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  1. 1. 0000000000000000000000 Professor John Walker FBCS CISM CRISC ITPC CITP FRSA MSSoc 000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Take-Down 2014 [AKA – The Yellow Brick Road to Insecurity] 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/ 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  2. 2. Who AM I CTI Cytelligence Ltd Member ENISA CEI Listed Experts - http://www.enisa.europa.eu/ Registered International Expert Witness Editorial Board – Cyber Security Research Institute (CRSI) Microsoft Partner Freelance Writer International Presenter Visiting Professor School of Science and Technology NTU Visiting Professor/Lecturer – University of Slovenia 30 Years Experience in the Fields of Infosecurity, and Cyber 100+ Papers Published Internationally Presented 100+ Internationally http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  3. 3. Die Hard – 4 – With Nails Fiction-or-Fact! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  4. 4. Socio-Economic Implications One overall Society Wide implication is, by Socio-Economic Implication we [the Global Village] have embedded the environment of Internet dependencies into the very fabric of our lives – Cloud has expand these dependencies. Social, Business, Government, all of which are now entwined into the interconnected environment, the Genie is Out, and may not be placed back in the bottle. Business Operations are highly dependent - Governments are highly reliant on Internet Operability. Socially be it from IP TV, VoIP, or even Home working, again dependency is high . . . . Making it, and us an ideal surface of Attack. This dependency on an environment with no real Governance, Cross Boarder Control, or for that SLA, makes us significantly vulnerable, in the Medium to Long Term . . . and it WILL have consequences! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  5. 5. SITREP – 11/02/13/14 Criminals are Winning – and the Rewards are HIGH http://www.bankinfosecurity.co.uk/blogs/new-fraud-scheme-launched-via-chat-p-1403 Hacktivists are, well Active (NOT forgetting Cyber Radicals) PCI-DSS has been found to be FLAWED The Standard of ‘Overcompensation’ Skills Low – they need to be honed International Threats Ignored Too many Reports – NOT enough Action Lack of Reporting Lack of Public Security Awareness http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  6. 6. Yesterdays Threat a) Malware – Once considered by Government Agencies [GCHQ/CESG] to be a passing nuisance - is now a significant threat and in a new guise! b) SPAM – Thought to only be a communication which had to be managed [House or Lords Technology Committee]. Now a major conduit for Malware, and other adverse infiltrations! c) Cyber Intelligence Gathering [OSINT] is a reality and not a myth [consider the Cuckoos Egg]! d) Cyber Attacks have taken place against the UK, US, and Germany to name but a few – Titan Rain! e) Root Servers are regular targets! f) IP is everywhere [Including Fridges] and so the threats are commensurate and rising – The Dirty Shirt! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  7. 7. Some Good Bad Examples 1. DNS 2. Exposures & Vulnerabilities 3. Users – Education & Awareness (Not me Gov) 4. Patch & Fix (or NOT) 5. Bleeding Edge Technologies 6. Virtualisation & Cloud (and its not new) 7. Lack of Standards 8.New Age Malware (Smart Cell Phone) http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  8. 8. The Promise of Third Parties When Contracting out into a Specialty Third Parties there is an expectation that they will provision the required level of Best Practice support to secure the enterprise under contract, and do what they say they do – as stated in the following article form published in Secure Computing magazine, by a CSIO representing a well known Big Name Third Party: Problem was – when working with a major brand Company this same supplier was supporting, they did not follow any such path, and the service was so wanting it left [and is leaving today] that client exposed to Uncontrolled Security Incidents, Exposure to Malware, and Insider Threats to mention just three of many shortfalls. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  9. 9. Real-Time, Real-World LONDON, Jan/07: The Director General of MI5 warned British companies of possible cyber-attacks originating from China. The Prime Minister's office accused China of engaging in state-sponsored espionage targeting integral parts of Britain's economy, using the computer infrastructure of Banks and financial services. April 2010 the Cabinet Office assessed the threat from Electronic Attack from Russia, and China was rated SEVERE. Better late than never: Copyright SBLTD 2012 http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  10. 10. Unrestricted Warfare Unrestricted Warfare is a book on military strategy written in 1999 by two colonels in the People's Liberation Army, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/ Copy supplied as a ‘Hand-Out-1’
  11. 11. Public Exposures Hotels & Public Access Points can present very insecure & hostile environments which can & do exposure their users! Example of a deployed Access Point at a well know London Hotel which is compromised & possibly being exploited today! http://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/opinion/1844378/incidents-hotels-sow-reservations-security http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  12. 12. Exposures 2013/14 1. Large Global Oil & Gas – Insecure SCADA 2. UK Smart Metering – Open to Abuse 3. Connected Homes – Hacked and Insecure 4. Major London Based Bank - Compromised 5. London City Insurance Broker – Total Insecurity 6. Scot’s Care Home Hacked – Heating Systems] 7. Betting Agency – Cyber and DDoS Attack 8.Operational Security – Learning on the Job!!! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  13. 13. DDoS DDoS has been growing in popularity year-on-year, with the throughput of adverse traffic increasing - it requires zero skill to join in and to play: http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  14. 14. Italy = 20 China = 428 Global Attacks Attacks – 2012 - 2013 Hong Kong = 66 Turkey = 52 Poland = 10 Brazil = 19 California = 20 Turkey = 161 California = 22 South Korea = 24 Japan = 36 Venezuela = 15 Brazil = 34 California = 24 Indiana = 25 Australia = 4 Italy = 24 California = 30 Brazil = 53 California = 33 California = 31 Venezuela = 11 California = 38 Honk Kong = 50 http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  15. 15. DDoS http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  16. 16. Mediocrity will NOT Suffice It was the BofE who were the main orchestrators of Waking Shark II – Yet they have a number of significant security exposures, and vulnerabilities, of which they have been informed under respectful, Channelled Disclosure Notification – With no response, or action. If we are to lead the riotous path to evolve security and to protect the public, then it must surly follow a route to secure our infrastructures, and not just Ignore the open states of potential compromise! We must take the Threat serious – or there is no point. Waking Shark II – ‘Hand Out-2’ In fact we are already here! See article in Digital Forensics Magazine – [If you want a cope just drop me a line]. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  17. 17. The Statistics http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  18. 18. Critical Unacceptable Exposures If I were to tell you that because of a breakdown in process there are potentially hundreds of Highly Classified Soft Copy Files sitting on Laptops, Servers, unencrypted, and then just left there – TS, STRAP etc would you believe me? – And such documents are replicated in a very uncontrolled manner. If I were to tell you that FOI has been employed in an unthinking way and exposed lives to threat – would you believe me? – then you should!! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  19. 19. Critical Infrastructures Exposed By the very nature of what the Power Industry supply, and support - they are a Target! – But they don’t seem to know it! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  20. 20. 911 – The Power Event? http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  21. 21. Play Safe – The Vulnerability of WiFi WiFi everywhere – but still not being used security, or sensibly – An example: http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  22. 22. Advanced Threats Called Advanced Threats, Advanced Persistent Threats [APT], Advanced Evasion Techniques [AET] – they are all New Age Cyber Threats that carry Payload. And it is highly likely they are responsible for many of the well Publicised security breaches, and the state of Assumed Compromise. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  23. 23. Firewall Evasion http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/ Proven Real-Time & in Lab Conditions by Nottingham Trent University in Research Partnership with Commercial Vendors – Firewalls Can Be Broken!
  24. 24. Smart Phones and BYOD The advent of the Smart Cell Pones – (Hand Held Micro Computers) host a vast range of features, and are no longer simple devices which just make Telephone Calls. They are installed with high capacity storage capabilities well in excess of their early Big Brothers and Sisters based on 8086 Chips. They are hosting Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11 . ..), and Web Access – they talk to the Internet, and communicate into Clouds. __________________________________________________________________________ They are also enjoying the interest of Malware Writers, and currently there are approximately 300 such applications in circulation. The AV Companies are responding with early solutions . . . . But they are the new target And User are happy to Accept All Access to All Things!!! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  25. 25. Advanced Threats Cyber Attacks of eCrime/eFraud are, Phishing, RockPhish and FastFlux, Scams (419), Spear Phishing, Malware, Botnets, Rootkits, and DoS/DDoS are some examples of the methods of choice of Criminals, Organised Crime, and Hacktivist to attack business, systems, and the end-user community alike. These acts are remote from the enterprise perimeter, so physical assess may prove to be impossible as the related artifacts will be dynamic. The Missing element is the CSIRT First Responder Digital Forensics, and Investigative Response. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  26. 26. Cyber Extortion – Anatomy of Attack Distance Based Digital Forensics should be triggered by the manifestation of impact from any one of many variations of attack conditions – and Footprinting can also include eMail based Social Engineering - This is a Real-Time Map of an attacks on against an on-line betting deployment. Logs, Alerts, and Notifications should notify adverse conditions. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  27. 27. Radicals 5/11/12 http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  28. 28. Islamic Jihad – Its Serious Global Islamic Media Front's (GIMF) http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  29. 29. Physical Threats – Real Time •Times are Changing – Consider! • East Midlands Airport • Stephen Timm’s • Chicago • Mumbai (x2) May we conclude that, if the prospect of ‘Radicalisation’ is interwoven in our Society, should we expect to see more use of Cyber Tools to support these missions in 2014! – Low Cost Munitions, with High Impact Potentials! http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  30. 30. From Russia with Love - CaaS Source = Trend Micro http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  31. 31. CyberWar - CyberConflict Just 8 years ago a CPNI Agent commented that the Cyber Threat was over-hyped! Cyber War is now considered to be a reality, and represents an Aggressive capability which hostile nations may utilise against a target. Cyber War capabilities exist in Nations where their internal technology Capabilities are extremely low, but they do have high capabilities to attack outside their logical boarders. It is anticipated that Cyber War will be an activity which would be a joined force alongside Kinetic Warfare. In certain conditions, Cyber War holds the potential to escalate into Kinetic engagements. Early singes have been seen of Hostile Government Capabilities – North Korea. See: http://www.scmagazineuk.com/north-korean-electro-magnetic-pulse-able-to-attack-us-via-south-pole/article/369451/ http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  32. 32. Abusive Images - Accepted See: http://www.scmagazineuk.com/1-in-5-corporate-networks-host-child-sex-abuse-content/article/368786/ http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  33. 33. Response - DOING Upon engaging with an event classified as Distance Forensics (the Unknown) DO: a) Triage the event - trace b) Contain all Dynamic Artifacts (Logs, traces, events, eMail (including headers) c)Conduct Intelligence Gathers from known facts, to reveal the unknown circumstance, d) Taxonomy of the attack type (e.g. below, Utube Page containing Malware) e) Investigate Logs/Service Desk Reports, and any other form of possible information f) Confirm with other CSIRT Members their status – communicate the event for purpose of Situational Awareness g) Document h)Real-Time Threats Assessment i) Monitor j) Preserve Artifacts & Evidence k) Assess need for Third Party Reporting – Law Enforcement Vice (CMA), DPA68, PCI-DSS, ISP etc l) Consider Corporate Communications Position m) Consider taking down impacted systems/or reducing their operability - n) Assess any Sprawl Conditions http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  34. 34. Intelligent Postures & Response Know your Critical assets Find out what you ‘Don’t Know’ Consider the element of Data Leakage – Conduct a Triage Conduct Intelligent Testing Know your Business Exposure Employ Situational Awareness Practices Evolve an Incident Response Process, and Capability [Not just Lights on stuff] Don’t do ‘Lip-Service’ do ‘Security’ Take the Threat Seriously http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/
  35. 35. http://www.cytelligence.co.uk/ Hand Out-3