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Developing your Employee Engagement Strategy for Business Success: Part 1

  1. Developing Your Employee Engagement Strategy For Business Success
  2. Session Outline • • • • Introducing employee engagement The business case How do you do it? Building an engagement strategy – Define engagement – Clarify your goals – Qualify your outcomes – Determine drivers and plan – Measure – Sustaining engagement – Communicating the programme
  3. What is employee engagement?
  4. What is Employee Engagement? • It can be seen as a combination of commitment to the organisation & its values plus a willingness to help out colleagues – organisational citizenship • It goes beyond job satisfaction & is not simply motivation • Engagement is something that the employee has to offer and cannot be ‘required’ as as part of the employment contract. Simply put, it is… The extent to which people feel personally involved in the success of a business…
  5. What is employee engagement? CHANGE Employee engagement is a process by which people become personally involved in the success of a business Org’n values Employee values BUSINESS OUTCOME
  6. “Employee engagement is the difference that makes the difference – and could make all of the difference” MacLeod review
  7. Transactional to transformational Transactional engagement Act on feedback from survey Set of activities and targets Reactive engagement Is an add on, separate activity Not integral to business Set of transactions Transformational engagement A way of doing business Employees integral Pro-active Insight regularly sought, harnessed and acted on Integrated
  8. The Business Case Why is employee engagement important?
  9. The business case There are proven benefits to both the business and the employee Happy Customers Happy Employees Less Absenteeism Employee Loyalty Customer Loyalty Greater Productivity Ability to attract high quality staff Ability to win new customers Sears employee customer profit chain 5 pt. Increase in employee attitude 1.3 increase in customer satisfaction 0.5 increase in revenue growth
  10. Get ready for Glassdoor • Starbucks Barista in Falls Church, VA: (Past Employee 2009)“Good First Job • Pros - Fun environment, cool people, get to meet and talk with a lot of regular customers, never bore • Cons - tiring, at times stressful, not paid enough for work that they do • Advice to Senior Management Need to pay employees more Company rating 3.4 / 5 based on 788 ratings
  11. Building your strategy roadmap • What is your definition of employee engagement? • Why are you focusing on it? • For what purpose? • So what are your goals and outcomes?
  12. How do you build engagement?
  13. The surprising truth about what motivates us – Dan Pink
  14. Engage For Success – the enablers of engagement • Strategic narrative – a clear, compelling narrative of where the organisation is going and why • Line Management – employees know what is expected of them, feel appreciated, are given autonomy and receive training • Employee Voice – the employee voice is offered and heard up and down the organisation, people feel their voice counts • Integrity– most organisations espouse values, all have behavioural norms. Any gap results in is distrust and trust is at the heart of employee engagement
  15. The engagement elements CHANGE LEAD INVOLVE SUSTAIN DIALOGUE
  16. Does this sound familiar? survey The results? • Dwindling response rates • Lack of buy-in • Cynicism, low trust • No real change achieved • Low ROI action plan black hole Is it time for a change?
  17. Time for a new approach...
  18. In Part Two, we’ll take a closer look at the science behind employee engagement, including how to measure & maintain it. We’ll also include a guide on writing your engagement strategy, and the role you play in creating business success. Watch this space for Part Two – coming next week! On Twitter? Take a look at #peoplelabfreebie for all of our free giveaways.
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