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Analysis of the music video

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Analysis of the music video

  1. 1. Analysis Of the Music Video The music video (Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin) contains three distinct narratives. The first the most traditional is the Band Performing. The Second Narrative Strand is Jane is her metaphorical Purgatory. The Third is of Jane’s Brother. These three narratives are intercut in a non-liner fashion to ensure the diesis ishiding for the majority of the song. We carefully framed the shots to ensure they all had a deeper more stylistic interpretation.
  2. 2. The screenshot above was framed in that particular way to evoke a feeling of loneliness, as there is a large amount of dead space around ‘Jane’. As in the context of the song she is trying to find solace in her unfortunate death. As this specific shot is intercut with the band performing, which consist of many close- ups, the isolation is further emphasized, in addition this shot is not static the camera is slowly zooming out. We used careful use of Mise-en-scene in the Jane and band sequences to try to create implicit binary opposites. As she is wearing a dress, which is feminine incomparison to the suits, the bands are wearing. Unfortunately this perception ofMasculinity is somewhat over shadowed by the metro sexual appearance of the lead singer. This deterred from the feeling our tried to produce, but it is still presented just in a lesser form. The editing of the Music video was a tedious process. The biggest problem wasdeciding on the pace of the video, in regards to the cuts. As a group we decided to make to the opening juxtaposed. As the songs opening is slow and quickly changes to a quicker beat. The create this effect we followed Andrew Goodwin’s theory of ‘Thought Beats’, and cut the rapid change in pace with the beat of the music. This style of ‘Thought Beats’ is used to a lesser extent as the music video continues. The cuts in the later stages of the song are synched with the lyrics notthe underlining beat. An simple example is the motif we created with ‘Do you like that?’ the video cuts to a close-up of the singer for the first line to an close-up of an instrument and back to a close-up of the singer. The opacity tool has been used extensively throughout the video. During theediting of video we tried not use the opacity tool on the Band Narrative to try to keep the band perceived ‘Toughness’, in relation to the Jane and Brothernarrative strands. This tool allowed us to create a dreamlike experience for the Jane narrative and more passive and time distorted feel for the Brother narrative.Due to some less than perfect filming errors, we were left with a huge continuityerror regarding the colour of the drummers seat. We did not have the time to re- film the band sections. Meaning some creative postproduction effects had to be implemented. THE CHROMA KEY.
  3. 3. Using this colour corrector we changed the colour of the chair, thus eliminating the error.