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Measuring UX on large scale

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Use of data to find answers to questions related to your user's behavior and pain points

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Measuring UX on large scale

  1. 1. M E A S U R I N G U X O N L A R G E S CA L E How Google Improves User Experience Submitted by Priya Saraswat HCDE 517
  2. 2. S O M E FAC T S Authors - Kerry Rodden, Hilary Hutchinson and Xin Fu – quantitative UX Researchers at Google. The article got published in 2010 at SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.
  3. 3. U S E R E X P E R I E N C E I S M E A S U R A B L E If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it
  4. 4. T H E C H A L L E N G E • It’s easier to collect attitudinal data like satisfaction both on a large scale(through surveys) and small scale(usability testing) • But behavioral data collection methods are still small scale e.g lab testing to see effectiveness(task completion, errors) and efficiency(time on task)
  5. 5. S O H O W TO M E A S U R E U X O N L A R G E S CA L E ? • A KPIs - Key Performance Indicators • PULSE - Page Views, Uptime, Latency, Seven Day Active Users and Earnings Why they may not solve the purpose? • Most of these metrics are business centered rather than user centered. • The changes in the user experience because of a newly- implemented product change tend to be generic in nature and may not directly relate to the quality of the UX or the overall goals of the project.
  6. 6. T H E H E A RT F R A M E WO R K The article talks about using data analysis as just another UX research method to define appropriate metrics that reflect: • The quality of user experience (the HEART framework) • The goals of your product or project (the Goals-Signals- Metrics process)
  7. 7. H A P P I N E S S What can be measured - satisfaction, visual appeal,likelihood to recommend and perceived ease of use Method(s) - A general well designed surveys Example - After launching a redesign or new feature, asking users a one line survey to determine the satisfaction.
  8. 8. E N G AG E M E N T What can be measured - frequency, intensity or depth of interaction Method(s) - Analytics Example - Number of visits per user per week or number of photos uploaded per user per day. Good to calculate average per user rather than total
  9. 9. A D O P T I O N What can be measured - how successful you are at attracting new users. Method(s) - Analytics Example - Upgrades to the latest version, New subscriptions created, Purchases made by new users
  10. 10. R E T E N T I O N What can be measured - the rate at which the existing users are returning Method(s) - Analytics, should be measured over different periods Example - Number of active users remaining present over time, Repeat purchases over time
  11. 11. TA S K S U CC E S S What can be measured - efficiency, effectiveness, error rate Method(s) - Remote Usability Testing, Benchmarking study Example - tasks around a multi-step sign-up process to measure how closely user follow it
  12. 12. • Goals - Articulating the goals of a product or a feature in terms of user experience • Signals - Find out what data sources be considered for these signals • Metrics - Translating these signals into specific metrics G OA L-S I G N A L S - M E T R I C S
  13. 13. CO M PA R E D W I T H Signals Metrics Goals More for less : A novel hybrid method to maximize the impact of research that talks about how involving team members from the start help in getting more team buy-in at the end
  14. 14. D I S C U S S I O N Q U E ST I O N • How HEART framework can be made applicable to enterprise products where most of the products are used as tools to get a job done?