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Fynd's Pre-Series-A Pitch Deck

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A pivoted Startups tale on How they raised Funding. To understand more of the pitch deck click here http://bit.ly/FyndDeck

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Fynd's Pre-Series-A Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Proprietary & Confidential © 2016 Building India’s Largest Fashion Retailer
  2. 2. Strong Business and Product Team 2 Farooq Adam | Co-Founder, Product, Engineering & Growth - 5 years as Big Data Architect at Opera Solutions, New York. Member of world wide Netflix Challenge winning team - Master and Bachelor in Structural Engineering, IIT Bombay (2008), thesis published as book - Angel Investor: Bizongo, Frodocam, Saral, Truce, Creatx.io, +2 Harsh Shah | Co-Founder, Operations & Brand Growth - 3 years as Management Consultant at Opera Solutions, New York - Bachelor in Materials & Metallurgy Engineering, IIT Bombay (2010). Head of the Entrepreneurship Cell - Angel Investor: Bizongo, Saral, Truce Sreeraman MG | Co-Founder, Design & Marketing - 3 years as Head of Design at Pagalguy.com - Founder Logoraman and Mgeez.com - Master in Interaction Design, IIT Bombay (2014) Subhranath Chunder | VP Engineering - 4 years as VP Engineering Zopper. Built 90% of the platform and the complete engineering team - Software Architect with Knowlarity and Shine, HT Media Sandeep Verghese | VP Brand Growth - 6 years as Founder at Tulips leading Sales and Operations across the country - Head of Marketing and Business Development, South India - IBM Execution focused team with extensive experience in data, internet, and consulting
  3. 3. O2O Information Arbitrage: 3 Sided Marketplace for USD 20BN Fashion Retail 3 Completely Leveraged - Zero Inventory Cost, No Field Force Operational Cost 20% Transaction Commission, 15% Gross Margin BRAND STORES Malls, High-street, W/H DELIVERY PARTNERS Hyper-local, Intra-city, Inter-city
  4. 4. Ecommerce 2.0: Customer Promise 4 In a study covering 300+ customers, 83% said the most important reason for shopping with Fynd was fast delivery Independently correlated with high NPS
  5. 5. Traction Summary 5 Avg. DAU XX,XXX Downloads XXXk+ Avg. Order Value Rs.X,XXX Avg. Basket Size X.XX Daily Orders X,XXX GMV Rs. XX.XCr Repeat Customers XX% Repeat Orders XX% Week 2 Engagement XX% Private and Confidential
  6. 6. 6 ASP < Rs. 1500 Order Value Rs.X,XXX RsX,XXX Fynd Comm. 20% Rs. XXX Rs.XXX Delivery Fee +Rs. 50 Payment Fee 2% -Rs.XX -Rs. XX Delivery Cost -Rs.XX -Rs.XX Packaging -Rs.XX -Rs.XX Margin ~15% +Rs.XXX +Rs.XXX Unit Economics Private and Confidential Cost reduces at larger volumes
  7. 7. Close Looped Digital Habit Strategy 7 Conv. Commerce Activation Channel Habit-Forming App Transaction & Retention Channel SEO-First Website Brand Keyword Optimized Content Commerce Search Optimized Fashion Articles Catalog Retargeting Retargeting Channel
  8. 8. Strong Brand Traction 8 + 142(220) Marquee Brands Brands across the aspiration pyramid 32k(50k) Products India’s largest in-season inventory catalog 8k(12k) Real-time Store Inventory India’s only company with such access at scale (⧫) June 30, 2016 Target
  9. 9. Delivery India-Scale Ready 9 6k+ Pincodes Serviceable 8+ Delivery Partners Hyper-local, intra-city, and inter-city 2hrs Fastest Delivery Time Greedy Order Fulfilment Algorithmic store-delivery partner assignment optimized for both time and cost
  10. 10. Product & Engineering blog.gofynd.com 11
  11. 11. Deep Real-time Ecosystem Integration 12 ERP: Global Inventory Point of Sale: Store Inventory Delivery Integration
  12. 12. Mix & Match India’s only algorithmic look-based shopping app For You Personalized products, brands, collections Gravity View View products by tilting Universal Size Guide Normalized sizes across brands Flashpay Industry’s fastest 2-step checkout flow Habit-Forming App With Gamified Features 13
  13. 13. SEO-First Engineered Website 14 Brand Keyword Optimized Mobile Friendly ISP Cached via Akamai Faster load times, super compressed rich content Non-Scrappable Ensures direct traffic and end customer ownership Launch: June 10, 2016
  14. 14. Fify: World’s First Fashion Shopping AI Botfriend 15 Conversational Commerce Beta v0.1 Weak AI Bot. Clear roadmap to become Strong AI Bot Customer Activation Channel Long form working paper available on request http://m.me/gofynd
  15. 15. Product Centric and Extreme Automated Organization 16 Fynd CC Suite of products to manage every aspect of the app and transaction - cataloging, customer support, promotions etc. Custom Growth Stack Mix of SaaS and home-grown tools ensure every byte is tracked in real- time Bot Alerts Comprehensive Slack alerts for every external dependency - inventory syncs, payment failure, gateway Fynd Vision(R&D) Using deep neural networks to automate product classification from images
  16. 16. Growth Targets 17Featured by the App Store on the homescreen
  17. 17. Growth Targets: July 1 - Aug 15 18 GMV: USD X.X MM Deliveries: XXXk+ Peak Daily Orders: XXk+ Customer Satisfaction: X+ Private and Confidential
  18. 18. Future of Fynd Model is exponential scale ready First port of call for fashion discovery and transaction Global Expansion Store model easily replicable in mall friendly geographies - MEA, SEA Largest Retail Information Exchange New avenues of monetization 19
  19. 19. 20 Subhranath Chunder VP - Engg Zopper Knowlarity Joshua Finny Lead - Catalog Amazon Media2Win Pratik Salia Lead - Delights Pepperfry.com Jai Sangoi VP - Finance Hopscotch.in Darshana Gajare Editor - The Closet Reliance Brands, Chemistry, NIFT 3 Other Things (Founder) Sandeep Verghese VP - Brand Growth Tulips Furnishings (Founder) IBM Ruchir Bhomawat VP - Operations Greenlight Energy ZS Associates Mukul Sharma Lead - Interface Fractal Analytics Tech Mahindra Ronak Modi Product Growth Manager Disney Rajni Kant Sinha Sr. Product Manager Shoptosurprise (Founder) 26 Engineering 3 Design 8 Brand 3 Growth 15 Catalog 11 Operations 3 HR + IT 3 Finance Team and Key People