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Horizon press release: Presenter.com Raises $6M from Softbank

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Horizon press release: Presenter.com Raises $6M from Softbank

  1. 1. Contact: Jonathan Hirshon FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Horizon Public Relations (408) 969-4880 x110 jh@horizonpr.com www.horizonpr.comPresenter.com Raises $6M From SoftBank, John Sculley and Trans CosmosFirst-round investment validates market vision of first Web-based forum for expert presentations San Jose, CA (Nov. 1, 1999) – Presenter.com (www.presenter.com), the Web’s firstonline exchange and forum for presenters and consumers of expert-knowledge content, todayannounced $6 million of initial venture-capital funding from Japanese media conglomerateSOFTBANK Corporation, former Apple Computer Chairman and CEO John Sculley, andTrans Cosmos, Inc. The company did not disclose individual investment amounts. Presenter.com, which debuted in November 1999, was founded by Eric Chen, the co-inventor of Apple® QuickTime® VR and a leader in the development of interactive videotechnologies. The company provides Web audiences with online presentations from expertsaround the world, covering a diverse array of topics relevant to the business world, by rede-ploying existing videotape presentations in a platform-neutral, Web-optimized format. The company will use the new capital to expand its operations and staff, implement aninternational marketing campaigns, and to develop additional applications of its expert-knowledge, online-exchange model. “We’ve created a unique service, and staked out a leading position in a huge, untappedmarket,” said Presenter.com President and CEO David Hancock. “SoftBank, John Sculley andTrans Cosmos have a tremendous track record in identifying successful, fast-growing techcompanies. This investment validates our market strategy and opportunity, and puts us well onour way to becoming the premier, streaming-media resource for expert knowledge on the Web.” Presenter.com’s proprietary encoding technology transforms videotaped events intoiPresentations™, a new form of dynamic media that combines streaming audio synchronizedwith transitional video or still slides. iPresentations, viewed in industry-standard media playerssuch as RealPlayer™ G2, Windows® Media Player and QuickTime® (Mac® OS support isexpected by April 2000), turn successful, one-time events into reusable assets capable ofreaching a global audience over the Web. (More)
  2. 2. Presenter.com Raises $6 MillionNov. 1, 1999Page 2 of 4 Presenter.com’s online forum provides a suite of turnkey services for corporations,organizations and individuals with expert content they want to distribute via the Web. Customersinclude individuals who come to the Presenter.com site to research and view content; owners orgenerators of presentation content; and the network of companies that license Presenter.comproducts and technology to deliver production, hosting and syndication services to contentowners and/or generators. The company plans to generate revenue from the licensing and sale of services to create,host and resell online presentations; from banner advertising and content sponsorship bycompanies; and from content usage on either a pay-per-view or subscription basis. “Presenter.com has built a compelling scenario for what we think will be a very suc-cessful new kind of service on the Web,” said SOFTBANK Corporation Executive Vice Presi-dent and CFO Yoshitaka Kitao, a member of Presenter.com’s board. “We fund many Internetcompanies, but we are impressed with Eric Chen’s vision and the technology he has developed.” “They’re uniquely positioned to capitalize on the expanding demand for broadbandstreaming-media content,” said John Sculley, a self-described "venture catalyst” who is also onPresenter.com’s board and is chairman of Live Picture, Inc., another California-based Internetcompany. “I expect Presenter.com to dominate this new market.” About Presenter.com Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Presenter.com (www.presenter.com) is an onlineexchange and forum for presenters and consumers of expert knowledge content. Presenter.com’sproprietary encoding technology quickly turns live presentations or videos into iPresentations,enabling companies, organizations and individuals to distribute and access expert knowledgefrom around the world using Presenter.com’s high-quality, platform-neutral Web presentations.Eric Chen, the co-inventor of Apple® QuickTime® VR and a leader in the development ofinteractive video technologies, founded Presenter.com in 1998. The company’s major investorsinclude the Japan-ese media conglomerate SOFTBANK Corp., Trans Cosmos, Inc., and JohnSculley, former CEO of Apple Computer. Presenter.com plans an IPO in 2001. Editors Note –Presenter.com screen shots, logos and images are available at www.horizonpr.com/clientimg.html (More)
  3. 3. Presenter.com Raises $6 MillionNov. 1, 1999Page 3 of 4 About SOFTBANK Corporation SOFTBANK Corp. (www.softbank.com) has emerged as one of the worlds leadingInternet-market forces. Through its ownership positions in more than 100 Internet companies,including SOFTBANK Technology Ventures and SOFTBANK Capital Partners, it is able tocreate market synergies for its family of companies on a global scale. In Japan SOFTBANK’sactivities encompass distribution, publishing, Internet-media platforms, a broad range of e-commerce businesses, and joint ventures with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo!,NASDAQ, and many other market leaders. In the U.S., SOFTBANK is the largest shareholder inleading Internet companies such as Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO), E*Trade (NASDAQ: EGRP),and ZDNet (NYSE: ZD), and in Europe has established Internet joint ventures with NewsCorporation and Vivendi. Headquartered in Tokyo, SOFTBANK is traded on the First Section ofthe Tokyo Stock Exchange under Symbol 9984. About John Sculley John Sculley is the chairman of Live Picture, Inc. (www.livepicture.com) and formerchairman and CEO of Apple Computer, Inc., where he was responsible for making Apple No. 1in worldwide PC market share by 1992, growing the company’s revenues from $600 million tomore than $8 billion. Mr. Sculley was President and CEO of Pepsi for six years before joiningApple. Mr. Sculley is best known as a marketing executive who brought big-brand marketing toSilicon Valley in the early 1980s and led major brand-building campaigns such as PepsiGeneration, Pepsi Challenge, Macintosh 1984, Apple desktop publishing, the launch of thePowerBook, the launch of QuickTime, and the launch of Apple CD-ROM home computers. Mr. Sculley graduated from Brown University with a degree in architectural design andlater earned a masters degree in business administration from the Wharton Business School atthe University of Rhode Island. He also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and theRoyal College of Art, as well as an honorary doctorate from the University of Genoa. (More)
  4. 4. Presenter.com Raises $6 MillionNov. 1, 1999Page 4 of 4 About Trans Cosmos, Inc. Established in 1966 as the Marui Keisan Center, Trans Cosmos (www.transcosmos.com)is an independent information-service company that has since grown to eight offices in Japan,four in the U.S. and one in China. Trans Cosmos is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchangewhere its average share price and net income-per share lead the Japanese information-technologyservices industry. Trans Cosmos serves 680 clients in the information-services, construction,retail-sales, computer-manufacturing and precision-instrument sectors. Trans Cosmos USA,founded in 1989, assists U.S. clients seeking expansion opportunities in the Far East. All trademarks and registered trademarks previously cited are the property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. ###