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Mblj chin yixing_3s4_8

  1. 1. By : Chin Yi Xing(8) 3s4
  2. 2. A stake for everyone,Opportunities for allDealing with limited resourcesBringing in foreign investments
  3. 3. •Governments heard Singaporean’sconcern about the newly built casino.•Came out with solutions to preventSingaporeans who are addicted gamblersfrom gambling at the casino
  4. 4. •The Casino created job opportunitiesfor many Singaporeans•Reduce the unemployment rate ofSingapore
  5. 5. •Singapore is a country with verylimited natural resources•We cannot depend mainly on naturalresources for a living
  6. 6. •Governments have set up eco-friendlygadgets around Singapore•One example is the Giant Solar-PoweredFan at the Marina Bay Sands•Another example is NEWater
  7. 7. Giant Solar-Powered FanIt is a big standing fan powered by solarenergy from the sun.On a hot day, it is like an oasis aspedestrians can rest and enjoy the breezeunder these big fans.It is also very eco-friendly.
  8. 8. •NEWater is high-grade reclaimed waterproduced from treated used water.•Singapore faces the problem, lack of water•This helps us to produce water supply forour own country•Therefore we need not depend on othercountries for water supplies
  9. 9. •Singapore has many internationalbrands stores•The shoppes at Marina Bay Sandsattracts tourists and has manyinternational brand storeThis will help to bring in manyforeign investments
  10. 10. •The casino will bring in many tourists tocome and gamble•This will bring in foreign investment
  11. 11. C reditshttp://vincentloy.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/insight-marina-bay-sands-singapore/