system and every mobile deployment. Our scalable enterprise mobility management platform integrates with existing enterprise systems and allows you to manage all devices, regardless of type, platform or ownership, from one central console. Every Mobile Device Manage any mobile device type, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, rugged devices, printers and peripherals.  Smartphones and tablets  Laptops and desktops  Rugged devices  Printers and peripherals Every Mobile Operating System Support multiple operating systems including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Mac and Windows across your organization.  Android  Apple iOS  BlackBerry  Mac  Windows Every Mobile Deployment Enable mobile deployments with multiple device ownership models, including corporate, employee-owned and line of business.  Corporate: end user and multiuser  Employee: BYOD  Line of business: kiosk and shared
  8. 8. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 8 Adopt a Mobile Strategy With the consumerization of mobility, many organizations are turning to bring your own device (BYOD) programs, or a hybrid approach comprised of corporate- and employee-owned devices. As a result, IT administrators must evaluate multiple security approaches, including whether to manage the entire device or offer a managed workspace or corporate container. The AirWatch platform offers flexible options for managing device fleets, regardless of your mobile strategy. Full Device Management With the AirWatch platform, you can manage all enrolled devices from a central location in the AirWatch console. Configure profiles to give users access to corporate email, Wi-Fi, VPN and more. Users are authenticated during enrollment, and devices are automatically configured with profiles, apps and content based on the user’s group assignment. Track compliance and view real-time information for enrolled devices via the interactive dashboards in the AirWatch console. Manage the Entire Device  Allows for complete control of the device  Supports corporate-, employee-owned and shared devices  Provides complete visibility across your mobile device deployment Workspace Management AirWatch enables organizations to standardize enterprise security and data loss prevention strategies across mobile devices through our flexible approach to containerization. Containerization with AirWatch Workspace provides complete separation of corporate and personal data on devices, securing corporate resources and maintaining employee privacy. With app-level and workspace options for containerization, you can deploy corporate containers to fit your organizational security requirements. Separate Corporate and Personal Data  Provides an intuitive end user experience  Allows for flexible deployment options using dual persona or stand-alone views  Offers complete data loss protection, without the need to manage the device Manage the entire device, manage a corporate container or choose to implement a combination of strategies.
  9. 9. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 9 Control Sensitive Data As mobility becomes an integral part of the way companies do business, addressing the challenges of protecting enterprise data on mobile devices has become critical. Whether using a corporate-owned or employee-owned device, employees access corporate data, email and more from their mobile devices. These user actions require you to implement a mobile strategy with strong security policies. Provide End-to-End Security The AirWatch platform helps ensure your enterprise mobility deployment is secure and corporate information is protected. Our features provide end-to-end security that extends to the user, device, application, content, data and network levels.  Enable multifactor user authentication  Enforce consistent security policies  Encrypt sensitive corporate data  Support internal PKI and third-party certificates  Integrate with Network Access Control systems Our integrated compliance engine continuously monitors devices and performs escalating actions to prevent noncompliance. If a noncompliant device is detected, preconfigured escalating actions are performed automatically to bring the device back into compliance. Automate Compliance to Scale Use the integrated compliance engine to detect compromised and noncompliant devices and block access to corporate resources.  Build Policies – Select compliance criteria  Define Escalation – Define time-based escalation policies with tiered and repeat actions for increasing levels of noncompliance  Specify Action – Perform automatic actions such as custom notifications, enterprise wipe, profile removal/installation and managed application removal “AirWatch provided us with an easy-to-implement solution, covering the core components needed from a mobility solution. We now have a solid foundation and the flexibility to adapt in this fast-paced mobile world.” Loyola University Maryland
  10. 10. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 10 Assess Trends in Mobility In addition to tracking mobile security, IT administrators often need to monitor returns on technology investments. AirWatch by VMware offers a variety of data-driven tools to help find patterns and make guided decisions based on analysis, including customizable dashboards, the AirWatch Hub, AirWatch Analytics and an integrated reporting engine. Real-time Dashboards AirWatch dashboards give you a quick view into real-time device fleet data. From the dashboards, you can see a high- level graphical view of your deployment, view a comprehensive list of enrolled devices and drill down into device and user information details. AirWatch Hub The AirWatch Hub is a customizable, central portal for fast access to critical information. You can configure the Hub to display the data that is most important to you, and quickly identify issues and take action from a single location. AirWatch Analytics AirWatch Analytics allows you to monitor device and app deployments to better understand your mobile device fleet. Compare your deployment across industries, regions, and markets to get a sense of where your organization stands against other AirWatch deployments. Integrated Reporting Engine AirWatch offers extensive reporting capabilities, providing you with actionable, result-driven statistics about your deployment. Custom reports and more than 80 report templates are available, and all can be prepared and exported on a defined schedule or recurring basis. View Real-time Data | Generate over 80 Reports | Distribute and Export | Integrate with BI products
  11. 11. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 11 Re-imagine Architecture As employees demand access to resources on-the-go, EMM is becoming critical to business productivity, and IT administrators are faced with implementing EMM solutions in the most secure and cost effective way. AirWatch by VMware understands that architecture is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. With this in mind, we have architected our platform around the componentization of core functions – allowing you to deploy the software specific to your environment and architecture requirements. Best in Class Architecture Take advantage of our flexible architecture that grows with your organization.  Extensive multitenancy capabilities to absorb fragmentation within your organization  Deep enterprise integration that leverages your existing IT investments  Built on a single code base to make support and upgrades easy  Supports both physical and virtual servers AirWatch by VMware offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options for our EMM platform. The same exact solutions and infinite scaling capabilities are delivered with AirWatch Cloud and on-premise deployments, and you have the flexibility to migrate from one deployment to the other if your needs change. Our cloud deployments offer fast implementation, with little effort or investment in resources – all supported from our world- class data centers. Because AirWatch is built on industry standard technology, on-premise customers can leverage their existing infrastructure investments, including network, backup and monitoring solutions. Built for Flexibility We have designed our architecture to be both configurable and secure – regardless of the deployment type.  Provides enterprise-grade architecture (not reliant on an appliance)  Offers isolation of sensitive data within internal network  Enables secure advanced certificate integration  Supports industry standard high availability and disaster recovery capability  Scales while maintaining a single administrator console
  12. 12. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 12 We’re Here for You Join the AirWatch Community Our online community, myAirWatch, provides a variety of tools designed to help you become an AirWatch expert. Learn valuable tips and tricks written by our experts or interact with the customer community in online forums. AirWatch Marketplace AirWatch Marketplace is a community of trusted AirWatch technology partners providing leading mobility solutions, products and applications for every industry. AirWatch Marketplace delivers the best technology to fit our customers’ mobile strategies. Discover new technology—with proven integration—and manage all things mobile with AirWatch. AirWatch Blog Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in mobility and mobile thought leadership, as well as AirWatch product announcements, awards and our weekly newsletter through the AirWatch Blog. User Conferences and Groups AirWatch Connect Annual User Conference and Global Tour – Our global user conferences feature educational sessions, customer panels, executive tracks, and hands-on product labs that showcase the latest innovations in mobile security, application, content, and device management. In 2014, AirWatch Connect events will take place in Atlanta, London and Sidney. AirWatch Connect Local – Our local series of user events are designed around key industries and markets for our global customer base to address the challenges specific to the AirWatch community. We host approximately 70 Connect Local events annually. Barcelona, Spain 2014 Over 85,000 people gathered in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the world’s greatest mobile event and the blueprint for the next big innovation. Held in the heart of Mobile World Congress, AirWatch Connect built upon the event’s mobile program and expo, with over 2,600 attendees gathered for enterprise-focused thought leadership sessions, AirWatch Certification Workshops, networking and one-on-one meetings with the AirWatch executive team and our technology experts.
  13. 13. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 13 Training AirWatch offers a comprehensive and easily accessible catalog of training resources that provides varying levels of product knowledge and technical expertise. Whether you prefer on-demand access to product documentation, instructional videos, online forums or instructor-led training courses, AirWatch provides the resources you need to optimize your mobile strategy. AirWatch Academy Certification Program The AirWatch Academy Certification Program provides a prescriptive path of training courses and exams for partners and customers to become accredited AirWatch administrators. Certified customers are recognized for their AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management platform expertise, including knowledge of all AirWatch solutions: mobile security, device, application, content, email and browsing management, along with AirWatch Workspace, BYOD and multi-user management. Training Offerings  Instructor-led Training – This two-day, live training offers hands-on labs at the AirWatch Academy Training Center, your facility, or through a dedicated WebEx session. ITL concludes with the Associate Certification Exam.  Live Webinar Training – Instructors teach live, remote 60-90 minute sessions with virtual lab exercises that cover Associate-level courses and additional product training.  OnDemand Training – Recorded versions of instructor-delivered lectures allow you to learn at your own pace. Post-training Resources  Product Documents – We offer core and advanced product documents, “how-to” guides, getting started checklists, and technical whitepapers that cover key topics and address common challenges.  Instructional Videos – Our video library consists of succinct instructional videos organized by training curriculum, topic, and experience level to help you manage your own training schedule.  myAirWatch – The myAirWatch Knowledgebase gives you access to valuable tips and tricks written by product experts, product documents, and the latest webinars and announcements Support AirWatch is dedicated to providing each customer with numerous opportunities to interact with our team when a technical question or incident may arise. Our support team can be contacted via web or phone with response targets based upon incident severity. We provide support including a managed knowledgebase, customer forum community, phone support, screen sharing and onsite services. Support a Global Deployment Get the level of support that is appropriate for your program, with 24/7/365 coverage for severity 1 incidents and unlimited online support requests for all support levels  Three support levels available  24/7/365 access to support options  Support available via web or phone
  14. 14. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 14 Professional Services AirWatch by VMware recognizes the unique challenges IT professionals face when deploying a mobile solution. We simplify the process of navigating a mobile complex environment with a number of professional services offerings. Our global network of industry and technology experts pulls from the collective experience and best practices from over 14,000 successful customer implementations. Implementation for Every Deployment AirWatch by VMware offers a deliverables-based implementation that includes planning and transition phases, a dedicated implementation consultant, and the flexibility to meet your unique needs in terms of technical requirements, timeline and project management. Whether you are deploying the AirWatch platform in the cloud or on-premise, we provide numerous resources to help ensure a smooth implementation. Services Offerings  Project Management – Our deployment bundles and custom statements of work cover all phases of solution installation and configuration, including implementation tasks, resource planning and deliverables.  Bundled Packages – We have aligned our bundled implementation packages with the AirWatch Management Suites to help tailor the deployment to your mobility goals – so you only pay for the services you need.  Qualified Resources – Our Professional Services team is highly skilled and undergoes extensive training in the solution. We assign consultants based on industry and deployment needs to provide you with the most qualified resource.  Health Check – Designed to provide a holistic view into the technical and functional aspects of your deployment, the AirWatch Health Check can help you evaluate ROI, identify necessary modifications or test the system before go-live.  Upgrade Services – With our upgrade services, our Professional Services Team will assist you in planning, testing and upgrading your on-premise or dedicated hosted AirWatch environment to the latest version.  Ad-hoc Services – We offer custom packages and optional services to help setup advanced certificate configuration, HA/DR environments (on-premise) and individual solutions such as Secure Content Locker Collaborate.
  15. 15. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 15 Appendix – Product Catalog Mobile Device Management AirWatch Mobile Device Management enables businesses to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central administrator console. With the AirWatch platform, you can manage a diverse fleet of Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows PC/RT and Windows Phone devices from a single management console. Manage a Diverse Fleet of Devices Our solution enables you to enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings, and secure mobile devices over-the-air.  View and control devices in a single management console  Provide a simple, agent-based enrollment process, which allows both administrators and end users to enroll devices  Deploy profiles to devices to define settings, policies and restrictions, including passcode, Wi- Fi, VPN, email, applications and more  Create customizable Terms of Use statements for enrollment and applications  Send commands on demand to devices to request information and perform actions Device Support AirWatch supports the following mobile and laptop OS/platforms:  Apple iOS 4+, 5+, 6+ and 7+  Android 2.3+, 3.0+ and 4.0+  Windows Phone 7+ and 8+  Windows 32, 8, 8.1, RT and RT 8.1  Apple Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher  Blackberry 5, 6, 7 and 10  Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5  Windows CE 4, 5 and 6  Symbian S60 and ^3 BYOD Support We built our solution to support enterprises that choose BYOD programs or a hybrid of corporate- and employee-owned programs, without compromising the security and management of your mobile fleet. You can manage assets, enforce policies and distribute corporate resources based on device ownership. Manage Employee-owned Devices Differently Our solution allows you to support employee choice, while maintaining security and mitigating risk.  Allow end users to choose from a variety of platforms and manufacturers  Enable self-enrollment using our simplified enrollment process  Separate corporate and personal data and configure policies to prevent collection of personal information  Mitigate risk by requiring end users to accept Terms of Use statements before enrolling
  16. 16. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 16 Mobile Email Management AirWatch Mobile Email Management delivers comprehensive security for corporate email infrastructures. Email security requirements vary for organizations, depending on supported device ownership models and industry regulations. AirWatch offers flexible options for your email management strategy, giving you choice over the deployment strategy that best fits your business and security requirements. Leverage Your Existing Mail Infrastructure Email infrastructures supported include Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and cloud-based infrastructures such as Gmail, Office365 and BPOS.  Install, remove and manage email certificates  Block unauthorized, lost or stolen devices  Block specific OS versions that stress your email server or devices not running the latest OS  Restrict email access to approved managed devices and track unmanaged devices attempting to access email  Monitor corporate email activity 24/7/365  Define email compliance policies and actions  Choose from a proxy or direction integration model AirWatch Inbox The AirWatch Inbox is a secure, containerized email client providing complete separation of enterprise and personal data. Protected with AES 256-bit encryption, the AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data loss prevention policies to secure sensitive data. Provide Enterprise-grade Inbox Security By automatically provisioning email accounts to the AirWatch Inbox, you can enforce access control policies by preventing users from configuring accounts.  Authenticate users via username/password, AirWatch Single Sign On or a certificate  Push messages and remotely wipe email data and settings for compromised or non-compliant devices  Disable the ability to copy and paste data outside of the AirWatch Inbox and prevent email forwarding to blacklisted domains  Require attachments to be viewed in the AirWatch Secure Content Locker or disable the ability to send and receive attachments via email
  17. 17. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 17 Multiuser Management Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way that businesses operate, how students learn and the methods doctors employ to treat patients. Since deploying a device to each user can be cost-prohibitive, many organizations deploy devices to be shared by multiple users. AirWatch Multiuser Management helps organizations across all industries address the challenges of shared devices. AirWatch helps meet enterprise security and management requirements for shared devices while providing the personalized experiences that users demand. Manage and Secure Devices AirWatch allows users to share devices without compromising security.  Authenticate users during check-out and distribute user-appropriate configurations  Configure settings at a group or individual user level  Use a standard configuration or allow configurations to be dynamic based on the user  Disable the end user’s ability to alter device configurations or provide the end user with the freedom to change specific settings Telecom Cost Controls Telecom resources are often a significant expense for businesses. To manage telecom cost and to mitigate expensive potential overages, it is imperative to properly configure and apply controls to your device fleet. The AirWatch telecom management solution allows you to configure and assign telecom plans to devices across the mobile fleet based on preconfigured criteria. Help Prevent “Bill Shock” With AirWatch, you have the ability to track telecom data in a number of ways using custom settings, profiles, and compliance policies from the AirWatch administrator console.  Configure telecom plans with specific telecom data, voice and messaging limits  Assign plans manually or automatically to mobile assets based on multiple device attributes  Perform compliance actions, including end-user notifications, escalations and device restrictions if usage limits are exceeded  Set specific privacy settings applicable to individual telecom data types for employee- owned devices  Control the use of roaming  Generate and subscribe to telecom data reports
  18. 18. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 18 Laptop Management Mobile devices in your enterprise go beyond smartphones and tablets. You need a simple way to deploy, secure and manage your entire mobile fleet, including laptops, netbooks and notebooks. AirWatch Laptop Management enables you to manage Mac OS and Windows laptops alongside your smartphones and tablets. With AirWatch, you can enroll laptops in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update settings over-the-air, enforce security policies and track all your assets in a central admin console. Manage Laptops, Netbooks and Notebooks AirWatch enables both web-based enrollment and over-the- air enrollment via the AirWatch Agent.  Standardize configurations across laptops for scalable distribution with imaging capabilities  Use the AirWatch Agent to collect device information and communicate important messages to users  Create profiles to configure security settings, enable access to corporate resources, customize the user interface and more  Provision customer products to distribute apps, create and modify files, run scripts and perform commands User Self-service The AirWatch self-service portal allows end users to self-manage and monitor their devices from a web browser to simplify enrollment, configuration and support. Users can view installed profiles and applications, track GPS location history, query the device and clear passcodes. Users can also make requests for apps, profiles and technical support. Enable Self-service Management Reduce IT burden by allowing end users basic administration over devices.  Simplify enrollment, configuration and support,  Enable users to drag-and-drop files into personal folders with AirWatch Secure Content Locker Collaborate  Share files with others and set different access and editing privileges
  19. 19. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 19 Workspace Management AirWatch enables organizations to standardize enterprise security and DLP strategies across mobile devices through a flexible approach to containerization. With app-level and enterprise workspace container options, AirWatch container solutions can be deployed to fit your enterprise security requirements. AirWatch has developed container solutions for corporate email, applications, content and browsing as part of our comprehensive EMM platform. Dual-persona View Deploy the AirWatch Workspace to enable a dual-persona for corporate resources on the device, supported by user authentication, single sign-on, data encryption, app-level policies, compliance monitoring and management. Unified View Deploy our container solutions as stand-alone applications on the device, enabling users to see corporate and personal resources together while protecting enterprise data. AirWatch Container Options  Email – Enable secure access to corporate email, calendar and contacts through the AirWatch Inbox or through a hybrid approach with native clients and a secure container for email attachments.  Application – Develop secure apps with the AirWatch Software Development Kit or wrap already developed apps into a secure container with the AirWatch App Wrapping engine. We also provide a fully customizable application catalog for easy distribution and management of enterprise apps.  Content – Secure distribution of sensitive corporate content, and enable easy access, file synching, and collaboration with the AirWatch Secure Content Locker. Our content container integrates seamlessly with popular content repositories and provides flexible storage options.  Browsing – Enable secure internet browsing with AirWatch Browser with custom configuration modes, whitelists and blacklists and app tunneling to intranet sites without a VPN connection. “We use the AirWatch Secure Content Locker to give our sales team the latest sales presentations, videos and information to share with potential and current customers. Being able to push the most recent products specs over-the- air to the device gives the team a big competitive advantage.” Bandalux
  20. 20. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 20 Mobile Application Management Mobile applications are changing the way your employees work. Today’s mobile users demand mobile applications that connect them to enterprise resources, increase their productivity and promote collaboration with colleagues. The AirWatch Mobile Application Management solution addresses the challenge of acquiring, distributing, securing and tracking mobile applications. Deliver Apps that Keep Employees Productive Easily manage internal, public and purchased apps across employee-owned, corporate-owned and shared devices from one central console.  Manage applications throughout the entire app lifecycle from purchasing and developing to securing, distributing and tracking installation  Integrate with public app stores to distribute public or purchased applications with the brandable AirWatch App Catalog  Use the Apple Volume Purchase Program to purchase and distribute apps, iBooks and custom B2B apps in bulk  Integrate with AirWatch Mobile Device Management to define application compliance rules, such as app blacklists, and to track application installation Advanced Application Management The AirWatch platform allows you to split the application creation and publishing process into steps, including create, review, assign and publish. The AirWatch Software Development Kit allows developers to integrate the same features and functionalities provided by AirWatch into their own custom-built applications. AirWatch App Wrapping gives your existing internal applications an extra level of security and management capabilities, without further development or code change. App Reputation Scanning AirWatch App Reputation Scanning allows you to identify common app risks, such as access to privacy settings, unsecure network connections, malicious code and more, before distributing to devices. Prevent access to apps on compromised devices and automatically uninstall apps when a user un-enrolls. Powering the Mobile App Ecosystem AirWatch AppShield takes a more flexible and scalable approach to integrating with apps than the traditional approach of individual vendors integrating a proprietary SDK. AirWatch offers scale by partnering with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs), Rapid App Development Platforms (RADs) and third-party app developers to extend security and management capabilities, including configuration, authentication/SSO, backend connectivity, security and analytics, to enterprise apps. As part of AirWatch AppShield, partners have flexibility to leverage the AirWatch Software Development Kit, AirWatch App Wrapping or standards-based app-level policies to help ensure enterprise apps are compatible with the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management platform. Deploy the AirWatch App Catalog to your device fleet with or without mobile device management.
  21. 21. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 21 Mobile Content Management Employees need anytime, anywhere access to corporate content to stay productive. Many employees are taking advantage of free file sharing services to access sensitive documents, putting your organization’s corporate data at risk. The proliferation of consumer mobility is driving the need for a simple and ubiquitous content collaboration solution. AirWatch by VMware enables secure mobile access to content anytime, anywhere. AirWatch Secure Content Locker protects your sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access the latest sales materials, board books or financial reports from their mobile devices. Anytime, Anywhere Access Protect sensitive content in a corporate container and provide employees with a central point to securely access their content across their mobile devices, desktop or web browser.  Access the Secure Content Locker mobile application from Apple, Android and Windows devices  AirWatch Secure Content Locker Sync enables users with two-way synchronization of content from desktops to devices  AirWatch Secure Content Locker Collaborate and the web-based self-service portal allows users to add, manage and share personal content  Content can be hosted in a public cloud, the AirWatch Cloud, an existing content repository or enterprise file share  View content inventory at the organization, file or device level with real-time content dashboards and reporting features Enterprise-grade Security and DLP Our solution allows administrators to configure advanced data loss prevention is possible with restrictions and policies for ultimate data loss prevention.  Authenticate users via AD/LDAP, Kerberos, AirWatch Single Sign On, two-factor token and certificate-based methods  Content is encrypted in transit, at rest and in use with AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 compliant restrictions  Configure restrictions for advanced DLP, including offline viewing, cut/copy/paste, printing and emailing, and “open in” restrictions  Define effective and expiration dates, define downloads as automatic or on demand, and control download method (Wi-Fi or cellular)  Enable users to capture photos and videos from their device camera directly within the AirWatch Secure Content Locker
  22. 22. AirWatch Overview | v.2014.10 | October 2014 © 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 22 Mobile Browsing Management Mobile Internet access provides a wealth of possibilities for interactive customer experiences, mobile point of sale transactions and more, but it also poses security risks. Employees often have access to websites that are unnecessary to your business and could contain malware. AirWatch Mobile Browsing Management enables secure browsing and provides organizations with the ability to configure customized settings to meet their unique business and end-user needs. AirWatch Browser allows administrators to define and enforce secure browsing policies from the admin console. Secure Web Browsing for Ultimate DLP Our secure browser allows corporations to take advantage of mobile browsing without security risks.  Configure browsing for corporate-owned, line-of- business and employee-owned devices  Provide end users with an easy-to-use interface  Enable AirWatch Single Sign On across business apps  Set a list of pre-defined bookmarks and provide secure browsing through site whitelists and blacklists  Define cookie acceptance and clear cookies and browsing history upon exit  Configure an app tunnel to corporate intranet sites  Deploy the AirWatch Mobile Access Gateway, web proxy, VPN or allow public browsing