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Talking about tackling vulnerability at Local Government Strategy Forum 2019

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Deven Ghelani, Policy in Practice's Director and founder, and Jade Alsop, Commercial Director, met with 200 local authority chief executives and senior directors in October at the Local Government Strategy Forum 2019.

Held at Carden Park, Cheshire, exciting conversations with local government’s most senior leaders were had about using data for good to tackle financial vulnerability.

For more information visit www.policyinpractice.co.uk, email hello@policyinpractice.co.uk or call 0330 088 9242.

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Talking about tackling vulnerability at Local Government Strategy Forum 2019

  1. 1. Policy in Practice We help people towards independence by making government policy simple to understand
  2. 2. About us Deven Ghelani Founder and Director Jade Alsop Commercial Director
  3. 3. About you
  4. 4. Engage your residents with targeted support Identify people that need your support the most Track the impact of policy and effectiveness of interventions
  5. 5. Reducing spend yet maintaining services Activity “Data is already used to detect fraud and chase arrears, so why not use it to help citizens?” Return on investment £10.9m cost avoidance through better use of discretionary funds £14.8m raised for residents through benefit maximisation Rough sleepers down to 13, YOY reduction since Gateway creation Data insights Learn more
  6. 6. Prevention and reducing homelessness Activity HRA puts new responsibilities on councils… but 56 days is too late. Luton use their data to identify those e.g. in arrears, in shortfall, worse off on UC. Pooled with other data to enhance predictive capability “It makes no sense at all to wait until someone is in crisis. Interventions become less effective & engagement harder.” Data insights Return on investment 78 households identified initially Proactive outreach engaged 52 people in the first wave of calls. 42% of people took up the offer of support to increase their income. Fewer homelessness applications (£7.5k) and 10% fall in TA. Learn more
  7. 7. Growing financial resilience Activity Analysed Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction data Identified £20 million in unclaimed benefits Outreach programme to encourage benefit take up Data insights Return on investment Food bank usage +1% in Greenwich vs +20% benchmark. Better use of limited support Measurable increase in living standards Services designed around prevention “LIFT has given us the opportunity to do targeted take-up work to increase the income of our residents.” Learn more
  8. 8. Cultural change Objective 1 Improve the financial resilience of carers ROI Proactively contacted 45% of households 62% of these had an action to claim £710k economic gain £218k fiscal gain “Do we have a data problem, or a people processes and culture problem?” Data insights 236 households mixed age partners not claiming £9,841 per family £2.3m borough wide Objective 2 Overcome barriers from insight to action Lessons learned Commit to quarterly campaigns and horizon scan opps Agree a model and funding for delivery Trust your information governance owner Learn more
  9. 9. We pool your datasets on low income families, and link them over time to create a single view Our policy engine shows the impact of all policies, now and in the future, on each family The insights enable you to proactively identify who needs what support, engage people and track impact Household data + advanced analytics
  10. 10. Next steps How do you see these approaches applying to you? Shall we talk further? Webinars: • Wed 23 Oct How to target your Discretionary Housing Payments well with Tower Hamlets • Wed 13 Nov Designing effective data-led intervention campaigns with Haringey and Luton • Wed 11 Dec Lessons learned: our year modelling Council Tax Reduction Schemes • Wed 15 Jan Designing effective data-led local authorities with Neath Port Talbot and Barking and Dagenham
  11. 11. www.policyinpractice.co.uk Thank you Deven Ghelani deven@policyinpractice.co.uk 07863 560677 Jade Alsop jade@policyinpractice.co.uk 07551 165172