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SAP S4 HANA RecordOfAchievement

SAP S4 HANA Implementation RecordOfAchievement

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SAP S4 HANA RecordOfAchievement

  1. 1. Record of Achievement openSAP is SAP's platform for open online courses. It supports you in acquiring knowledge on key topics for success in the SAP ecosystem. Maximum score possible for this course: 240 points. Walldorf, April 2016 Dr. Bernd Welz Executive Vice President SAP Scale, Enablement & Transformation has successfully completed the following openSAP course: Implementation of SAP S/4HANA Featuring experts from SAP Scale, Enablement & Transformation teams This four-week online course was held from March 8 through April 13, 2016. It comprised 3-4 hours of learning effort per week, 4 weekly assignments, and 1 final exam. The course covered the following topics: Adoption Fundamentals System Conversion and Innovation New Cloud Implementation New On-Premise Implementation Elvira Wallis SVP & Chief Product Owner Packaged Solutions SAP Scale, Enablement and Transformation Pramila Nagaraj E-mail: pramilambagat@yahoo.co.in The candidate scored 209 points (87%) by working on weekly assignments and taking a final exam. Verify online: https://open.sap.com/verify/xukif-cucen-cohyk-talyt-tovab