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15 Things to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner #PureMichigan

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Did you know you could source all ingredients for your #Thanksgiving dinner here in the #MittenOfPlenty?

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15 Things to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner #PureMichigan

  1. 1. 15 things to that make your THANKSGIVING Holiday Dinner Pure Michigan! Dianna Stampfler
  2. 2. PromoteMichigan.com Michigan is often referred to as the “Mitten of Plenty” – and there is no time better than Thanksgiving to dig into the rich world of Michigan produce! Did you know that when it comes to agriculture, Michigan is second only to California in terms of overall diversity? We produce more than 200 commodities here in the Great Lakes State – generating more than $102 billion for the state’s economy (and making it our #2 industry). Michigan.gov/MDA 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  3. 3. PromoteMichigan.com Get things started with some dishes of freshly roasted nuts from Koeze in Grand Rapids or Kar’s in Detroit. For appetizer platters, look to Schuler’s Bar Scheeze, Pinconning, Zingerman’s or the award-winning raclette from Leelanau Cheese Co., along with summer sausage and meats from Kowalski or Koegel’s and crackers from Keebler. Pickles from McClure’s, Mandigo, Heintz and Vlasic also support the made-in-Michigan theme. 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  4. 4. PromoteMichigan.com The star of the Thanksgiving feast is the turkey! Approximately 4.6 million Tom turkeys are raised on more than 43 family- owned farms each year in Michigan! Michigan Turkey Producers Did you know the Butterball company was founded in Grand Rapids in the 1950s by Leo Peters (although operations no longer exist there). Have you ever been to Cornwell’s Turkeyville USA in Marshall? (Photo credit). 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  5. 5. PromoteMichigan.com If you prefer ham for Thanksgiving, you might be interested to know that Michigan’s hog production totaled 556 million pounds back in 2007, ranking us #14 in the nation. Did you know that Honeybaked Ham was founded in Detroit in 1957? Three generations and more than 400 stores later, this traditional ham has become a key part of holiday celebrations around the country. 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  6. 6. PromoteMichigan.com Now, time for the sides… Michigan ranks #7 nationally in potato production, contributing $164 million each year to the state’s economy. Collectively, the 90 growers harvest 1.4 billion pounds of round whites and russets, from 43,000 acres. www.mipotato.com 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  7. 7. PromoteMichigan.com The main ingredient in stuffing (or dressing, depending which term you prefer) can be sourced from your local bakery. Celery was first grown in the United States when Scotsman George Taylor first planted seeds in Portage (known today as “Celery City”) back in 1856. In 2011, Michigan farmers grew 99.7 million pounds of onions. And, if chestnuts are part of your recipe, you’ll be happy to know that there are nearly 40 growers in Michigan – more than any other state. 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  8. 8. PromoteMichigan.com Baked beans are another standard side dish on Thanksgiving. Michigan is known throughout the world as a top producer of dry edible beans – with more than 2500 bean growers that contribute over $120 million to our economy. www.michiganbean.org 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  9. 9. PromoteMichigan.com Squash as a side dish… One of my favorite dishes – because not only does it taste good (roasted with butter and brown sugar) but it makes the house smell wonderful! In 2011, Michigan produced 122 million pounds of squash for fresh or processed use, totaling $25.5 million. 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  10. 10. PromoteMichigan.com Deviled eggs…a must-have side… Michigan ranks #9 in egg production. There are more than 3.5 million egg- laying hens on farms in Allegan County alone. Ottawa County, on average, produces three million dozen eggs per year. 15 ways to CELEBRATE National Picnic Month in Pure Michigan
  11. 11. PromoteMichigan.com Forego the canned cranberries this year and opt instead for fresh fruit! Michigan ranks #6 nationally, with almost 250 acres of cranberries generating about 40,000 barrels. The largest operating farms can be found in Cheboygan County, along the Lake Huron shoreline, as well as in five counties along the southern Lake Michigan coastline. www.michigancranberry.us 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  12. 12. PromoteMichigan.com The culmination of the traditional dinner comes when the pumpkin pie is served. Michigan is ranked second in the country for the number of acres planted for pumpkins. In 2010, Michigan growers dedicated 7,400 acres to pumpkins (for processing and for ornamental Jack-o-lanterns) with 92.5 million pounds harvested. 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  13. 13. PromoteMichigan.com Apples are Michigan’s largest and most valuable fruit crop. Most are processed into other products, like pie filling and fruit pies! Crane’s Pie Pantry in Fennville, just miles from the Saugatuck/Douglas area and the Lake Michigan shore is one of the noted producers. Grand Traverse Pie Company originated in Traverse City, but is now found in more than a dozen cities around Michigan, as well as at many Kroger stores. www.MichiganApples.com 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  14. 14. PromoteMichigan.com Don’t forget the ice cream with that pie! Michigan ranks #5 nationally in annual ice cream production, with vanilla the top flavor (an ideal pairing for pumpkin pie). Among the top producers is Hudsonville Ice Cream – maker of the Pure Michigan Salted Caramel Apple and even Pumpkin Pie flavored ice creams. 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  15. 15. PromoteMichigan.com Of course, locally-made wine and craft beer makes the perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving dinner. Michigan ranks #13 for wine production, with some 130+ wineries spread out throughout both peninsulas. (www.MichiganWines.com) When it comes to craft beer, Michigan ranks #5 with nearly 200 breweries throughout the state. (www.MiBeer.com). 15 things that make THANKSGIVING Pure Michigan
  16. 16. PromoteMichigan.com This Thanksgiving, see if you can make your meal as Pure Michigan as possible! For more recipes, check out these locally-produced cookbooks! And, share some of your favorite holiday recipes with us at Facebook.com/PromoteMichigan2. 15 ways to CELEBRATE National Picnic Month in Pure Michigan