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(Orm) Online reputation management for Jabong.com

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Practice that consists of continuously monitoring and analysing an advertiser's online reputation, whilst aiming to influence any content that may affect it. Should negative information go viral and appear in the media it may negate any investment and work put into brand construction, therefore the ultimate objective of ORM is proactive: cultivate a positive predisposition amongst users and attempt to ensure opinions coincide with the company's interests.

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(Orm) Online reputation management for Jabong.com

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management Assignment Pratap Zachariah Poovelil IIDE SDM JHC DEC18 & JAN 19
  2. 2. Brand Jabong.com Founded:2011 Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana Status: Private Subsidiary of Myntra Industry Sector: Retail Distributors
  3. 3. Comments Sorry we understand your concern Shreya. Please note that we have sent the refund to respected bank account to the order placed. For your information transaction id B10000056512.Thank u for corporation. Be touch for future help. -PR
  4. 4. Comments Sorry to hear. Kindly share the details and barcodes with us via DM to take forward this matter. -Pr
  5. 5. Comments We understand that you are upset. But this to informing you that on some product sales nonreturnable is mention on app below. We Request your understanding. -PR
  6. 6. Comments Hi Karishma! That is not good to hear. We request u to DM and share order details with us to take it forward. -PR
  7. 7. Comments Hi Meenakshi! We never intended to cause the experience and this certainly is an unusual instance. We request u to share order details and a pix with us via DM to take care. 1.What was the condition of the package? Tampered -PR
  8. 8. Comments That is not good to hear. We request u to share order details and a pix with us via DM to take care. -PR
  9. 9. Comments We understands yours concern, Ganga! Kind give us a time frame to look into the matter and we will come with a positive results for you. -PR
  10. 10. Comments It’s honour to hear . Hope to give u more better services. And delight to hear more from u. -PR
  11. 11. Thank you