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Petition to Fire a Team Member

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This form is used in team projects in my classes. The form lets students fire a teammate in a group project for justifiable reasons. You can learn more about how I use this assignment via a blog series I wrote at MattKushin.com titled "A Guide To Setting Up Classroom Groups for Success." It is discussed in post #3 of that series.

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Petition to Fire a Team Member

  1. 1. Petition to Fire Team Member Dr. Kushin’s Classes As discussed on the “Team Contract”, this document outlines rules and procedures for firingteam members. Procedure: To firea member of your team, you need: 1) To have issued a Warningto the team member by the deadline,adheringto the “Team Member Warning” procedures on the file:“Issuea Team Member Warning”(see coursewebsite) a. Note: There areextreme circumstances where a team warningis overridden. See “Group Contracts” 2) Majority vote from those members who would remain in your team after the termination of the fired member(s). Vote must be documented via signatureon a copy of your petition to fire member. 3) A petition to firethe member must be written and submitted to Dr. Kushin by the deadlineto fire members (see syllabusor ask Dr.Kushin). The petition should document your reason(s) for petitioningto firethe member. For example, how are they causinga substantial distressto the team that is preventing the team from performing to its best? (e.g., what work has this person failed to do?, arethey consistently missingmeetings?, etc.). Length of the petition is dictated only by the extent of the reason you feel is needed to warrant termination. What happens next? 1) Dr. Kushin will reviewyour petition and if itis reasonablewill grantit.Then, Dr. Kushin will informthe fired members. 2) A copy of your petition will be made availableto the fired member(s) upon request – however, you may request to remove your names from the petition by clarifyingthis besideyour signature.This is only fair,a person deserves to know why they arefired. Remember: 1. Fired members can either 1) form a new team with other members who have been fired from their team, 2) be forced to work on their own (If you are fired from your team – you arenot doomed to fail.But it should be a wakeup call!) Members fired from a team, will retain all grades they earned prior to being fired. 2. Fired individualswill receivea reduction in their overall participation grade.