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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2015

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Changes and advancements in the online marketing field are accelerating! Know which trends will dominate the coming year!

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2015

  1. 1. ONLINE MARKETING TRENDS THAT WILL RULE5 2015 Mobile optimization will become crucial than ever with business incor- porating mobile into all domains of digital marketing MOBILE OPTIMIZATION Paid social media ads will sharply increase by 20% as businesses see positive results in their traffic INVESTMENT IN SOCIAL MEDIA Nearly 50% of businesses will willingly invest in content marketing strategies CONTENT MARKETING Renewed focus on e-mail marketing will intertwine with content marketing to blur the lines between email and content marketing E-MAIL MARKETING Brands will realize connecting to their audience on a personal level will see higher conversion rates, better brand loyalty, faster audience growth, and happier customers CUSTOMER CENTRICITY 1 2 3 4 5 Source: Forbes Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions 2015 Power2SME Editorial