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Importance Of LinkedIn For Business

  1. Businesses must explore the Benefits associated with LinkedIn Pramod Bhat SMD101
  2. LinkedIn • LinkedIn is a social networking platform which provides connecting and networking benefits for the business community. It is the world’s largest professional network that is being used for publishing, job posting, recruiting, creating portfolio etc. It also allows users to connect their twitter account to their LinkedIn account. • LinkedIn provides mutual benefits for Businesses and individuals.
  3. Recruiting Analyse Competitors Networking Reputation Management LinkedIn helps in Search Engine Optimization, as well as companies can create company branding online with the features of LinkedIn including the blogging. LinkedIn is a convenient tool for carrying out discussions , interactions with the professionals and prospects, it assists in generating leads. Businesses can continuously keep track of Industry trends , competitors activities ,their clients, their products and services, their strategic moves etc. LinkedIn Recruiter account provides premium features which can ease the process of staffing by providing right person for the job in faster way. Provides access the LinkedIn Network.
  4. LinkedIn for Individuals: • Used as a tool for building a portfolio/Personal branding • Networking opportunities with potential employers • More insights about organizations/job offerings/requirements • Promoting skill sets
  5. 30% of Canadians have presence in the world’s largest professional network 59.60% 40.40% LinkedIn Users In Canada Men Women Resources Used:
  6. LinkedIn is being widely used by almost all age groups across Canada 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% 30.00% 18-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Age Group Resources Used:
  7. Organizations must use LinkedIn due to the following benefits: LinkedIn Shorter sales cycles Generate Leads Relevant Content Engagement/ Discussions Identify opportunities & threats Create online communities Greater Awareness Publishing platform Recruiting
  8. Ideal Hours For Posting On LinkedIn Image Source:
  9. Is it worth using LinkedIn for your organization? • Since LinkedIn is the largest professional network consisting of people from all age group it is no more a choice for organization, it is must. It can save time, efforts and gives you better outcome. • But before going ahead with this organizations must make sure that they have enough employees to continuously regulate the LinkedIn page.
  10. LinkedIn is a prime tool for B2B marketers • LinkedIn is has been proved to be the most effective tool for B2B as compared to B2C due to its premium features like lead generator, Sponsored updates, Sponsored In mail etc which helps organizations to reach out to more number of decision makers and drive conversations. LinkedIn also suitable tool for following up with clients and maintaining long lasting relationships which is more important in B2B. • Today use of LinkedIn by B2C is also on the rise due as organizations are using it to acquire right talent and to promote content. Resources Used: +NB+Copy_%2Blinkedin%20%2Bb2b_b_c_&gclid=CjwKEAjwzJexBRCa_pGo8IK0ilASJABfGldbIA-M0CSsBtRMCDzF__kUCfkxiZ__iSNVDI1jhuTdARoCzfPw_wcB
  11. has effectively used LinkedIn to overcome challenges • As a result of using LinkedIn Sales force was able to increase engagement and amplification of messages by 30%. Challenges Engage followers Drive event attendance Reach regional audiences with localized content What’s Next??? Solution LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates(In order to reach desired audience) Narrow distribution of updates based on location and industry Empower local teams to create relevant content(Relevant content=High Engagement)
  12. Organizations must use learning materials available online to make best use of LinkedIn • “Business Connections Live” is a perfect channel to refer for if the organizations that wants to grow their business LinkedIn. It provides a clear video message on how to set up a best profile, how to build a network , how to engage & manage the network. Click below to watch the video: hjWjk
  13. It is worthwhile for organizations to invest in LinkedIn premium to achieve long term advantage • Along with that cost the organization will need people to engage, publish, and manage the account. The number of people depends on the size of the firm and services the firm offers. For ex: A small organization may need two employees for doing this. There is no time frame for doing this, since it’s a continuous process. Business Plus-$49.95/month Ten InMails per month, with a seven day response guarantee Expanded profile views &a total of 500 search results outside your network Twenty five introductions that you can use to have your connections introduce you to their connections Executive-$99.95/month Twenty-five InMails per month, with a seven day response guarantee Expanded profile views &a total of 500 search results outside your network Thirty five introductions that you can use to have your connections introduce you to their connections Full name visibility when looking at your third degree network members or group connections VS
  14. And finally, the tools that are available for measuring the effectiveness of LinkedIn activities are: • LinkedIn Analytics for businesses-Free • Buffer-Free • Google Analytics-Free • Klout-Free • SumAll-Free • Rival IQ-$99/month
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