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  2. 2. DEMO QUIZ!
  3. 3. Q1: The story began when 'Art' (short for Arthur) met Sandy at Columbia University during freshman orientation and immediately bonded over their shared passion for literature and music. Soon after starting college Sandy was struck by tragedy. His vision became blurry and it grew from bad to worse over time. He was soon diagnosed with severe glaucoma that was destroying his optic nerves. When Sandy was on the verge of giving up college 'Art' showed up at his door and convinced him to give college another go. 'Art' started calling himself 'Darkness' to show empathy for Sandy. Some years later 'Art' formed a band with his high school friend Paul . The duo 'Art' and Paul became legends in the field of country music. One of their songs from their very first album became one of the greatest songs of all times, specially noted for its opening line , which incidentally was the same line Sandy used to address 'Art' by. Identify the line, the song and the band.
  5. 5. Answer: Hello darkness my old friend, the sound (sounds, originally) of silence, and Simon and Garfunkel
  6. 6. Q2 Back in 13th century King Edward 1 realised that he could make some decent cash by taxing sheep farmers. As the result of the new taxes the one third of the price of a sack of something went to the king, one third to the church and the last third to the farmer and nothing left for the boy. We know this story since our very early child hood in a very different format, how?
  8. 8. Answer: The Rhyme BA BA BLACK SHEEP.
  9. 9. Q3 A particular place in India got its present name because this was the place where _______ had left his most precious belonging. All locations from this place to yet another famous location (most famous among all) gets their names from the fact that ________ left his various other belongings at these locations. What are we talking about? What is the final destination?
  10. 10. SAFTEY SLIDE
  11. 11. Answer: Amarnath Yatra Lord Shiva In Pahalgaon he left Nandi , in Chandanwari he left Chandra deva, in Seshnag lake he left the sesha (snake), Mahagunas Parvat - son Ganesha and in Panjtarani he left the five elements. Finally he entered Amarnath cave with his consort Parvati!
  12. 12. Q4: The idea of this very recent musical work was conceived when this lead artist of this work was in Mumbai few years back to collaborate on project but the project never took off due to hostile situation between the two neighbouring countries. In order to get over this difficult mess he decided to create this work beginning with a punjabi phrase which he saw on the back of a truck. Which recent sensation has been heralded for transcending boundaries are we talking about?
  13. 13. SAFTEY SLIDE
  14. 14. Answer: Pasoori
  15. 15. Q5: When you are asked to make a line ———— small/shorter without touching that line, you end up drawing a longer line next to the old line When Biryani is cooked, the lid is sealed. When chess is played, there's no noise or loudspeaker commentary When you play politics the Gujju style, it is very quiet, no noise, no posturing & no comments: The results follow automatically What exactly is being talked about, contextually? (A very recent mainstream political incident of west India)
  16. 16. SAFTEY SLIDE
  17. 17. Answer: The disintegration of Shivsena and Eknath Sinde coming to Power
  18. 18. Q6: After Brendon McCullum scored a match winning 60 for Gujarat Lions against Daredevils at Feroz Shah Kotla in 2016, he was tested positive in the drug test. Later, it was reported that he took an extra dose of salbutamol for asthma – a condition he suffered from his childhood. What prompted him to take more than the usual dose of medicine?
  19. 19. SAFTEY SLIDE
  20. 20. Answer: Delhi Pollution
  21. 21. Q7: What did this prototype vehicle inspire
  22. 22. SAFTEY SLIDE
  23. 23. Answer: Tesla Roadster, the tesla space car.
  24. 24. Q8: Why is this French-Canadian dish made with french fries & cheese curds topped with brown gravy, getting a lot of unnecessary hate for past 5 months?
  25. 25. SAFTEY SLIDE
  26. 26. Answer: Poutine
  27. 27. Q9: In a recent article in ET, researchers in a Swiss University have got Pi down to 62.8 trillion figures. The relentless search for Pi's exactitude has obsessed mathematicians for centuries. This number crunching is expected to have future applications in various fields of science. What interesting term was coined by ET to these relentless pursuers of this mathematical term? The image was featured with the article.
  28. 28. SAFTEY SLIDE
  29. 29. Answer: Pi- Piper
  30. 30. Q10: X became the first Indian to purchase land in the Metaverse. This came just a week after he earned the title of being the first Indian celebrity to perform in the Metaverse. According to reported information, the singer named his virtual property as 'Balle Balle Land' and acquired it through Metaverse platform PartyNite. X is described on his website as the “messiah of masti”, “sardar of swing”, “the “pasha of pop”, “badshah of bhangra” and “bigger than the [English rock band] Beatles”. Identify X.
  31. 31. SAFTEY SLIDE
  32. 32. Answer: Daler Mehndi
  33. 33. SAFTEY SLIDE
  34. 34. Q11: Mahindra delivered a modified XUV700 to this athlete in honour of his remarkable feat. Featuring a token of his success in various locations of the car, it seeks to be a memento of pride for this distinguished Indian. Identify the athlete.
  35. 35. SAFTEY SLIDE
  36. 36. Answer: Neeraj chopra The number plate 8758 represents the distance of the throw 87.58 meters.
  37. 37. SAFTEY SLIDE
  38. 38. Q12: Shown in the image here is a statue revealed in the year 1997 to commemorate the death of this individual in Stapleton, Bristol, where he died of meningitis. In order to received with all solemnity and seriousness in the UK, during his mission to rid India of a certain societal evil, Akbar II, the then Mughal emperor, is said to have awarded him this title. Identity the individual.
  39. 39. SAFTEY SLIDE
  40. 40. Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  41. 41. Q13: The origin of India’s X goes back to an ancient Arab dish: the hareesah. There are records of it being consumed in the Abbasid Caliphate in the 8th century. The dish was simple but laborious to prepare: it involved boiling shredded meat, cooking it again with ground wheat all night in a tannur (or tandoor) and then, grinding this mixture to a smooth paste. This dish is still consumed in West Asia, Iran and in Hyderabad’s Arab quarter, Barkas. Once it reached India, the simple hareesah received some significant upgrades to suit desi palates. Spices were added, as also a variety of lentils. A new name was given to this dish: X, the Persian name for the bland wheat-and-meat hareesah. However, in 2019, owing due a sudden realisation that X shares its name with God as well, it saw a renaming to account for that fact that it is made of daal (lentils). Identify this signature dish popular during the month of Ramzan
  42. 42. SAFTEY SLIDE
  43. 43. Answer: Haleem renamed as Daleem
  44. 44. Q14: More famously known as a singer, Upal Sengupta started artwork as a hobby to create more than 30 such works; the art series revolves around two characters. While most of them show the characters going about everyday chores, some strips send social messages. Seen on the next slide is one such artwork paying tribute to a famous incident from the 1970s. What is the inspiration behind this artwork?
  45. 45. SAFTEY SLIDE
  46. 46. Answer: Chipkoo movement
  47. 47. Q15: Latest avatar of which famous car by Hindustan motors we all witnessed while growing up?
  48. 48. SAFTEY SLIDE
  49. 49. Answer: Ambassador car
  50. 50. Q16: This is the Mariinsky Palace, the presidential palace of Ukraine. Where in the field of entertainment (a very recent and popular motion picture), was it seen recently?
  51. 51. SAFTEY SLIDE
  52. 52. Answer: Naatu Naatu from RRR
  53. 53. Q17: Aura is an app used in the community at X. It is a virtual currency that aims to eliminate the use of market-determined prices. The concept of ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ are eliminated and are instead replaced by ‘receive’ and ‘offer’. ID X, where the concept of a cashless society has been a dream for a long time.
  54. 54. SAFTEY SLIDE
  55. 55. Answer: Auroville
  56. 56. Q18: In 1870s, in the United States, if a baseball game was postponed due to bad weather, the teams would reissue tickets for the crowd who could come in at a later day to watch a game. This practice led to origin of an idiom. What idiom?
  57. 57. SAFTEY SLIDE
  58. 58. Answer: Taking a rain check
  59. 59. Q19: Amul add for which Olympian?
  60. 60. SAFTEY SLIDE
  61. 61. Answer: Mira chanu
  62. 62. Q20: When asked about this contraption, Bruce Oxenford said, “A lot of guys have asked me if it will become commercially available and I've spoken with Gray-Nicolls about it already. I showed them the first prototype and they're working on something similar.” “Paul Reiffel called me Batfink and Joe Root said I look like Captain America, so I've had that sort of stuff, but it's also been overwhelmingly positive.” What device is he talking about?
  63. 63. SAFTEY SLIDE
  64. 64. Answer: Umpire sfatey shield
  65. 65. Q21: Invented by Margaret Crane in 1967, this invention wasn't received too well at first, but is extremely common and quite easily available today. Earlier substitutes of this were methods like burning a ribbon dipped in the patient's urine or the patient's urine being used to germinate seeds, instead of water, and the conclusion was drawn from whether the seeds sprouted or not. The modern day form of this invention detects human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). What was Margaret Crane's invention?
  66. 66. SAFTEY SLIDE
  67. 67. Answer: Pregnancy Test
  68. 68. Q22: R. Raj Rao is an Indian writer and a poet who is famous for his queer activism and push for the LGBTQ+ rights in India. Well known for his poetry , his works have been included in the famous poetry anthology ‘The Dance of the Peacock’. One of his anthologies served as a basis for a film of the same name, which was directed by Riyad Vinci Wadia with the studded cast of Rahul Bose and Kushal Punjabi. This film also served as an anthology, paying homage to the original works. Known to be the first Indian gay film and set in the city of Mumbai with a 90s backdrop, the name surely, was an apt portmanteau. ID the works/name of
  69. 69. SAFTEY SLIDE
  70. 70. Answer: BOMGAY (Bombay+Gay)
  71. 71. Q23: Cynthia Solomon is a computer scientist well known for popularising computer science among school students worldwide. In the late 60’s, she and her team designed this programming language aiming to teach students the basics of Lisp, another functional programming language. This program used a simple cursor called a turtle and used simple commands to control its movement. This language became a hit, with students often having their first programming experience with this. Which programming language am I talking about?
  72. 72. SAFTEY SLIDE
  73. 73. Answer: Logo
  74. 74. Q24: While others of her kind that came after her - Purnima and Zerlina, for instance - have since been decommissioned, Apsara has continued doing her task since 1956, albeit with a hiatus of nine years between 2009-2018. She was named by Jawaharlal Nehru himself, who said: “The name means a celestial damsel or a water nymph. As [Apsara is], it is appropriate. So I am sure with your approval, I name this swimming-pool reactor Apsara.” What is Apsara? Whom was Nehru asking for approval?
  75. 75. SAFTEY SLIDE
  76. 76. Answer: India’s first nuclear reactor (since it is a “swimming-pool reactor”) Homi J Bhabha
  77. 77. Q25: Sheldon Cooper is portrayed in 2 TV shows, first being the Big bang theory and second being X. In one show, he is a grown man who has 2 Phds and is a genius but he is also the most insufferable man on earth when he gets sick. Penny is often taking care of him when he is sick and sings him a lullaby that makes him sleep like a kitten , what’s the lullaby/song called? Also name X.
  78. 78. SAFTEY SLIDE
  79. 79. Answer: Soft Kitty and Young Sheldon
  80. 80. What’s the final score?