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Web design & marketing services

  3. WEB DESIGN Exante Digital offer a complete range of design options, including Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. We can turn complex systems into easy to use solutions. For clients with a limited budget we offer an extensive template based design service with the addition of custom based plug-ins as require. Providing high quality websites at the lowest investment cost. Seeking a complete custom solution. Exante team of software professionals can build custom solutions using PHP, RUBY on RAIL, Java,, Python and many other platforms. Please contact us for details. Web solutions and frameworks
  4. WEB DESIGN Seeking a complete custom solution. Exante team of software professionals can build custom solutions using PHP, RUBY on RAIL, Java,, Python and many other platforms. Please contact us for details. Custom solution
  5. WEB DESIGN Exante Digital design and produce the very best in e- commerce websites incorporating all the latest marketing strategies, to provide you with a platform that your marketing staff can easily operate and manage, including Pretail Campaigns for launching with Promotions. Included in the design will be the ability of the website to act as an inbound marketer, automatically promoting and pre-selling your business twenty four hours a day. The system can also include marketing software enabling you to collect and collate customer data to increase sales and help in the design and production of new products and services. Ecommerce
  6. WEB DESIGN In this modern fast paced age your Website should be fully integrated with your CRM system to ensure success. Exante Digital can integrated both services, simply, quickly and easily, placing you in full control of your web based marketing. CRM integration
  7. WEB DESIGN Exante Digital use only the best, proven systems for this important area of e-commerce, ensuring the client experiences a smooth and easy transaction. Using best quality software your payment system can be seamlessly incorporated in your office back-end to produce inventory and tracking services, providing you with real time accounting and stock services. In this fast moving Internet age, the need for professional Internet security has never been higher. Companies must have and its customer data. Virtually not a day goes by without hackers accessing companies and even major corporations. We take responsibility of effective secure payment process and creating a product shop is our mission for future demanding market. Payment gateway and Security
  8. WEB MAINTENANCE PACKAGES ECOMMERCE Website maintenance which contains around 50 pages 40 hours $1102 + gst CORPORATE WEBSITE Website maintenance which contains around 50 pages 25 hours $920 + gst MEDIUM BUSINESS Website maintenance which contains around 25 pages 15 hours $520 + gst SMALL BUSINESS Website maintenance which contains around 15 pages 10 hours $350 + gst
  10. PAY-PER-CLICK CAMPAIGN • Increase Brand exposure online through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) • Enhance your metrics, essentially reducing (Cost Per Click) and increasing AdRank • Deliver a long term growth strategy to achieve web traffic and sales goals • Make your business a leader in your industry Objectives
  12. Successful marketing campaigns sprout from a powerful understanding of the clients business and target market Understanding your business and goals Identifying the right customers searching online Selecting relevant keywords and ad- creatives to drive high quality leads IDUSTRY RESEARCH
  13. purpose is to match a users search query with the most relevant search result. Websites that perform are highly relevant. Relevant and optimised campaigns are rewarded by search engine algorithms Making you relevant to your target market Search engines reward relevant advertisers with lower CPCs (Cost Per Click), profitable CPAs (Cost Per Advert) and high AdRank RELEVANCE & QUALITY SCORE
  14. Adwords can be an expensive task without the proper know-how and attention to detail. Targeted traffic drives your desired target marketto your website or landingpage. Key Questions: Who is your main demographic? What is your competitive edge? Who are your main competitors? Which keywords will convert best for you? TARGETED TRAFFIC
  15. By getting to know your business, Exante Digital Advertising will rank your website in front of your desired target market through profitable keywords. Relevant keywords and tailored ad-creatives Exact Geo-Targeting Segmented Ad-Scheduling Retargeting visitors TARGETED TRAFFIC - continue
  16. CAMPAIGN OPTIMISATION Why is campaign optimisation key? Achieve minimal CPCs (Cost Per Click) Increase AdRank Refine lead quality Adapt to industry trends Search Engine algorithm updates Identify profitable keywords and campaigns Build your brand via retargeting your visitors
  17. Our team striveto maximise campaignefficiency and ROI SERACH STRATEGY ON INITIATION Briefing meeting Wewill run an Adwords audit to get a feel for particulars CAMPAIGN SETUP Set up campaign parameters as per the brief Create Ad Groups Create all content and send to you for review This includes: Adgroups and keywords Initial ad copy with split testing Structured snippets Extensions Sitelinks Images for display campaigns if necessary - You review and approve - Final elements are setup and go liveMANAGEMENT Statistical reviews Ongoing optimisation of ad copy, keywords selection, negatives and bids Monthly reporting, including advice (around quality, score, etc) Implementation of new Google features Ou rAdWords Process
  18. Proposed marketing avenues Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing - PPC (Pay Per Click) Weunderstand paying individual set-ups fees is not ideal. Hence we are offering a combined once off set-up fee. $600.00 +GST INVESTMENT LEVELS – SET UP
  19. MONTHLY INVESTMENT LEVELS OUR STANDARD MANAGEMENT FEE IS 30.0% All package proposals are for either 4, 8 or 12 months. Longer subscription periods may attract a lower management fee. CPCs (Cost Per Click) are difficult to predict due to several variables. Exante Digital closely monitor campaign performance to suggest the required paid SEM (Search Engine Marketing) budgets to ensure monthly goals are met. STANDARDPACKAGE Google Search - $25.00 Daily Budget $975.00 +GST Per Month ADVANCEPACKAGE Google Search - $65.00 Daily Budget $2,535.00 +GST Per Month REMARKETING CAMPAIGN Design banners and implementation into your exisitng budget $900+gst
  20. Thank You Feel free to contact us to discuss the proposal further or if you are ready to move forward