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Zander presentation nlc

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Gross National happiness and Networked Learning - presented at Networked Learning 2016 in Lancaster

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Zander presentation nlc

  1. 1. Gross National Happiness in the Context of Networked Learning Pär-Ola Zander, Aalborg University Choeda, Royal University of Bhutan Tandin Penjor, Royal University of Bhutan Dorji Dupka, Royal University of Bhutan
  2. 2. Overview of Talk • Introduce Gross National Happiness (GNH) • Main argument of talk: It is a promising research field to design GNH-permeated learning environments • Towards some issues where networked learning is relevant
  3. 3. Background of GNH • Gross national income (GNI) is criticized • Heterodox alternative gains ground => GNI/GDP falls back • Human Development Index (UN), Genuine Progress Indicator (Stieglitz amongst others), Gross National Happiness (GNH), and more… • Need an index which measures progress/regression for policy • And for design?
  4. 4. GNH in a nutshell • Measures happiness • Happiness is constituted by subjective and objective measures • GNH incepted by the 4th king of Bhutan, J. S. Wangchuck • Buddhist origins and relationship – 2-3% of indicators distinctly Buddhist • One can agree or disagree on the route to happiness – This is a matter of a science of happiness
  5. 5. Gross National Happiness (GNH) Ura, 2012, p.13
  6. 6. 3 (+1) Ways of Conceiving GNH • GNH as the Outcome – Make happy students (outcome-focused) – Valid but uninteresting as research agenda • GNH in the message – GNH for physics => Environmental issues, GNH for economics => calculate the GNH index – Not path-breaking for Networked Learning – Just another content to integrate with • GNH as Medium <= Focus! • GNH as buzzword – Compare innovation, sustainability – “GNH is mainly about being content in whatever we do” (R13) – “if the communication is smooth that is GNH” (R7)
  7. 7. GNH as Medium • Focus on atmosphere • GNH infers certain modes of life – Cultural diversity – Time use – Ecology – Mindfulness • How do we support the creation of this through networked technologies?
  8. 8. Mindfulness
  9. 9. Infuse GNH into the activity • Hypothesis: Learning & development is qualitatively different in GNH-pervasive medium • Bhutan is a living laboratory for GNH-as- medium
  10. 10. Examples of networked technology issues • Social media multitasking • Mindless copy/pasting • Creating awareness of others’ happiness by technology? – Visualisation, analytics…? • Facework management because of social media instead of focused inquiry • Self-direction? • Novel and interesting! • Does it make a difference when this is designed for in a concerted manner?
  11. 11. Links • Bhutan’s prime minister evangelizes about GNH in general and environmental issuses in particular